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Learn the ropes on your first adventure, the passage to the Sea of Thieves.

The Maiden Voyage is a standalone introductory Tall Tale released with the December 2019 Sea of Thieves Festival of Giving (2019) Content Update.


The Maiden Voyage can always be accessed from the Main Menu.

The Maiden Voyage is very different from any other Tall Tale in the game, but it is listed as such under the Reputation Menu with its own Commendations, Rewards and Titles.

The main difference is that this Tall Tale is a solo adventure and cannot be voted on. Instead, players are tasked with completing this voyage after creating their pirate in the Infinite Pirate Generator and before setting sail to the Sea of Thieves. The Maiden Voyage can always be replayed from the Main Menu, where there is a designated button for the voyage in the bottom-right corner.

The Maiden Voyage

The Voyage

The Old Sailor's Isle on the Map.

The main NPC related to this Tale is the ghostly Pirate Lord himself, guiding the player through the main aspects of the game on Old Sailor's Isle, a large island hidden in the Devil's Shroud.

Players are introduced to eating food, fighting with weapons, using equipment items and a X Marks the Spot Map to dig up an Old Sailor's Chest, maintaining a Sloop's mast, repairs, sails, anchor and wheel and shooting cannons.

After all of these actions are performed, the player can then sail through the Devil's Shroud towards The Sea of Thieves.

Pirate Lord Dialogue

Pirate Lord


You look a little worse for wear, my friend. You must be on quite the journey.
I should eat something, if I were you. A full belly can do wonders for your spirits.
Once you're in good health, we'll speak properly.

After eating the Banana

There, you look better already. Maybe even strong enough to reach the Sea of Thieves.
These days they call me The Pirate Lord, but back when I discovered this place I was just a bold explorer like you.
I dreamt of finding uncharted waters filled with treasures and rife with danger, where every sunrise brought a new adventure...
You've been brave to make it this far. Not many do. Now you've one last crossing to make.
You'll want some trusty steel at your side, though. There's a sword in those trees whose owner doesn't seem to need it any more.

After receiving the Cutlass

There's far more to being a pirate than a blade in your hand and a love of other people's money.
It's about finding your way through ancient caverns by lamplight, digging up long-lost treasures...
... and raising a frothing great tankard of grog when you live to tell the tale!
For all of that, you'll need the right equipment. You can start by taking this old shovel.

After taking the Shovel

I stowed a few belongings around here back in the day. The map will show you the way.

After giving the Old Sailor's Chest to the Pirate Lord

Ah, my old chest! Let's see if she still hides her secrets.

After switching to the Flintlock

A fine weapon. She'll serve you well out there.

After you are done with your Equipment

There! Now you look like a true pirate.
There's plenty more to see, so why not stretch your legs and explore? I'll be here when you're ready to leave.

Once you are ready to leave

Well now, I'd say you're as ready as you'll ever be for what's ahead.
Allow me to show you the path...
The Shroud is beginning to part, but you have one more task before your journey continues.
You may be ready to sail, but your ship still needs repairs. Go, and tend to her wounds!

Once you set sail


Other Interactions

Cooking and Fishing

In addition to the base mechanics, Old Sailor's Isle is hiding the introduction to a couple of additional mechanics, hinted at in the Maiden Voyage Commendations, hidden in the Tall Tales section of the Reputation Menu.

Curious players can learn the cooking of food, by either killing any of the island's chicken for meat, or catching some fish with a fishing rod (which by itself is introduced when taking out the fishing rod item) and putting these food items on a campfire. There are two campfires on Old Sailor's Isle, one right by where the player spawns near the Pirate Lord, and another hidden inside a Cave.

Cannon Fire

Players are taught how to use the Cannons once they are aboard their Sloop, however attentive players will find an additional Cannon on the shipwreck of the Magpie's Fortune with a handful of Cannonballs in the Cannonball Barrel below. Here, players are taught that they can not only shoot Cannonballs out of Cannons, but also themselves!

The Rowboat Cave

At the island with the tallest peak, players will find a closed-off door with a Lever to open it. This will lead players to a hidden Cave with an additional Campfire and two steps of interactable objects to reveal the Cave's final secret. Players will need to drop a drawbridge by using a Capstan and then use a Pulley to lift another wooden door. This will lead players to a lonely Rowboat with a complete tutorial on how to use these small vessels.


Despite being a tutorial island, Old Sailor's Isle has quite a few secrets hidden away, which are all hinted at in the Maiden Voyage Commendations. The most notable secret is the rowboat cave described above, however, there are still a few hidden valuables on the island. Upon careful searching, players can find up to 10 journals hidden away on Old Sailor's Isle, which are all documented with their locations in the "Journals" section below.

The ultimate hidden secret of Old Sailor's Isle is the Pirate Lord's Hideout below the Magpie's Fortune. A more attentive player can find that there is a locked hatch below the massive shipwreck, seemly requiring a key.

Is there a general hint on the island as to where this Key could be found?
One of the hidden Journals hints to the location of the key.
I can't find the location of the hint.
The Journal you are looking for is hidden on the Shipwreck of Magpie's Wing. Look towards the skies!
I found the hint, but I couldn't find the key.
The Old Sailor's Key was dropped in the fresh-water pond that is above the shipwreck of Magpie's Fortune. It is underwater along the edge of the waterfall.
What are all the things I can find in the Hideout?
Once unlocked, Players can find the final Journal and 3 chests of Gold worth 25,000!

Pirate Lord's Journals

There are 10 journals written by the Pirate Lord that are hidden on Old Sailor's Isle during the Maiden Voyage. All 10 of these Journals have to be found and read for A Storied Crossing Commendation. The Journal transcriptions are presented below, with the Expand button showing the exact locations of each Journal. Reading these Journals is also part of Seasons' Trials.

Regarding Merfolk

Inside the cabin of the shipwreck found on the northwest point of the island.

Dialogue icon.png

A new landmark! This stricken ship certainly wasn't here during my last visit.
There's no sign of her crew, so perhaps they fell overboard and met their end.
Things are very different on the Sea of Thieves — thanks in no small part to my own adventures, I must confess.
We have an... arrangement... with the merfolk who live deep under the waves. Should any pirate become lost at sea, stranded, they'll help them back to their ship.
If you should find yourself flung overboard, traveller, look for the merfolk's beacon before the sharks get your scent. You'll be glad you did!



The Sea of the Damned

In the cave hidden behind the waterfall found southwest of the campfire along the starting path.

Dialogue icon.png

Not all my journeys to this island are happy ones. Today I stumbled onto this poor soul, map still in their hands. To think, they were so close...
No matter how swiftly we sail or how sharp our aim, it is only a matter of time before the Reaper's hand clamps down upon our shoulder.
I am fortunate to have had a friend with wisdom enough to know this. Thanks to her, I live on beyond my years... at least in spirit.
For younger pirates, another hope presents itself. When they perish, their souls are saved from drifting alone through the Sea of the Damned.
If you should die on the Sea of Thieves and find yourself in the Ferryman's company, know this: he deserves your respect, for he has made the greatest sacrifice of all...



They Gave It a Name

On the railing to the right of the Magpie's Fortune's wheel.

Dialogue icon.png

'The Sea of Thieves'. That's what they're calling it nowadays. The genie is out of the bottle, and more pirates are finding their way there every day.
Some are looking to hide — from their enemies, from their pasts, from the Grand Maritime Union - while others have heard the call to adventure.
It's only a matter of time before they reach this island, too. Maybe they'll be dreaming about all the Sea of Thieves has to offer, just as I was.
If that's the shape of things to come, I'd be a fool to complain. Instead, I'll stow a few supplies around the place for those who need them.
Things work differently beyond the Shroud. Better, for the most part, but newcomers will have to think on their feet if they're to survive.



Lost Secrets

On the railing of the Magpie's Fortune's Crow's Nest.

Dialogue icon.png

Blast it all! The key to my ship's hold is missing. It must have slipped from my pocket at some point in my time here.
Between this and that business with Rathbone, I'm developing a bad habit of losing the keys to my belongings.
Perhaps it made its bid for freedom from my jacket when I climbed up for a drink of fresh spring water. It's another lost treasure now.



So Near and Yet...

Resting next to the broken barrels on the lowest level of the front half of the Magpie's Fortune.

Dialogue icon.png

You've really done it this time, Ramsey. It's one thing to return to your favourite island and quite another to wreck your ship at the heart of it!
I was bound to get careless sooner or later. This place has been my little secret for so long now. I couldn't wait to get back here. To dream...
I'm so close to the Shroud, I feel like I could reach out and touch it. I'm not ready to sport a hook for a hand, though. Not yet, anyway!
What lies on the other side? Piles of glittering gems? Huge leviathans the size of galleons? Even better... Might there be a future for pirates like me?
Next time, things will be different. I'll visit Magpie, the Shipwright, and buy a new vessel. Take my time, find a crew. We shall sail together.



The Lords of the Sea

Resting on a rock in foliage to the left of the ladder by the bridge below the shipwreck's bowsprit.

Dialogue icon.png

Once, long ago, I was standing atop these cliffs and staring out to sea, quite lost in my own thoughts. Suddenly, there was an almighty crashing sound.
It was a kraken, and one of the largest I'd seen for quite some years! I was so startled, I couldn't help but take a leap backwards in surprise.
Once I'd picked myself up, battered and bloody, I decided to install this ladder in case any future visitors took a tumble in the same way.
Nowadays, thanks to that fool Merrick, krakens aren't the only sea monsters to watch for. Megalodons are once more roaming freely beneath the waves.
They can prove quite the challenge even for experienced pirates. Why, I once battled a monstrous pale skinned beast at—well, I'll save that tale for another time.



Paintings from the Past

On the ground atop the peak of the second island, near a stool and rock painting.

Dialogue icon.png

Of all the unsolved mysteries that haunt my dreams, none are more tantalising than the long-lost people known to pirates as 'The Ancients'.
Their legacy can be felt all across the Sea of Thieves, from ruins that lurk under deep waters to clifftop paintings that shame my humbler efforts.
They clearly had a great wealth of knowledge and had mastered many curses and other arcane powers... and yet, something drove them to leave.
Maybe some great war or calamity struck their civilisation? Perhaps it was simply time for them to move on. The truth, as it always has, eludes us all.



Making Camp

In a crate by the campfire inside a gated-off cave found along the tunnel through the tallest peak. Use the nearby lever to access the cave.

Dialogue icon.png

Even with all the wonders I've experienced, it's the simple things in life remain the most enjoyable. Tonight, that's a hot meal roasted over a roaring fire.
Fresh fruit's all well and good, but if you take the time to properly prepare a meal, you'll feel all the better for it.
The trick is to keep an eye on the dish and serve it up when it's perfectly cooked. No amount of grog can wash away the taste of burned food.
With care and a bit of practice, even a humble splashtail can keep a pirate in good health with a full belly. At least they're good for something!



A Ship That Fits

Found by following the path past the campfire where "Making Camp" is found down into the lowest area with the rowboat. The journal is up on a ledge near a grate and ladder to the left if entering the cave from the gated path.

Dialogue icon.png

We've all seen what happens when huge armadas try to make it through the Devil's Shroud, and it's not pretty. Screaming sailors and splintered ships.
I learned long ago that smaller crews have a better chance of making it along the twisting routes that provide safe passage to the Sea of Thieves.
A lone traveller is best served by a sloop. They're small and nimble, though their size comes at the expense of firepower.
Larger crews must learn to sail a brigantine, or even the mighty galleon - a commanding sight with her eight cannons and three great sails.
Then, of course, we have the humble rowboat. These tiny craft can be carried by the other larger ships and are perfect for retaining the element of surprise...



My Secret Plan

Resting on a stool inside the locked hold of the Magpie's Fortune. See the secrets section above on how to access it.

Dialogue icon.png

If you're reading this, you've broken into my strongbox, which makes you a worthy pirate indeed! Worthy enough to hear my plan.
Transforming this old stomping ground of mine into a safe haven for travellers has sparked something deep within my soul.
It is the flame of an idea — a great tavern, far more magnificent than the usual pubs and alehouses, known only to truly legendary pirates.
A den that sold only the finest plunder, where hardened adventurers and cunning sea dogs could meet to swap stories of gold and glory.
If you make it to the Sea of Thieves, and should your heart desire a real challenge, heed my words: seek Athena's Fortune. I shall be waiting.



Quest Items


Unto the Horizon emblem.png
Unto the HorizonReach the Sea of Thieves.Title icon.png Rewards the Maiden Voyager Title.
Lock icon.png Unlocks the Pirate Lord Jacket in the Clothing Chest.
A Storied Crossing emblem.png
A Storied CrossingDiscover all of The Pirate Lord's Journals on Old Sailor Isle. (10)n/a
Hidden Secrets emblem.png
Hidden SecretsOpen the hold of the Magpie’s Fortune.n/a
A Fine Catch emblem.png
A Fine CatchCatch a fish whilst on the Maiden Voyage.n/a
Yer Boat emblem.png
Yer BoatDiscover the rowboat on the Old Sailor's Isle.n/a
A Hearty Meal emblem.png
A Hearty MealCook some meat on Old Sailor's Isle.n/a
Saluting the Pirate Lord emblem.png
Saluting the Pirate LordFire a cannon from the wreck of the Magpie’s Fortune.n/a
The Adventure Begins emblem.png
The Adventure Begins...Complete all Maiden Voyage Commendations.Lock icon.png Unlocks the Magpie’s Fortune Sails in the Ship Customization Chest.


The following Title can be equipped at the Vanity Chest after finishing the Maiden Voyage:

ImageTitleDescription & Requirements
Maiden Voyager emblem.png
Maiden Voyager"After braving the journey through the shroud you have reached the Sea of Thieves!"
Rewarded for the completion of the Maiden Voyage.


  • When the player finds and sits in the rowboat, a rendition of "Row Row Row Your Boat" starts playing.
  • The island seen outside of the Shroud in the final cutscene is Thieves' Haven.
    • With this in mind it is quite possible that Old Sailor Isle is south of Thieves' Haven, just beyond the Devil's Shroud.


Patch history

  • 2.10.0 (January 23, 2024)
    • The parting sequence and passage through the Devil's Shroud during the Maiden Voyage have received a suite of improvements to visual fidelity, enhancing the visuals of the Shroud itself and clarity of direction for players.
  • 2.9.0 (October 19, 2023)
    • There is no longer an invisible wall blocking the path when exploring Old Sailor Isle during the Maiden Voyage.
  • 2.2.1 (August 17, 2021)
    • During the Maiden Voyage there should now be a ‘Climb Ladder’ prompt while on the crow's nest of the fallen mast.
  • 2.0.10 (December 11, 2019)
    • Introduced.