Captains of the Damned

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Memories of adventures past may hold the key to saving the future of two worlds...

Captains of the Damned is the third Tall Tale in the A Pirate's Life Arc. The Tale Book can be voted for at the Castaway's Camp on any Outpost. The Tall Tale can be cancelled by voting at the Ship's Voyage Table.

The details on the location of the Tale Book, related Commendations and unlockable Cosmetics are all presented in the Tall Tales Reputation Menu.

The reward for completing the Captains of the Damned Tall Tale is 8,000 Gold.

This Tall Tale must be completed in order to access the fourth Tall Tale, Dark Brethren.



The Castaway

To do what you do...
To plunge into the icy depths and face the hatred that dwells below the waves...
That is not easy.
But in the dark, you found the heart of the Black Pearl...
...her loyal crew.
Mister Gibbs, you are no longer my only guest.


Ah, we meet again!
This fine woman's been tellin' me about this Sea of Thieves we've found ourselves upon.
Seems we won't be wantin' for adventures here.
Unless of course the goings on in the Sea of the Damned...

The Castaway

Aye, I have been telling Mister Gibbs that the Sea of the Damned is a place shaped by the lives of those who live there.
The Cursed Captain, him not know it...
...but the town where him spent eternity is drawn from his own lost past...


And that's what's got us thinking...
If we can follow the footprints to find the boots that made em...
...we can use a man's life to find the man.
Now I've sailed with Jack Sparrow more longer'n most!
So I've more than a few tales of his past misdeeds tucked away in the old mazard.

The Castaway

Our lives are like threads in a tapestry, they loop and they tangle.
The stories Mister Gibbs tell helped me tease out the golden thread of Jack's path... it wind through the Sea of the Damned.
Now it fall to you to follow it.


But, er, as to Jack's precise location...
...we're still at a bit of a loss.
You'll need this back for the best chance of findin' him.

(After taking Jack's Compass from Gibbs)

The Castaway

If what you want most truly be to save the Sea of Thieves from Davy Jones, then the compass will point the way.
All I can do is drawn back the veil...

(The Castaway casts a spell, opening a Tunnel of the Damned)


Uh, before you go...
There's plenty about Jack's life that's strange, or peculiar, or downright inconceivable!
So I've scrawled down all that I can in these here notes.
You'd best take them for the journey.
I'd tag along but if I tried to leave without making reparations to the lass, Larinna, who gave us food and lodging...
...not even the Sea of thie Damned will hide me.
Best of luck to ye... we're all counting on you to bring Jack home.

After the Castaway delivers the dialogue, set sail to the portal she has opened nearby, and you will find yourself and your ship in the Tunnel of the Damned.

Note: You cannot bring treasure with you into the Sea of the Damned. Your worldly possessions must stay behind. So, if you’ve got something worth selling, do so before you sail through that portal!

Chapter 1

Tunnel of the Damned

In the Tunnel of the Damned, your ship will sail on its own will. Also, you will be met with a variety of ghostly apparitions. First, you’ll be met by a ghostly parrot. Then, you’ll see rowboats approaching, each seemingly ferrying a soul. Then you’ll also see shadowy ships in the distance, while ghostly pirates appear and disappear on your ship. Near the end, you’ll hear an ominous ghostly voice intoning cautionary advice, which is the familiar voice from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Ghostly Parrot

Pieces of eight. (squawk) Pieces of eight.
Hoist the colours! (whistles) (clicks) (whistles)
Walk the plank. Walk the plank. (squawk) Hahahahaha

Ghostly Voice

Psst! Avast there!
It be too late to alter course, mateys...
...and there be plunderin' pirates lurkin' in every cove, waitin' to board.
And mark well me words, mateys...
Dead men tell no tales!

The Whispering Bayou

As you emerge from the Tunnel of the Damned, you will find yourself and your ship sailing into the Whispering Bayou, an area overgrown by strange trees, littered with abandoned huts and docks. This winding river system slows the speed of your ship as you sail through. The river path will split several times, though the choice do not matter as they will all lead to the same destination: A large portal, blocked by a glowing ethereal barrier and an old hut. Approaching this general area will cause two lanterns to the west to light up. Jack's Compass will point in this direction. Leave your ship and follow the path where more lanterns will light up, guiding you down a path to a shipwreck: the Blue Bayou.

Fragments of the Past

Here in the shipwreck of the Blue Bayou, you will find the Flame of Souls, a tool for your Lantern that will be useful throughout the tale. A nearby rowboat can be used to traverse the short distance back to the area with the blocked portal. Ghostly pirates can be heard speaking from the banks as a version of Row Row Row Your Boat plays on a Banjo.

Ghostly Voice

The bayou mystic casts a curse on them what tries to cross her...

Ghostly Voice

Fine silver anklets to grant me an audience...

Ghostly Voice

The others have cast me out 'til I set things right... There's no one else I can turn to...

Ghostly Voice

They say she has a lost love of her own...

Ghostly Voice

I brought all that you asked for! Won't you 'elp me? Please, Tia Dalma, won't you 'elp?

Search the hut nearby for lanterns to light with the Flame of Souls. As they are lit, a crowd of ghostly pirates holding candles will appear. Search the crowd for candles to light. Lighting the candles will trigger a short piece of dialogue between Tia Dalma and Barbossa. The barrier blocking the portal will then dissipate, allowing the ship to exit the Bayou.

Tia Dalma

[ritual chanting]


So tell me...
...what's become of my ship?

Chapter 2

Fort of Lost Souls

Chapter 3

The Raid on Isla Tesoro

Tavern of the Damned


Lost Journals

Damned Journal​

(On a table in the wooden hut with a rocking chair and banjo, The Whispering Bayou.)

Dialogue icon.png

My picking brings many a lost soul to my porch, but none so strange or lost as her.
She did sit wit’ me, long into the night, and listen to me play. As the nights went by, the cher started to tell me more about herself.
She talked of a man who played beau music, music that could clasp at your very soul.
He done wronged her, and now the sound of the organ music made her feel like her heart was being ripped from her chest.


Damned Journal

(In a Sunken Rowboat, The Whispering Bayou.)

Dialogue icon.png

A merry chase I’ve been on! Now, at the end of it, I am sure it was hopeless from the start.
I went to the seeress to ask a boon, which she agreed to grant if I could retrieve a lost monkey. Simple enough!
For days I tracked it, the damned thing mocking me at every turn. I’d get close, only for it to chitter with glee and disappear into the mist. Eventually I managed to corner it.
Suddenly there was a strange noise from the direction of the seeress’ shack. The little beast cocked its head on one side and bolted in that direction.
I am afeared to return to her. I have heard tales of what happens to those who fail Tia Dalma…


Damned Journal

(In the hands of a skeleton inside a cage, The Whispering Bayou.)

Dialogue icon.png

I was right to be afeared. Her rage was like a terrible storm. I would have been better to slip away into the swamps than dare to return to her empty-handed.
The fact that the damned monkey stared down at me from the rafters seemed to count for nothing. If anything, it only made her angrier.
She screamed and shouted about the importance of bargains and how people should stay true to their word.
She turned away from me and reached into her pocket. Suddenly she spun around and blew powder into my face. When I woke, I was here.
If you find my bones, heed my words. Do not cross, Tia Dalma!


Damned Journal

(Beside one of the skeletons in the hole, Coastal Fort.)

Dialogue icon.png

The sea calls to me. I hear her, even within these ‘ere prison walls.
She whispers of new horizons an’ adventures to be shared.
But as I stand ‘ere in line, waitin’ to meet me end, all I can do is close me eyes and dream of the sea.
For this sunrise will be me last and I’ll ne’er set eyes on her again.


Damned Journal

(Inside the jail on the right side of the courtyard, Coastal Fort.)

Dialogue icon.png

I sailed the seas for many years, but I never experienced true cruelty till I set foot within these walls.
The Spanish soldiers mete out punishments at their pleasure.
I have seen men flogged for a sideways glance and my own fate was sealed by speaking out when they beat a boy no older than ten.
I will take all that they can mete out gladly, knowing that I have bought his freedom with my life.
For as long as he is free to sail the seas, never shall I die.


Townsfolk's Journals


(In the Clothing Shop, Isla Tesoro.)

Dialogue icon.png

The rumours of the vast wealth stored away in our treasury must have reached the ears of the pirates.
What else could be drawing them here in such numbers?! I pray that the Captain and his men are doing all in their power to keep it, and us, safe.
Sadly, our illustrious Mayer isn’t giving the same care to the valuables the townsfolk have placed under his protection!
Strolling around town with the key to it around his neck! Any passing knave could take it and force the Mayor to reveal the location of our precious belongings, I despair!



(On a wooden crate to the right while on the path to the auction, Isla Tesoro.)

Dialogue icon.png

A Pirate’s Life for Me by Hugo Pérez Age 6 and three quarters
My mama is always cursing the pirates and saying they are bad men with no souls!
I don’t think this is true. I think they just don’t like rules and want to have fun. I think I would like to be a pirate!
If I was in the pirate league I could go on adventures and find buried treasure and go to bed whenever I liked!
I’ve been practising burying treasure! I’ve even written a treasure map rhyme because all maps have to rhyme!
‘Behind a courtyard you will find an X with the loot, but it’s hard to find’ Does that rhyme?



(To the left of the ghost shootout inside the canal tunnel on a barrel, Isla Tesoro.)

Dialogue icon.png

The Wicked Wench has been haunting the waters off our coast.
Barbossa is one of the most feared pirate captains to sail the seas and his crew is a rag tag band of villains and thieves.
There are worrying rumours that the pirates have set up a hideout in the sea caves not too far from here. What are they planning?
I have had the men preparing for an attack for days now. Stockpiling weapons, ammunition and enough shot to send the Wicked Wench to Davy Jones.
I pray that we will have the strength to repel Barbossa and his crew of miscreants, but in my heart, I fear the worst.



(On a wooden crate at the top of the leftmost town walls, Isla Tesoro.)

Dialogue icon.png

I spend my days and nights protecting the people of Isla Tesoro from pirates.
But today I overheard the Captain arguing with the Mayor. I’m sure I heard mention of the Treasury and then the talk turned to that scoundrel, Jack Sparrow.
Why do I risk life and limb every day to repel pirates, for the Mayor to keep one of them safe within our walls?!
The Captain obviously shares my feelings, as their conversation ended abruptly when the Captain announced that, “Jack Sparrow will be the death of us all!”



(On a ledge of the balcony, Isla Tesoro.)

Dialogue icon.png

I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. Every time I hear shouting in the street or a bell ringing my heart leaps into my mouth.
Knowing that the likes of Barbossa, Captain Redd and Jack Sparrow are just offshore, is terrifying.
There isn’t a moment of the day when I am not thinking about the inevitable attack. The waiting is crushing me.
Many have fled, but I don’t have the money for passage and even if I did, where would I go? This island is my home but, lord help me, I don’t want it to be my grave.


Commendations and Rewards

Ghosts of the Bayou emblem.png
Ghosts of the BayouReveal a path through the bayou.n/a
Fort of the Forgotten emblem.png
Fort of the ForgottenFind a way inside a long-abandoned fort.n/a
Captain of Memories emblem.png
Captain of MemoriesSurvive a pirate duel.n/a
Treasure for Eternity emblem.png
Treasure for EternityDiscover a hidden stash of valuables and give it to the cursed pirates.n/a
Key to Freedom emblem.png
Key to FreedomShow mercy to the imprisoned.n/a
Treasured Hoard emblem.png
Treasured HoardInvestigate the town treasury.n/a
The Raid of Isla Tesoro emblem.png
The Raid of Isla TesoroEscape when the past catches up with you.n/a
Charting a New Destiny emblem.png
Charting a New DestinyReturn what was borrowed.n/a
Captains of the Damned emblem.png
Captains of the DamnedComplete 'Captains of the Damned'.Lock icon.png Unlocks the Tankard of the Damned in the Equipment Chest.
Lost Memories emblem.png
Lost MemoriesDiscover the Lost Journals throughout the Sea of the Damned.n/a
Forgotten Memories emblem.png
Forgotten MemoriesDiscover the Townsfolk's Journals.n/a
Captain of Haunted Waters emblem.png
Captain of Haunted WatersLegendary Commendation: Complete all commendations for 'Captains of the Damned'.Lock icon.png Unlocks the Concertina, Hurdy-Gurdy, Banjo, and Drum of the Damned in the Equipment Chest.
Strike Yer Colours emblem.png
Strike Yer Colours!Return fire!n/a

Patch history

  • 2.9.0 (October 19, 2023)
    • Players are no longer able to see through the wall of the Fort in the second chapter.
    • The lanterns on the Wicked Wench now display correctly.
  • 2.7.1 (December 15, 2022)
    • The number of throwables found during the ‘Captains of the Damned’ Tall Tale has now been significantly reduced.
  • 2.5.1 (April 7, 2022)
    • Players should no longer fall through the floor when moving through the corridor from the armoury to the well.
  • 2.5.0 (March 10, 2022)
    • Players should no longer jitter when standing near Captain Jack Sparrow during his speech in the village.
    • Locations where players could become stuck in the Spanish Fort in Isla Tesoro have been removed.
    • Players can no longer become trapped in between tree roots in The Whispering Bayou.
  • 2.4.1 (January 20, 2022)
    • Braziers can now more clearly be seen from the watchtower at all graphics quality settings.
    • The rock formation in The Whispering Bayou should now have the correct collision and players should no longer be able to walk in the air.
    • Cancelling the Tall Tale after the exit portal to the Tunnels of the Damned has been summoned will now move players through the portal and back to The Sea of Thieves.
    • Players should no longer respawn back in the Athena's Fortune Hideout during the Tale if they started the Tale while inside the Hideout.
  • 2.4.0 (December 2, 2021)
    • There is now a gate to the Spanish fort that players must open to gain entry.
    • When exiting the water near the sewer gate, the small steps will no longer cause the player to bounce back into the water.
  • 2.2.1 (August 17, 2021)
    • The ship's Map Table is now hidden after joining a Tale already in progress or rejoining a session.
    • Barrels found within the village will no longer offer players emergent Message in a Bottle Voyages.
    • During the intro on Galleon's Grave Outpost, Gibbs can now be seen leaving the tent through the curtain correctly.
    • The player’s Lantern will no longer change back to the normal colour after the Flame of Souls is taken from the shipwreck.
    • Players can no longer swim through the Wicked Wench’s hull.
    • All ships in the Final Chapter now fade out when leaving.
    • In the return tunnel cutscene where the apparitions review the map, the map should now look ghostly and move correctly with the apparitions’ hands.
    • A range of text edits have been made to subtitles.
    • The pop-up when receiving Jack's Compass now reads “Jack’s Compass Received”.
    • When players carry out the platform puzzle in the Isla Tesoro armoury while the cutscene is still playing, invisible collision will no longer knock players off the platforms.
  • 2.2.0 (June 22, 2021)
    • Introduced.