Onboarding Voyage

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The Onboarding Voyage is the very first Voyage that players are tasked to taking after arriving at The Sea of Thieves.

The Introduction

The Voyage is only available for any new Players who have just finished the introductory Maiden Voyage and made it to The Sea of Thieves proper. The Mysterious Stranger will introduce themselves to the Players and guide them towards a Gold Hoarders tent on the Outpost to buy their very first Voyage.

Mysterious Stranger Dialogue

Mysterious Stranger

Aha, another new face. That was quite the celebration when you arrived... I am not surprised you don't remember it.
The Pirate Lord told me to expect you. I hope you are prepared for the adventure that awaits... and the danger.
You will need gold if you are to prosper, but there are ways to see to that.
Several trading companies have a presence across the Sea of Thieves.
Here, on this Outpost, you can meet with - the Gold Hoarders, the Merchant Alliance and the Order of Souls.
Don't be fooled, these aren't the stuffy bureaucrats you're used to from the wider world. They'll readily pay pirates who are willing to take on work.
Make yourself known and they will offer you voyages to prove yourself.
Think of them as an initiation... or a way to make coin if you prefer.
You will find your ship waiting outside, as well as food and supplies... if you know where to look.
When you are ready for a greater challenge, come back and speak with me again.

Onboarding Voyage

Once done speaking with the Mysterious Stranger, they can buy an Onboarding Voyage from the Gold Hoarder. This Voyage is free and will introduce the main mechanics of Voyages to the player. The Voyage has to be voted for at the Map Table on the Ship, after which, players are given a X Marks the Spot Map with one X on a nearby Island. Players are given an introduction on how to use the Map Table and find Islands. Once at the Island, players are guided to look for the Chest. The X will always uncover a Castaway's Chest, which they have to turn in to any Gold Hoarders at any Outpost.


  • This Voyage and introduction can be skipped if players buy a Promotion at the Gold Hoarders, however, for this, they need to be at least level 5 with the Company.