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The Firework is a Resource item that can be fired from the Cannon to create a colourful light display over the sky. There are various different types of Fireworks, each with a unique appearance in-hand and when launched. Some Fireworks create distinct patterns inspired by the Sea of Thieves.


When the cannon is fired, the flare will burn a 3-second fuse before setting off. The Firework cannot be cancelled during this period, but it gives any spectating players a few seconds to step back to watch the display.

A travelling firework will explode prematurely upon colliding with solid objects, this explosion will not activate the firework but may start a fire if struck upon a ship. It will also have a chance to create a stun effect on players within a close radius, causing a blinding flash to obscure their vision.

Fireworks and Signal Flares occupy their own inventory space, allowing players to carry up to 10 altogether without affecting storage capacity for any other resource. They can be stored in Cannonball Barrels, Storage Crates and Firework Crates.

Where to find

Fireworks can be found from the following sources:


Signal Flares

Main article: Signal Flares

Signal Flares are a special type of firework used primarily for signalling purposes rather than aesthetic purposes.

Signal Flare Description
Red Signal Flare Use this simple burst of red light to call for aid or signal your crew, wherever they may be.
White Signal Flare Use this simple burst of white light to call for aid or signal your crew, wherever they may be.


Fireworks come in a variety of unique displays. The classic Firework will offer a small, simple display of colour, the cake Firework offer a larger version of the classic displaying a collaboration of multiple colours, and the themed Firework offers intricate shapes of familiar imagery.

Image Firework Description
Anniversary Firework.png Anniversary Firework Rejoice in another year of glorious piracy by unleashing this commemorative firework!

(Note: Found exclusively in the Anniversary Firework Crate.)

Athena's Fortune Firework.png Athena's Fortune Firework Aspiring Pirate Lords can make their mark upon the sky thanks to this legendary firework.
Banana Firework.png Banana Firework Even a humble banana can have its moment of glory with this delicious firework.
Blooming Flowers Firework.png Blooming Flowers Firework A display of multiple fireworks, bringing light to the sky with the colours of spring.
Burning Blade Firework.png Burning Blade Firework

Show your allegiance to Flameheart by launching this notorious firework.

(Note: Not found in purchasable Firework Crates.)

Burning Fury Firework.png Burning Fury Firework A scorching firework inspired by those who fell in fire and bore the red Flame of Fate.
Call of the Sea Firework.png Call of the Sea Firework A grand firework with deep blue hues that represents the wonders of the ocean.
Captain Briggsy Firework.png Captain Briggsy Firework It's nothing personal - this bold firework just really wants to thrill you.
Captain Flameheart Firework.png Captain Flameheart Firework This raging firework will sear the skies, but never pass judgement on your supplies.
Chanting Vipers Firework.png Chanting Vipers Firework A display of multiple fireworks that sends rampaging reptiles high into the sky.
Chicken Firework.png Chicken Firework Give the humble chicken some recognition by setting off this cheery firework.
Compass Firework.png Compass Firework Find your guiding star with this seafaring firework by sending a compass to the heavens.

(Note: Not found in purchasable Firework Crates.)

Coral Reef Firework.png Coral Reef Firework A graceful firework of many colours, inspired by vast coral reefs under the sea.
Crab Firework.png Crab Firework This cute firework can provide a timely distraction if you're in a pinch.
Distant Shores Firework.png Distant Shores Firework An energising firework inspired by wild, untamed islands across the Sea of Thieves.
Dragon's Breath Firework.png Dragon's Breath Firework A display of multiple fireworks, filling the sky with hues of roaring flame.
Fallen Warrior Firework.png Fallen Warrior Firework A solemn firework inspired by those who fell in battle and bore the pink Flame of Fate.
Ferry Figurehead Firework.png Ferry Figurehead Firework A noble firework that honours the Hippocampus figurehead of the Ferry of the Damned.
Ferryman's Bell Firework.png Ferryman's Bell Firework A booming firework that's guaranteed to leave a ringing in your ears.
Galleon Firework.png Galleon Firework What could be more fitting for a pirate than saluting their ship with a recognisable firework?
Ghostlight Firework.png Ghostlight Firework A ghostly firework inspired by those who fell to the undead and bore the green Flame of Fate.
Glittering Rainbow Firework.png Glittering Rainbow Firework A display of multiple fireworks that look lovely, but sadly won't lead to a pot of gold.
Gold Hoarder Firework.png Gold Hoarder Firework Summon the visage of a mighty Skeleton Lord with this dazzling firework.
Great Kraken Firework.png Great Kraken Firework A fearsome firework patterned after a constellation named by the Ancients.
Great Warrior Firework.png Great Warrior Firework A mighty firework patterned after a constellation named by the Ancients.
Jewels of the Deep Firework.png Jewels of the Deep Firework A glittering firework inspired by Mermaid and Siren Gems found far below the waves.
Kraken Killer Firework.png Kraken Killer Firework An enormous firework that fills the air, inspired by a battle against a lethal leviathan.
Lost Seafarer Firework.png Lost Seafarer Firework A stately firework inspired by those who fell beneath the waves and bore the blue Flame of Fate.
Maiden Voyage Firework.png Maiden Voyage Firework A display of multiple fireworks, perfect for celebrating new arrivals to the Sea of Thieves.
Masked Stranger Firework.png Masked Stranger Firework Launch this enigmatic firework to distract other pirates from your diabolical schemes.
Megalodon Firework.png Megalodon Firework Summon the Megalodon! Or at least a pretty depiction with this hunter's firework.
Monkey Firework.png Monkey Firework Use this cheeky firework to send a monkey skyward without hurting its feelings.
Moonlit Dance Firework.png Moonlit Dance Firework A portentous firework based on tales of a comet that appears just once a century.
Old Boar Firework.png Old Boar Firework A heartwarming firework that pays homage to a constellation named by the Ancients
Palm Tree Firework.png Palm Tree Firework Green-fingered pirates can plant a tree among the clouds using this quirky firework.
Parrot Firework.png Parrot Firework

(Note: Not found in purchasable Firework Crates.)

Pig Firework.png Pig Firework Pigs will fly when you launch this loveable firework into the heavens.
Portal Firework.png Portal Firework A mystical firework that's perfect for announcing your return from the Ferry of the Damned.
Pouring Plunder Firework.png Pouring Plunder Firework A rain of gold makes it nice weather for pirates with this opulent firework.
Purple Parrot Firework.png Purple Parrot Firework A jaunty firework that soars in the sky, inspired by the perky Crimson Macaw.
Rathbone's Riches Firework.png Rathbone's Riches Firework A display of multiple fireworks in the signature colours of the Gold Hoarders. Gold... Strong...
Ruby Splashtail Firework.png Ruby Splashtail Firework You won't be a fish out of water if you bring these fun fireworks to a party.
Shark Firework.png Shark Firework Send a shark to swim in an ocean of stars by setting off this ferocious firework.
Shimmering Waves Firework.png Shimmering Waves Firework A display of multiple fireworks inspired by sunlight on the surface of a new tide.
Shooting Star Firework.png Shooting Star Firework A blazing firework that leaves a trail across the sky. Make a wish!
Shout to the Stars Firework.png Shout to the Stars Firework Whether you're talking, squawking, bantering or begging, say it in sparks with this chatty firework.

Note: Found exclusively in the Pirate Patter Firework Crate obtained during Talk Like a Pirate Day (2022).

Shroudbreaker Firework.png Shroudbreaker Firework A mysterious firework that won't part the Devil's Shroud, but will light up the night sky.
Siren Queen Firework.png Siren Queen Firework Celebrate the defeat of the Siren Queen by setting off this regal firework.
Skybound Sprig Firework.png Skybound Sprig Firework A cheerful firework depicting a sprig of holly. Will it bring good fortune? Only time will tell...

Note: Found exclusively in the Festival of Giving Firework Crate obtained during Festival of Giving (2022).

Snake Firework.png Snake Firework Celebrate this wily predator by launching a hissing firework made in its image.
Solar Flare Firework.png Solar Flare Firework A roaring firework inspired by the magnificent energies of a distant star.
Starlight Firework.png Starlight Firework A cosmic firework that resembles the glittering stars in the night sky. Sudds' favourite.
Strange Symbol Firework.png Strange Symbol Firework Not even the Pirate Lord knows the true meaning of this magnificent firework's design.

(Note: Found exclusively in the Rare Firework Crate.)

Sunset Horizon Firework.png Sunset Horizon Firework A gorgeous firework designed to evoke a beautiful sunset on the open waves.
The Reaper's Blade Firework.png The Reaper's Blade Firework A foreboding firework that slices the sky with the colours of The Reaper's Bones.
The Reaper's Mark Firework.png The Reaper's Mark Firework This iconic firework represents the freedom of the pirate's life. Let it fly.
Thirty Firework.png Thirty Firework A firework designed to commemorate 30 million pirates, but you're sure to find other creative uses.

Note: Found exclusively in the League of Looters Firework Crate.

Thunderstrike Firework.png Thunderstrike Firework A shocking firework inspired by those who fell by lightning and bore the white Flame of Fate.
Toast of Friendship Firework.png Toast of Friendship Firework Raise a tankard with your crew after you raise this jovial firework aloft.

(Note: Found exclusively in the Bilge Rat Celebration Firework Crate obtained during Grogmanay (2021).)

Veil of the Ancients Firework.png Veil of the Ancients Firework An unusual firework that seems to resemble some kind of long-lost treasure...
Weaving Cobras Firework.png Weaving Cobras Firework A display of multiple fireworks that fills the air with sparkling snakes.
We Shall Sail Together Firework.png We Shall Sail Together Firework An explosion of camaraderie fills the sky whenever you detonate this friendly firework.

Note: Found exclusively in the Community Spirit Firework Crate.

Well of Fates Firework.png Well of Fates Firework Stare into the void and contemplate your future as you launch this fateful firework...
Wraith Firework.png Wraith Firework Bring a terror to the skies with the visage of a Wraith, courtesy of this eerie firework.

Patch history

  • 2.4.1 (January 20, 2022)
    • Fireworks should no longer work while in the Tunnels of the Damned, and any activated prior to entering will automatically be cancelled.
    • A player’s first launched firework can now consistently be heard flying through the air.
    • The Old Boar Firework now has appropriate audio effects when fired.
  • 2.4.0 (December 2, 2021)
    • Introduced.