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Ahoy, pirates! Update 2.0.2 marks our second update since the big Anniversary Update launched at the end of April. Since then we’ve been working on and implementing various bug fixes across all our new features, as well as multiple quality of life improvements.

This latest update continues that trend, with several changes and fixes going in to further polish your piratical pursuits on the Sea of Thieves!


  • Fishing/Hunting with a Full Inventory – When trying to retrieve a fish caught on a line or food from the ground, players are now clearly told when they have a full inventory.
  • Cooking Pot Food Placement – We’ve spiced up the cooking pot with some visual variety, and food placed into the pot will no longer land in the same spot every time.
  • Harpooning a Gunpowder Skeleton – Latching on to a gunpowder keg from a gunpowder skeleton will now detonate the keg on impact.
  • Retrieving a Rowboat – Rowboats can now be harpooned and dragged off islands into the water.
  • Get Over Here! – Players docked to interaction points such as Rowboat seats, cannons or the ship’s wheel can now be grabbed by harpoons.
  • Get Down! – Players can now be rescued from the clutches of the Kraken using a harpoon.
  • Crew Icons in The Arena – Players will now see an icon alongside pirates’ gamertags defining which crew they represent.
  • Gold Hoarder Curse – Players who have previously been awarded the Gold Hoarder Curse by completing all Tall Tales – Shores of Gold Commendations will find the Gold Hoarder Curse has been visually improved, and all players now have the same consistent design. Any new players earning the reward will also be rewarded with the new design.
  • Renamed Insider Rewards – The Insider-exclusive cosmetics have been rebranded as the Silver Blade Set. Players who have previously been awarded these items from playing Insider updates will find their set has been renamed, and any future rewards will use this new set name.
  • UNDOCUMENTED: Harpooning a player now forces their perspective in the firing direction and locks their camera rotation.

Fixed Issues


  • Player shadows will no longer be visible prior to a player respawning onto their ship.
  • Gunpowder keg explosions will now have the correct VFX in underwater caves.
  • Skeletons will now display the correct VFX in underwater caves.
  • When at low health, eating food that restores you to full health now correctly shows the health bar filling to max.
  • Resolved an issue allowing a player’s bucket to hold more than the intended quantity of water.
  • Resolved an issue where players could become stuck between rocks on Kraken’s Fall.
  • Resolved several localisation issues on Riddle Quest maps.
  • Killing a captured animal then handing the crate to another pirate now shows the correct tooltip.
  • Resolved collision issues and floating objects on an unnamed reef.
  • Picking up a chest while holding a banana no longer causes the chest to be held at a strange angle.
  • The Athena Shipwright now correctly stocks the Ghost Flag and Pirate Legendary Flag for purchase.
  • The Athena equipment shop now correctly stocks the Legendary Spyglass for purchase.
  • When using the spyglass repeatedly, the blur effect should no longer get stuck on-screen.
  • Resolved a clipping issue when scaling text chat notifications to maximum.
  • The ‘What’s New’ section on the PC front end will now correctly cycle through new information.

The Hunter’s Call

  • Resolved issues that caused items dropped from a harpoon to get stuck inside the hull of the ship.
  • ‘Legend of the Deep’ Title now correctly states the requirement of 50 fish to be delivered.
  • Equipping bait to your fishing rod then leaving the Ferry of the Damned will no longer leave the bait floating in the doorway.
  • All food items now have functioning phrases in the pirate chat radial.
  • Players are now unable to use the harpoon to tether to sinking Rowboats.
  • Resolved an issue causing a harpoon line to suddenly attach to the centre of the world.

The Arena

  • The scoreboard that displays at the end of a contest now matches the style of the on-screen scoreboard more consistently.
  • Resolved level of detail issues across the Sea Dogs Tavern.
  • Resolved collision issues with some Sea Dogs Tavern rugs.
  • Resolved collision issues with the exterior of the Sea Dogs Tavern.
  • Revised incorrect controller instructions provided by Dimitri.
  • Getting a bite while using a fishing rod near the end of a contest will no longer force the controller to rumble and lock the player’s camera upon return to the Sea Dogs Tavern.

Tall Tales – Shores of Gold

  • Resolved numerous cases where spawned quest items were cleaned up after an extended period of time prior to players reaching them, triggering a ‘Tale Failed’ state.
  • Resolved an issue preventing the display of water splash VFX from falling water in puzzle vaults.
  • ‘The Shroudbreaker’ – Players who migrate servers after having retrieved the Shroudbreaker artefact in the first Tale will now be able to correctly hand in and complete the Tale.
  • ‘The Cursed Rogue’ – Resolved spelling issues in Madame Olivia’s opening cutscene subtitles.
  • ‘The Wild Rose’ – Leaving behind the Chest of Memories once the pages have been removed will no longer trigger a ‘Tale Failed’ state.
  • ‘The Art of the Trickster’ – Medallions dropped by the vault skeletons will now be the correct medallions for the vault you have been allocated.
  • ‘The Art of the Trickster’ – Players will now receive a pop-up when defeating the Captain in the Trapmaker’s Lair.
  • ‘Fate of the Morningstar’ – Freed ghosts on the Ferry of the Damned will now play the correct idle animations.
  • ‘Revenge of the Morningstar’ – The Collector’s Chest awarded by this Tale will no longer be removed after completing or failing the Tale.
  • ‘The Shores of Gold’ – Resolved collision issues with a certain kind of tree.
  • ‘The Shores of Gold’ – Players should no longer be randomly spawned on the Shores of Gold when playing in the main world.
  • ‘The Shores of Gold’ – The mast puzzle in the dark room should no longer show the masts in an incorrect position when first reaching the room.
  • ‘The Shores of Gold’ – Resolved collision issues in the environment to prevent players clipping into geometry.

Known Issues

  • ‘The Legendary Storyteller’ Collector’s Chest – Leaving Briggsy’s Chest behind once the wooden plank has been removed can trigger a ‘Tale Failed’ state following a server migration.
  • ‘Stars of a Thief’ Totem – After placing the Star Jewels in the statue to retrieve the totem, leaving the area and returning will cause the statue to close and the totem to be lost.
  • Health Bar UI Delays – When regenerating health from cooked food, taking damage may cause a delay to the health bar update.
  • Sea Dogs Tavern Purchase Delays – Players who purchase an item from the Sea Dogs Tavern shop shortly before migrating to a new server will not immediately see the purchase in their inventory. The purchase has been successful, but will only be shown when the player returns to the tavern after their next contest.
  • ‘Fate of the Morningstar’ – On starting the Tale and reaching the first dig location, players may find they are unable to retrieve the enchanted item. This issue currently blocks progress through this Tall Tale.
  • Kraken Meat – We've identified an issue preventing Kraken meat from being dropped when defeating Kraken tentacles.
  • Sailor of Athena’s Fortune Commendation Progress – Players do not receive progress towards the Sailor of Athena’s Fortune Commendation while their crew have both an Athena’s Fortune Voyage and a Tall Tale active, and subsequently complete the Tall Tale. Sailing miles progress is accrued prior to the Tall Tale being completed.

We are continuing to work on resolutions for all these issues for a future update.

Download and Installation

Download size:

  • Xbox One: 3.17 GB
  • Xbox One X: 4.59 GB
  • Windows 10: 4.59 GB

Xbox Installation Instructions can be found here.
PC Installation Instructions can be found here.