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Glorious Sea Dog Chests are Treasure Chests that are exclusively used in The Arena Game Mode. Unlike Treasure in Adventure Mode, selling these Chests does not reward players with Gold, but Silver instead, which are used as a point system for Arena matches.


Every Arena match has only one Glorious Sea Dog Chest available at one time. These Chests are buried on an Island, marked with a Purple light pillar that shoots to the sky. There are no Treasure Maps for the Chest, as it can always be seen on the Map Table as if it had the Reaper's Mark. Unlike Adventure Mode Chests with the Reaper's Mark, the light pillar does not go away when dug up and is always visible.

Glorious Sea Dog Chests need to be sold at Sea Dog Seaposts, which are marked with a red light pillar. Every Outpost has two Sea Dog Agents who accept the Chest for 1000 Silver. After a Chest is sold, another Glorious Sea Dog Chest will appear buried on another Island on the map.


The Silver rewarded for Glorious Sea Dog Chests is not equal to Gold as a currency and is limited to a single Arena match.

  • Digging up a Glorious Sea Dog Chest rewards 150 Sea Dog Silver.
  • Selling a chest to a Sea Dog Agent rewards 1,000 Sea Dog Silver


There are three Commendations related to the Glorious Sea Dog Chest:


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Pirate Chat

Here is the Pirate Chat Wheel for the Glorious Sea Dog Chest:

Glorious Sea Dog Chest Wheel.jpg


Patch history

  • 2.2.0 (June 22, 2021)
    • During an Arena contest, the Sea Dog Chest marker should now update correctly on the ship’s map.
  • 2.0.14 (April 22, 2020)
    • Introduced.