Ceremonial Admiral Set

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Ceremonial Admiral Set Items are for Pirates who like a more proper and mercantile demeanour, mimicking that of the historical Admirals of the British Empire. The Admiral look is the look of the Merchant Alliance and as such, all Admiral items used to only be purchasable from Outposts in The Shores of Plenty Region. As of the Anniversary Update, all Ceremonial Admiral Item variants can be purchased at all Shops.

The Ceremonial Admiral Set is the high-level equivalent of the Merchant Alliance attire, requiring a reputation of up to 50 with the Trading Company. The Ceremonial Admiral Set is essentially a red and gold version of the original Admiral Set with the Ship set using a white Anchor Insignia instead of the Trident.

The Full Set with the Ceremonial Admiral Jacket.
The Full Set with the Ceremonial Admiral Dress.
The Full Set with the Ceremonial Admiral Shirt.

Set Components


  • Total Cost: 28,400 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Ceremonial Admiral Belt.png
Ceremonial Admiral Belt 1,350 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 33
Belt "The large buckle reflects your stature, but also increases the chance of being struck by lightning."
Ceremonial Admiral Boots.png
Ceremonial Admiral Boots 1,350 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 28
Boots "Boots so shiny you can see your face in them, but no promises you'll like what you see."
Ceremonial Admiral Dress.png
Ceremonial Admiral Dress 5,400 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 33
Dress "Both practical and formal, just in case you get invited to a pirate's ball out on the high seas."
Ceremonial Admiral Gloves.png
Ceremonial Admiral Gloves 1,350 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 28
Gloves "Getting your hands dirty is for dishonourable types, so wear these gloves and sniff your innocence."
Ceremonial Admiral Hat.png
Ceremonial Admiral Hat 6,800 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 49
Hat "A hat makes the pirate, so look no further than this distinguished but impractical headwear."
Ceremonial Admiral Jacket.png
Ceremonial Admiral Jacket 6,750 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 36
Jacket "We'll keep adding gold buttons until everyone's fooled into giving you the desired respect."
Ceremonial Admiral Shirt.png
Ceremonial Admiral Shirt 2,700 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 36
Shirt "Extra starch ensures you'll stay smart in the roughest of storms. Smarter pirates avoid them though."
Ceremonial Admiral Trousers.png
Ceremonial Admiral Trousers 2,700 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 33
Bottoms "A fine pair of immaculately pressed breeches that are nearly as uptight as you are."


  • Total Cost: 11,150 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Ceremonial Admiral Eyepatch.png
Ceremonial Admiral Eyepatch 3,050 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 47
Eyepatch "Promotes an air of undoubted experience in battle, just don't let your crew see it's just for show."
Ceremonial Admiral Hook.png
Ceremonial Admiral Hook 4,050 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 47
Hook "Don't wipe seaspray from your eyes or you'll be wearing an Eyepatch too."
Ceremonial Admiral Pegleg.png
Ceremonial Admiral Pegleg 4,050 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 47
Pegleg "A wooden leg doesn't lessen your duty. It's no excuse for getting stuck in the deck grille though."


  • Total Cost: 37,350 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Ceremonial Admiral Banjo.png
Ceremonial Admiral Banjo 3,500 Gold n/a n/a Banjo "Strum a nice, nautical ditty to boost morale among your sterling crew."
Ceremonial Admiral Bucket.png
Ceremonial Admiral Bucket 1,900 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 31
Bucket "Keep everything shipshape with a reliable bucket that's guaranteed not to leak."
Ceremonial Admiral Compass.png
Ceremonial Admiral Compass 2,800 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 46
Compass "Points the way to your entitled success. Has a jeweled bearing for smoother operation."
Ceremonial Admiral Concertina.png
Ceremonial Admiral Concertina 2,850 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 41
Concertina "Ships have no room for a grand piano, so you'll have to learn how to play this instead."
Ceremonial Admiral Drum.png
Ceremonial Admiral Drum 3,500 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 41
Drum "With this, if you must play, no one will notice you're not actually playing on beat."
Ceremonial Admiral Fishing Rod.png
Ceremonial Admiral Fishing Rod 6,400 Gold n/a
Hunter of Plentifins
Hunter of Plentifins emblem.png
Hunter of Plentifins
Deliver all types of Plentifin.
Fishing Rod "A fine fishing rod in the hands of a disciplined user. Do you have a license for it?"
Ceremonial Admiral Hurdy-Gurdy.png
Ceremonial Admiral Hurdy-Gurdy 2,850 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 41
Hurdy-Gurdy "Proudly strike up a rousing shanty that inspires all pirates to do the very best."
Ceremonial Admiral Lantern.png
Ceremonial Admiral Lantern 1,900 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 38
Lantern "Things will shine as bright as your prospects when illuminating this splendid lantern."
Ceremonial Admiral Pocket Watch.png
Ceremonial Admiral Pocket Watch 2,800 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 43
Pocket Watch "Crafted by master horologists, this fine timepiece is waterproof to 100 fathoms."
Ceremonial Admiral Shovel.png
Ceremonial Admiral Shovel 1,850 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 31
Shovel "If physical toil is absolutely necessary, this efficient shovel will commandeer buried prizes."
Ceremonial Admiral Speaking Trumpet.png
Ceremonial Admiral Speaking Trumpet 2,300 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 43
Speaking Trumpet "This should help keep a distance when speaking with lesser pirates is unavoidable."
Ceremonial Admiral Spyglass.png
Ceremonial Admiral Spyglass 3,800 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 46
Spyglass "Lesser pirates will look up to you when using this. Unless you're peering through the wrong end."
Ceremonial Admiral Tankard.png
Ceremonial Admiral Tankard 900 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 38
Tankard "Show everyone you're not the stuffy type by enjoying a grog or two. Or three."


  • Total Cost: 35,350 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Ceremonial Admiral Blunderbuss.png
Ceremonial Admiral Blunderbuss 9,450 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 48
Blunderbuss "Sometimes the only way to restore order is with an impeccably delivered dose of shot."
Ceremonial Admiral Cutlass.png
Ceremonial Admiral Cutlass 7,000 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 48
Cutlass "Give those ill-disciplined Skeleton rabble a taste of authority. If that fails, run away!"
Ceremonial Admiral Eye of Reach.png
Ceremonial Admiral Eye of Reach 9,450 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 48
Eye of Reach "Do your duty and don't buy this, as there is no honor in fighting from range."
Ceremonial Admiral Pistol.png
Ceremonial Admiral Pistol 9,450 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 48
Pistol "A noble weapon that will serve you admirably during your distinguished pirating career."

Ship Customisations

  • Total Cost: 295,750 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Ceremonial Admiral Cannons.png
Ceremonial Admiral Cannons 49,000 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 40
Cannons "Cannons so clean and shiny, you could eat your dinner off them! Please don't do that."
Ceremonial Admiral Capstan.png
Ceremonial Admiral Capstan 49,000 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 10
Capstan "A tidy, sturdy capstan that you'd find on a nice, proper vessel."
Ceremonial Admiral Figurehead.png
Ceremonial Admiral Figurehead 49,000 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 50
Figurehead "Lords of the seas, just like you. Pay no heed to any who say it's an outdated old man with a stick."
Ceremonial Admiral Flag.png
Ceremonial Admiral Flag 1,750 Gold n/a n/a Flags "That flag had better be clean, starched and at regulation height!"
Ceremonial Admiral Hull.png
Ceremonial Admiral Hull 49,000 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 50
Hull "Cuts through the water with utmost authority."
Ceremonial Admiral Sails.png
Ceremonial Admiral Sails 49,000 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 50
Sails "At the wheel it's a stirring sight. Don't get too distracted, or you'll see the bottom of the sea."
Ceremonial Admiral Wheel.png
Ceremonial Admiral Wheel 49,000 Gold n/a
Merchant Alliance 25
Wheel "Behind a wheel like this is where you belong, in command, standing proud at the helm!"


Patch history

  • 2.0.15 (May 27, 2020)
    • Added the Ceremonial Admiral Flag, Capstan, Wheel, and Cannons into the Shipwright Shop.
  • 1.2.0 (July 31, 2018)
    • Decreased price of the Figurehead, Hull, and Sails from 69,550 Gold to 49,000 Gold.
  • First Release (March 20, 2018)
    • Added the Ceremonial Admiral clothing, weapons, vanity, and equipment into their respective shops.
    • Added the Ceremonial Hull, Figurehead, and Sails into the Shipwright Shop
    • The set was only available in shops in The Shores of Plenty.