The Lair of LeChuck

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The Lair of LeChuck is the third and final Tall Tale in the Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island series of Tall Tales for Sea of Thieves.

The Tale was first released on September 28, 2023.



Kate Capsize

There you are! It's about time somebody normal stopped by.
There I was, minding my own business, when this spooky lady wearing an unnecessarily large hat comes bursting out of the water and says she has a book for me!
Is there anyone around here who doesn't just appear and disappear whenever they feel like it?

(The Pirate Lord appears next to Kate)

Okay, now I KNOW you're all doing it on purpose.

Pirate Lord

If Belle has brought word to us from Mêlée, then Guybrush must be ready go depart.
I shall reopen a path to the Sea of the Damned, so that you may join him on his journey to Monkey Island and face LeChuck together.
I must confess, even I did not truly believe such a place really existed. But memory or no, tales of the power Monkey Island conceals should be taken most seriously.

Kate Capsize

Threpwood may be a scrawny dope, but he's beaten LeChuck before. Do we really need to worry?

Pirate Lord

The sword of souls is a formidable weapon.
It was created to release captive spirits, but when fully reforged as the Burning Blade, it will grant LeChuck the power to enslave them!

Kate Capsize

I knew I shouldn't have asked. Well, what are we waiting for?

Pirate Lord


(The Pirate Lord uses the Veil of the Ancients to open a portal in the nearby archway)

We have come too far to abandon Guybrush now. Use his memoirs to guide you, and make sure LeChuck never gets a chance to wield the Burning Blade.
Captain Capsize and I must attend to a mission of our own...

Kate Capsize

You've got his memoirs, now get trough that archway and help Threepwood! He'll almost certainly need it.

(The Pirate Lord respectfully nods and teleports away)

Memoir spots

There are 10 memoir spots in the tall tale. When you sit on one of them, Guybrush Threepwood will say a memorable comment about the spot.

Memoir Spot 1. Gate to Stone Monkey Head

Sit Location: Just across from Guybrush is a large red rock near an inkwell you can sit on.


One of the most terrifying sights on the whole of Monkey Island. Trespassers are forbidden, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from rescuing Elaine.

Memoir Spot 2. Swamp Pond

Sit Location: On the South side of the swamp’s water outlet is a large tree with massive roots. On one of the roots is an inkwell.


This pond has a history of killing unwary pirates. Herman's shipmate died here in a tragic accident. He said they were friends, but I'm not sure they were close.

Memoir Spot 3. Banana Tree

Sit Location: Just South of the banana tree are some crates and an inkwell.


Delicious, ripe bananas hanging tantalisingly out of reach. Herman uses a special banana picker to harvest them. He can be pretty resourceful when he has to be.

Memoir Spot 4. Jungle

Sit Location: Just beneath a giant dead tree is a rock next to an inkwell.


Vines, creepers and lots of monkeys. If I hadn't found a furry little friend here, I might never have made it to LeChuck.

Memoir Spot 5. Riverbed

Sit Location: Before the bridge that leads to footholds up the mountain is a grouping of shaded red rocks next to an inkwell.


The river splits here. It used to flow just one way, but I used some of Herman's gunpowder to set things right. An act of ecological restitution that got me a free rope!

Memoir Spot 6. Primitive Art

Sit Location: Just next to the Primitive Art is a rock and an inkwell.


Either this is a poorly balanced pile of boulders, or it's primitive art created by Herman Toothrot. I suppose it depends on your point of view, but the local islanders weren't impressed.

Memoir Spot 7. Ledge

Sit Location: Make your way past the Primitive Art to the top of the mountain. At the top will be a cliff and a nearby inkwell.


I made a one in a zillion shot from up here. Unfortunately, the ship I sunk was my own- the Sea Monkey. I gues fine art is harder than it looks.

Memoir Spot 8. Stone Monkey Head

Sit Location: A crate and inkwell is just to the right of the clearing in front of the Monkey Head.


This Monkey Head hides the entrance to LeChuck's secret lair! I really don't see how you'd fit a ship inside, so maybe there's a back door somewhere, too...

Memoir Spot 9. Catacombs

Sit Location: On the right side of the landing in the catacombs are a patch of mushrooms and inkwell.


I wasn't certain what I'd find below Monkey Island... and I'm honestly still not really sure. These catacombs can be a very confusing place.

Memoir Spot 10. LeChuck's Ghost Ship

Sit Location: Overlooking the ship is a rock ledge and inkwell.


This is where I spied LeChuck's ghost ship for the first time since it had left Mêlée Island with Elaine aboard. LeChuck's so mean, he even boxes up the ship's rats.


Herman's Notes

Commendations and Rewards

Part of the Crew emblem.png
Part of the CrewSpeak with everybody aboard the Black Pearl. (3)n/a
Highly Strung emblem.png
Highly StrungSnare Herman in his own trap.n/a
A Helping Hand emblem.png
A Helping HandPlace all three Monkey Idols on the Monkey Hand.n/a
Second Biggest Monkey Head emblem.png
Second Biggest Monkey HeadUse the Cotton Swab Key.n/a
Under Monkey Island emblem.png
Under Monkey IslandNavigate through the catacombs.n/a
Glad to Be Dead emblem.png
Glad to Be DeadDefeat LeChuck's ghost ship.n/a
The Lair of LeChuck emblem.png
The Lair of LeChuckComplete The Lair of LeChuck.Lock icon.png Unlocks the Burning Blade Cutlass and the The Legend of Monkey Island Cutlass in the Armoury.
No Fruit-Picker Required emblem.png
No Fruit-Picker RequiredMake a banana fall from its tree.n/a
Whoops emblem.png
Whoops...Hit your own ship using the primitive art.n/a
Memoirs of a Legend, Vol III emblem.png
Memoirs of a Legend, Vol. IIITake in the view at all memoir spots. (10)n/a
The Castaway's Musings emblem.png
The Castaway's MusingsRead all of Herman's notes. (10)n/a
Ghost Writing emblem.png
Ghost WritingRead all of LeChuck's logbooks. (5)n/a
Do the Monkey! emblem.png
Do the Monkey!Legendary Commendation: Complete all Commendations for 'The Lair of LeChuck' Tall Tale.Lock icon.png Unlocks the LeChuck Portrait in the Ship Customization Chest.
Legend of Monkey Island emblem.png
Legend of Monkey IslandLegendary Commendation: Complete all Commendations for The Legend of Monkey Island Tall Tales.Title icon.png Rewards the Mighty Pirate Title.
Lock icon.png Unlocks the Monkey Island Shanty.



Patch history

  • 2.9.0 (October 19, 2023)
    • Crews returning to this Tall Tale from a checkpoint will now see characters in the correct locations and the correct notifications as they play through it.
    • A range of visual, audio and animation improvements have been made across the Tale to improve the level of polish.
    • If the Mad Monkey ship sinks during the fight, the Root Beer Cannonballs will no longer revert to regular cannonballs.
    • Guybrush will now stay closer to players when moving through the catacombs.
    • Guybrush and Elaine now fire Root Beer Cannonballs instead of regular cannonballs.
    • Players can now use the three-hit sword combo when fighting LeChuck in the church.
    • Passing through a lava waterfall during the ship chase will now cause players to take damage as intended.
    • Admiral Coco can now be interacted with after the Golden Monkey Idol retrieved from the Mast Trap has been placed.
    • Players are now able to push the cannon after greasing it with the Banana Grease.
    • Players can still use the Primitive Art after placing all the Golden Monkey Idols.
    • Players can no longer climb into the front-facing cannons aboard the Headless Monkey while other characters are using them.
    • The notification when finding the Stockade Key now appears properly for all players.
    • Text improvements have been made across the tale to improve localisation, ensure dialogue and subtitles are correct and any placeholder text has been removed.
  • 2.8.6 (September 28, 2023)
    • Introduced.