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Resources are consumable items stored in the player's inventory. They are useful for combat, maintaining a player's ship, restoring health, or utility purposes. Many resources can be sold to Trading Companies either by selling them stored in Resource Crates, or some resources may be sold individually.

Where to find

Resources can be obtained from the following sources:

Tip: Barrels at Sea Forts offer a wide variety and high quantity of resources, including animal meats, pineapples, and a handful of Chainshots.

List of Resources

Resources are split among the categories listed below. Categories can apply to a single item, or encompass a group of items that all share a similar use. Players are limited to how much of a category they may carry in their inventory but may choose any combination of items within that limit.

Icon Category Player inventory limit Details
Cannonball icon.png Cannonballs 10 Plain ammunition for cannons capable of dealing direct damage to players, creatures, and ships.
Cursed Cannonball icon.png Cursed Cannonballs 5 Variety of cannon ammunitions that are mostly imbued with unique effects. They come in three main forms: Purple Cursed Cannonballs, Green Cursed Cannonballs, and Ghostly Cannonballs.
Chainshot icon.png Chainshots 5 Specialised cannon ammunition used to deal heavy damage to specific ship components: Masts, Wheels, or Capstans. Chainshots will only cause minor damage to ships' Hulls.
Throwable icon.png Throwables 5 Cannon ammunition which can also be thrown by players. There are two types of Throwables: Blunderbombs which deal area of effect damage/knockback and Firebombs which set objects on fire.
Food icon.png Food 5 Food is a resource directly consumed by pirates to restore their health. There are three types of food: Fruit, Meat, and Fish.

Eating food will instantly restore a player's health, and perfectly cooked meat and fish will also grant health regeneration over time.

Meat and fish can be sold directly to The Hunter's Call or Sovereigns for Gold and Reputation.

Wood icon.png Wooden Planks 5 Used to repair damage dealt to ships. Wooden Planks can also be used to start fires at cooking spots.
Bait icon.png Bait 10 Used with a Fishing Rod to catch specifc fish while fishing. There are three types of bait: Earthworms, Grubs, and Leeches.

Eating bait can restore 10 health, but will cause the player's pirate to be sick and vomit.

Stored in Food Barrel alongside food items.

Firework icon.png Fireworks 10 Cannon ammunition used primarily to create a display of lights in the sky. There are two types of Fireworks: Fireworks, primarily used for colourful displays of light, and Signal Flares, which create a temporary but powerful light source capable of making Shadow Skeletons vulnerable. Both types may also be used as weapons to (unreliably) start fires on ships if they come into contact with when shot, or create a blinding flash around their location of impact.



Main article: Barrels

Resources can be discovered and stored within Barrels. Each ship has Food Barrels, Wood Barrels, and Cannonball Barrels for storing different kinds of resources.

Rowboat Storage

Each Rowboat has a Supply Box on the back seat that can be used to store Resources.

Resource Crates

Main article: Resource Crates

Resource Crates are portable storage for resources obtainable from several sources across the Sea of Thieves. Some crates can only store specific types of resources, and can be sold to specific Trading Companies for Gold and Reputation.