Revenge of the Morningstar

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A ship whose crew were cursed by a Skeleton Lord. Does its wreck hold clues to the Shores of Gold?

Revenge of the Morningstar is the eighth Tall Tale in the Shores of Gold Arc. The Tale Book can be voted for next to Sandra the Shipwright at the dock of Dagger Tooth Outpost and takes Player Crews across The Wilds and The Shores of Plenty Regions to track the movements of the Morningstar Crew before they were captured and cursed by Lord Graymarrow.

This Tale is locked until players have completed the previous Fate of the Morningstar Tale. If they wish to continue the Tall Tale at a later time, they can vote on any acquired Checkpoints at the Voyage Table.

The details on the location of the Tale Book, related Commendations and unlockable Cosmetics are all presented in the Tall Tales Reputation Menu.

The reward for completing any Tall Tale is 8000 Gold.png.

This Tall Tale must be completed to unlock the next Shores of Gold Tall Tale.

Revenge of the Morningstar

The location of the Tale Book at Dagger Tooth Outpost.

The Tale Book can be found on a box next to Sandra the Shipwright at the dock of Dagger Tooth Outpost. Once the Crew has voted on the Tale Book, Sandra will address them personally.


What's your interest in that old book? Trust me, the ship it speaks of is too old and too well-beached to salvage anything of value..
Just a musty old wreck full of rotting scraps and broken promises. All I was able to scavenge was the Captain's final message.
From what he says it seems there was only one survivor, and no-one's seen them in years.
Wait... I recognise you. Word around here is you're going after the Shores of Gold, just like the crew of the Morningstar.
You're a little late, Graymarrow caught up with the Morningstar long ago, and stole their shroudbreaker piece of himself.
Even if you knew where to find him, he'd never give it up without a fight. Take the book if you think it'd help you.
But if you're planning to take on Graymarrow, you should know that he's no ordinary Skelly, he's got some nasty tricks up his sleeve and plenty of friends too.
Well, I've said all I can, you can either take my advice or not I suppose. Now leave me be, I've got a ship to finish.

The Tale Book

TT8 Icon.png

Once the Crew has voted on the Tall Tale and listened to Sandra, they will receive the Tale Book titled "Ship Log: an account of the final battle of The Morningstar and her Crew, by Cpt. Eli Slate" that they can find and take out in the Map Radial Menu. Any Tale Book can be viewed with the Primary Use button (Keyboard White Mouse Left.png / 360 RT.png). Once taking a closer look at the Tale Book, its pages can be turned with the Q and E or 360 Left.png and 360 Right.png.

The Wreck of The Morningstar

The Ship Log describes how Eli Slate and the Crew of the Morningstar found out that the Skeleton Lord Graymarrow had put a Bounty on their head for the Shroudbreaker Stone that the Crew possessed. The Crew decided to abandon ship and part ways to evade Graymarrow's armada.

With this, the next destination should be clear, go and find The Morningstar and find out what happened to the Shroudbreaker Stone.

After finishing this chapter for the first time, the Crew will acquire the One of Slate's Crew Commendation.

Hints, Walkthrough & Images

Below are a handful of Clues and Hints to complete this section of the Tall Tale. If these are not clear enough, then a full Walkthrough with images is provided below.

I don't understand where to go?
The Tale Book claims that they left the Ship at Boulder Cay. This Island is in The Shores of Plenty.
I'm at the right location, but can't find anything!
The ship, Morningstar, has been reduced to a wreck, south of Boulder Cay. You will need to swim down to it and find further Logs
I found the Ship, what next?
The Shipwreck contains three further logs for your Tale Book. These can be in varied locations, so keep an eye out for white glints within the Wreck.
I have the logs, but don't understand them...
The next logs describe where the Crew left their Uniforms. You will need to dig up these Uniforms at Boulder Cay to progress.
I still can't find where the necessary item is!
The Chest is between a palm tree and a rock on the southern Shoreline.

Note 1: The first Journal can be found on Boulder Cay. See the Eli Slate's Journals section below for more information.

Image Guide

One of the Crew

The clerks' additional dialogue can be accessed while equipping the uniform, which is provided in the Clothing Chest. The hat, gloves, and one piece of body clothing are required.

Dialogue icon.png


You know who I am?

Ha, well the uniform's a bit of a giveaway. Eli always did like his crew dressed up smartly.
Your ship's famous in these parts. One of the first to reach the Sea of Thieves, wasn't she? It's a proud history.
Of course, a famous pirate is always going to attract trouble. Some skellies actually came looking for you!
It's lucky Duke was here! He saw them off with the business end of a blunderbuss before they could start any trouble.

Captain Slate sends his regards.

And his coin! Don't worry, I've been asking all about Graymarrow and his skellies on Eli's behalf.
Rumour has it, they're after a gorgeous crystal skull buried on an island somewhere.
I don't know what they plan to do with it, but if you want to find Graymarrow, I'd start by tracking down his gang.
I have it on good authority they're digging out at Cannon Cove, and people know better than to lie to me!

Where can I find Jaspar?

Oh, Jaspar... what a silly little man. Yes, he was the one who ratted out you and your crew to Graymarrow.
We don't take kindly to that sort of thing around here, so a bunch of pirates 'persuaded' him to leave the outpost.
I wouldn't waste your time searching for him, though. He'll have gone to ground now that the damage is done!
If you ask me, the only way to sort this mess out is to stop Graymarrow once and for all.
Tyler in the Trinket shop can give you more info on that... if you can decipher what he's saying.

Dialogue icon.png


You recognise the uniform?

Of course! I've got a memory like a steel trap, I have. You're from that fancy galleon, the Moorhen!
Or was it the Maverick? No, the Morningstar! Slip of the tongue. No-one else dresses so finely.
I thought I was expecting you earlier, but you're here now and that's what matters.
I had heard you'd run into some trouble out there... Or am I thinking of somebody else?

I'm here to collect what we paid for.

Oh yes! And a very handsome sum it was too. I wrote down everything I learned for you, all official like.
Er... I just seem to have misplaced my notebook. Not to worry, though, it's all safely lodged in my noggin.
You wanted to know about Commander Claysparrow, right? That the fellow? His thugs are after some old mug, apparently.
Not sure why they're so thirsty, but they're still poking around Sinking Cove. That's the place, or my name's not Taylor! Er. Tyler.

What can you do to help me?

Um... Other than settle my debt with some grade-A gossip, I'm not sure. You can always browse my stock, of course.
I did hear that if you put a chicken and a snake in the same animal cage and shake it hard enough, they turn into a sea serpent.
And old 'Merry' Merrick was in her the other day. Says he's going to start a mining company, or some such thing.
Was there anything else you needed?

At the mentioned islands, each search party drops coded instructions from Graymarrow for finding the buried relics. Refer to Slate's key to decode the location on the island.

Skull of Captain Douglas Chalice of Ressurection





Too much sand! Too much searching! Why Lord Graymarrow cares about old bones?


Maggie knowsss! Maggie knowsss! Ssscary pirate, he wasss, from the firssst daysss!

Captain Gripper

Old Douglas wrestled with the Pirate Lord, he did! Hide as tough as diamond, they says.
Buried alive, oh yes, for all the years, and it cracked him in his brain, hee hee!


Well, he got no hide now. No arms, no legs neither! No-one home in that pretty skull!

Captain Gripper

Stupid! Lord Graymarrow can curse the soul right out of yer if he likes.
You think he can't put it back where it belongs? If he wants Douglas walking and talking, it'll be so!


But we mussst find ssskull firssst... Maggie sssure we left it by the eight-legsss ssstone...





Why are we stopping to rest? We know where that old cup is here, buried under the big skull!

Captain Shaw

Ah told yeh, Cleaves, it ain't just a cup. If yeh knew who it belonged it yeh'd want to leave it well alone.


Rrr nrrrnrrr rrrr Crrrrprrr Frrrhrrr rrrr mrrrrs!


You said it, Nobby. They say he sank with his ship an' all them cursed cannons. Gone fer good, I reckon!
An' if we don't bring Graymarrow what he wants this time, we'll be done for either way!

Captain Shaw

Ahright, ahright! We'll go find the chalice... right after I finish meh grog!

Skeleton Cipher.png

Graymarrow also mentioned his resting place through pieces of coordinates on each order, combined they indicate the island to present the artifacts on the summoning altar. His voice will then emit from the ground that he rises out of.

An End to Evil Deeds


Who DARES disturb my slumber?!!
Your uniform? You're one of Slate's crew! I thought I bound you pitiful wretches and left you to rot! That curse should be unbreakable...
That means you must be? an IMPOSTER! I don't know why you wear the uniform of the Morningstar, but p'raps you'd like to suffer the same fate?
Those cowards didn't deserve t' reach the Shores of Gold! They were such worms, one of 'em jumped overboard the moment she laid eyes on me. Ha ha ha ha!
I'll cut you down just as easily, 'cept I think I'll take it nice and slow...

Graymarrow summons skeleton reinforcements, vanishes to reposition, and charges up a powerful repulse attack. In larger crews, it is recommended to dedicate one member to eliminate the ranged skeletons, and another to group the skeletons away from Graymarrow. A good strategy would be to lure him in front of the ship's cannons for heavy artillery.

If you're solo, bringing a Trident of Dark Tides to the fight will make Graymarrow quite easy to deal with. Just load the trident to max capacity and hit him 5 or 6 times.


Submit the Shroudbreaker stone to Sandra to complete.


Is it true? Did you really destroy Graymarrow? Am I finally free of him?
You have no idea how good it feels to hear that.
The truth is, I went back to the Morningstar out of guilt, not out of greed.
I was Jill, the one who jumped overboard rather than face Graymarrow.
After that, I gave up my name and my old life to hide from him.
I tell everyone I'm building a ship to fight a kraken, but... the truth is, it's so I could escape if he ever found me again.
Still, I always wondered... could I have made a difference if I'd stayed and fought alongside the others?
I'll always carry that regret, and maybe that's what I deserve. But I'll sleep a little easier now I know the others have been set free.
You know, that uniform looks better on you than it ever did on me.
I'm glad someone's picking up where we left off and aiming for the Shores of Gold.
I'll clean up this piece and pass it along to you-know-who. but before you go sailing blindly into the Devil's Shroud,
you should speak to the only pirate who ever used the Shroudbreaker and lived to tell the tale... You'll find her at Morrow's Peak. Good luck!

Eli Slate's Journals

Assessing the Enemy

(Western crate, Boulder Cay)

Dialogue icon.png

“Know your enemy.” — Sun-Tzu, “The Art of War”.
Who is Graymarrow, the wretch that pursues us endlessly in our quest for the Shroudbreaker?
Long ago, I crossed paths with a gaunt and pitiless fellow whose crew may as well have been his slaves.
Can this be the same man, fallen victim to a curse that has hardened what little heart he once possessed?
A man, at the George and Kraken tavern claims that he can tell me more…


Eli Slate's Journal 01.png

Accepting the Impossible

(In the tavern, Sanctuary Outpost. Between the boxes and the wall in the southeast corner.)

Dialogue icon.png

It seems that my suspicions were correct. The Skeleton Lord who now pursues us is a bitter rival from my past.
I have met Gold Hoarders with skin like Midas’ own, and they claim it to be a consequence of handling cursed coin.
Can a healthy, flesh and blood man really be transformed, in such a fashion as to command legions of the undead?
On this strange, unknowable Sea of Thieves, it sometimes seems as though anything is possible.
I shall consider the matter further as we make for Cannon Cove.


Eli Slate's Journal 02.png

On the Nature of Curses

(Highest South cliff, Cannon Cove)

Dialogue icon.png

There are whispers, low and fearful, that Graymarrow has begun to wield some fell powers of his own.
To whit, he has found a way to ‘maroon’ — for want of another term — the spirits of those he bests in battle.
Souls imprisoned by such a curse can never find their way to the Ferry of the Damned, and remain lost.
We sail at top speed to Sunken Grove, out in the Wilds. I am taking night watch. I doubt that I could sleep tonight…


Eli Slate's Journal 03.png

An Endless Pursuit

(Northeaster Islet, Sunken Grove)

Dialogue icon.png

The more I learn about Graymarrow, the more certain I am that we must recover and reunite the Shroudbreaker’s pieces.
At this point, escaping into the Shroud may be our only means of escaping him. We need rest. He requires none.
Fontaine believes we should surrender the one Shroudbreaker fragment we do possess, and plead for clemency.
I, however, fear it is far too late. This chase has become a matter of pride for Graymarrow, and he wishes us gone for good.
A confrontation seems inevitable, yet still we flee, speeding to Marauder’s Arch as our last supplies run dry…


Eli Slate's Journal 04.png

Too Little, Too Late...

(High Western cannon, Marauder's Arch)

Dialogue icon.png

He has a weakness! At last, here at Marauder’s Arch, I was able to seize orders scrawled by Graymarrow himself.
By his own hand, I have learned that even Graymarrow must sometimes rest his wicked bones below the soil.
If he could be taken by surprise, it might be possible to defeat him… but our food is gone. Our cannons empty.
Instead, we must limp back to Boulder Cay, beach our vessel in the shallows there and make our final stand together.
My crew are terrified, we but sail on. I could not be more proud, and can only hope that one day we shall be avenged.


Eli Slate's Journal 05.png


One of Slate's Crew emblem.png
One of Slate's CrewDiscover the Morningstar Crew Outfitn/a
Skull of an Old Foe emblem.png
Skull of an Old FoeDiscover the Skull of Captain Douglasn/a
The Forsaken Chalice emblem.png
The Forsaken ChaliceDiscover the Chalice of Resurrectionn/a
An Avenged Crew emblem.png
An Avenged CrewDefeat Graymarrown/a
Revenge of the Morningstar emblem.png
Revenge of the MorningstarComplete 'Revenge of the Morningstar'.Lock icon.png Unlocks the Morningstar Hull in the Ship Customization Chest.
Whispers from the Morningstar emblem.png
Whispers from the MorningstarDiscover all of Eli Slate's Journalsn/a
Souls at Rest emblem.png
Souls at RestLegendary Commendation: Complete the Tale (5 times)n/a
The Morningstar Rises emblem.png
The Morningstar RisesLegendary Commendation: Complete all Commendations for 'Revenge of the Morningstar'.Lock icon.png Unlocks the Morningstar Figurehead in the Ship Customization Chest.


  • It seems that the location of Graymarrow is tied to the locations of the two skeleton captains and the burial spots and the puzzles of the Chalice and Skull.
  • By listening to Graymarrows voice, you can pinpoint the exact position he will spawn.
  • Graymarrow can be easily defeated by placing several gunpowder barrels (between 4 - 10) at the location he spawns. As soon as he appears, detonate the barrels. Graymarrow's defeated animation will play out before dropping the quest item.
  • You do not need to visit Tracy or Tyler to progress the Tale. Visiting the correct islands after collecting the Morningstar Uniform will spawn the skeleton captains required to progress the Tale.

Patch history

  • 2.0.2 (May 23, 2019)
    • ‘Revenge of the Morningstar’ – The Collector’s Chest awarded by this Tale will no longer be removed after completing or failing the Tale.
  • 2.0.1 (May 8, 2019)
    • ‘Revenge of the Morningstar’ – When placing the final Tale Items on the altar, they will now be on the correct plinths and facing in the right direction.
    • ‘Revenge of the Morningstar’ – All crew members should now correctly receive the Morningstar Outfit when retrieved from the Morningstar Chest.
  • 2.0 (April 30, 2019)
    • Introduced.