The Journey to Mêlée Island

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By request of the Pirate Lord, a journey to the Sea of the Damned is underway, as is a hunt for a missing pirate of some renown. His name is Guybrush Threepwood...
— Quest Journal

The Journey to Mêlée Island is the first Tall Tale in the Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island series of Tall Tales for Sea of Thieves. The Tale was first released on July 20, 2023.

Prior to 2.10.1, this Tall Tale was required to be completed in order to access the second Tall Tale, The Quest for Guybrush.



Kate Capsize

Hey, don't touch that! Not unless you think you're tough enough to track down the man I'm hunting. Everything I know is in that logbook.
I'd find him myself if I had the money to get back on the waves, but for now I'm just another landlubber selling tours.

Pirate Lord

Ah, Captain Capsize! I see you've already settled in and started making friends.

Kate Capsize

I don't want friends! What I want is someone willing to drag that pirate pretender back to reality.
Then he can have a long and meaningful conversation with the sole of my boot.

Pirate Lord

Which won't happen unless you take the time to explain our situation.
A while ago, I invited a pirate named Guybrush Threepwood and his wife Elaine to celebrate their honeymoon here, on the Sea of Thieves.

Kate Capsize

You mean a fraud named Guybrush Threepwood. Though I'd also accept liar, imposter, figurehead thief...

Pirate Lord

Guybrush accepted my invitation, but his ship never arrived. After a while, I began to fear the worst, so I began making enquiries in the Sea of the Damned...

Kate Capsize

And found me stuck there, sailing in circles in my old glass-bottomed boat. Something that looked like it, anyway...

Pirate Lord

A memory of yours, made real by the Sea of the Damned...
In that realm, people and places from long ago can come back to haunt you, mingling with all the hopes and dreams in your heart.
I fear that Guybrush has become trapped in memories of his own - memories of a distant pirate sanctuary known as Mêlée Island.
If he is not rescued, he will remain sealed in a dream-world for all eternity, surrounded by fragments of his past.
That is why I have asked Kate to recruit pirates who are both willing and able to broach the Sea of the Damned and save Guybrush.

Capsize Kate

And then everybody here will see what a pathetic dope he really is. It's a good plan.
Think they can pull it off?

Pirate Lord

I believe they can.

(The Pirate Lord uses the Veil of the Ancients to open a portal to the Sea of the Damned nearby.)

Kate learned of Guybrush's whereabouts, but was never able to reach him.
You will be sailing into uncharted territory - on Mêlée Island, things may be very different from the Sea of Thieves you know...

Kate Capsize

Which is why you should take my logbook - but don't lose it! Once Threepwood has been rescued, I'm going to make him eat every last page.

Pirate Lord

You should keep an open mind, Kate. Out here, enemies can enter the same tavern and depart as friends.

Kate Capsize

When it comes to Guybrush Threepwood, I don't need an open mind - only a closed fist.

(The Pirate Lord nods and tips his hat to the player(s) before disappearing.)

Kate Capsize

Well? Don't just stand there. Sail through that archway and find Threepwood! The logbook I gave you has everything you need to know.

Mêlée Island Intro


Dear Diary... Wow! What an incredible end to an amazing adventure.
I outwitted the evil pirate LeChuck, caused an avalanche... kinda... and lived to tell the tale.
Even better, Elaine and I finally got married, and all of our friends were there too. I don't think we've ever been happier!
Now all we have to do is set a course and begin our honeymoon, sailing on the Sea of Thieves...
To get there, we have to pass through the Devil's Shroud.
Elaine says it's no big deal so long as we follow the map, but I don't know... I miss seeing the stars.
I had the nightmare again. I woke up in our cabin, Elaine is gone, and at the end of my bed... LeChuck is there. Laughing at me...
It's crazy, I know. I left him buried back on Monkey Island. So why does it feel so... real?
I can almost hear the laughter...



Players Emerge "Deep in the Caribbean..."


But when I did get back to sleep, I had a very different dream.
I was back where it all began, on my quest to become a legendary pirate!
Back at the start of my very first adventure...

Cooking up a Plan

A Golden Ticket

A Meeting at Midnight

Memoir spots

There are 10 memoir spots in the tall tale. When you sit on one of them, Guybrush Threepwood will say a memorable comment about the spot.

Memoir Spot 1. Pirate Leaders

Sit Location: Across from the Pirate Leaders in the Scumm Bar is an inkwell on a barrel and a square stool.


The Pirate Leaders have pretty much staked a claim to this room. I can't think of anybody who'd argue with them. From here they dispense wisdom to wannabe pirates.

Memoir Spot 2. Scumm Bar

Sit Location: In front of the Scumm Bar’s entrance is a docked rowboat. On the other side of the rowboat is an inkwell on a crate and a barrel.


I Remember my first visit to the Scumm Bar. It was noisy, filthy and I immediately felt like I was in mortal danger. The kind of place I'd always wanted to belong!

Memoir Spot 3. Docks

Sit Location: South East of the Scumm Bar, at the water’s edge, is an inkwell with some empty crates and a closed crate.


These docks sure are pretty. You get a great view of the ocean. From here, I can see the spot where Sherriff Shinetop tried to drown me.

Memoir Spot 4. Low Street

Sit Location: Across the street from Citizen of Mêlée is an inkwell and several barrels.


This unfriendly character handles some of the more unsavory deals on Mêlée Island. He's a useful guy to know. I wonder where he got that fancy coat?

Memoir Spot 5. General Store

Sit Location: Inside the General Store at the corner of the room with the inkwell, mannequin, and mirror.


The only General Store on Mêlée Island. The storekeeper gets a little paranoid around pirates. Then again, I did kinda break into his safe once. Maybe he's got the right idea.

Memoir Spot 6. Alley

Sit Location: On the barrel next to the inkwell and kennel to take in the view of this memoir spot.


It's an alleyway. Not too glamorous, but I guess they have their uses. This one seems oddly mysterious...

Memoir Spot 7. Jail

Sit Location: Inside the Jail at the back of the room near the inkwell and ladder.


Cause too much trouble and you might end up in prison. There's not much to do here except count the rats. My pal Otis seems to spend a lot of time stuck down here.

Memoir Spot 8. Roof across from the Church

Sit Location: On the triangle roof of the building directly across from the Church.


What a view! That big church is where I came face-to-face with the dread pirate LeChuck in his true form. Good thing I had a secret weapon!

Memoir Spot 9. Front of the Governor's Mansion

Sit Location: An inkwell next to the crates to the left outside the Mansion.


The fanciest place on Mêlée Island! Before I could get inside to meet Elaine, I had to subdue a pack of piranha poodles. They're actually quite cute when they're sleeping...

Memoir Spot 10. Inside the Governor's Mansion

Sit Location: One of the Chairs beside an elegant table to the right inside the mansion.


Some of the most priceless treasures ever looted are on display here. I came to steal one, and that's how I met my plunder-bunny...

Commendations and Rewards

Hired Help emblem.png
Hired HelpPurchase the Chef's Uniform.n/a
Delayed in Transit emblem.png
Delayed in TransitDeliver the Citizen of Mêlée's missing cargo.n/a
Prison Break emblem.png
Prison BreakFree Otis.n/a
Save the Clock Tower emblem.png
Save the Clock TowerRepair the clock and set it to midnight.n/a
House Call emblem.png
House CallGain entry to the Governor's Mansion.n/a
The Journey to Mêlée Island emblem.png
The Journey to Mêlée IslandComplete The Journey to Mêlée Island.Lock icon.png Unlocks the Legend of Monkey Island Figurines in the Ship Customisation Chest, and the Tavern Chef's Uniform in the Clothing Chest.
Pop Up Pirates emblem.png
Pop Up PiratesDefeat Ghost Pirates with root beer.n/a
In Good Company LOMI emblem.png
In Good CompanyTake a seat in the Scumm Bar.n/a
Elected Legend emblem.png
Elected LegendRead about Guybrush's re-election campaign.n/a
Groggy Dog Story emblem.png
Groggy Dog StoryHear everything Spiffy has to say.n/a
A Guided Tour emblem.png
A Guided TourTake Murray on a tour of the town's key locations.n/a
Mêlée Island Historian emblem.png
Mêlée Island HistorianPurchase the Mêlée Island History Book.n/a
Memoirs of a Legend, Vol. I emblem.png
Memoirs of a Legend, Vol. ITake in the view at all memoir spots.n/a
Mêlée Island Investigator emblem.png
Mêlée Island InvestigatorLegendary Commendation: Complete all commendations for 'The Journey to Mêlée Island' Tall Tale.Lock icon.png Unlocks the 'Mêlée by Moonlight' in the Ship Customization Chest.



Patch history

  • 2.10.0 (January 23, 2024)
    • Players can now head up to the Mansion as soon as the guard leaves his post, and are no longer blocked by parts of the environment.
    • When players have constructed a body for Murray, any players joining the session after the initial sequence will now be able to see Murray’s body.
    • Players will no longer see a silhouette of Walt the violin-playing skeleton through the church window.
    • Fog seen in the Mansion now behaves correctly throughout the location.
  • 2.8.6 (September 28, 2023)
    • Players returning to this Tall Tale from a checkpoint will now see the correct prompts and notifications as they play through it.
  • 2.8.4 (July 20, 2023)
    • Introduced.