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The following Article aims to present the damage and health numbers of all Weapons, Player Pirates and Creatures in-game via research. All the numbers in the Article are estimates, as health and damage in-game are abstract and never clearly presented.

Methodology and Assumptions

The Article will set the health of a single Player Pirate as the benchmark, as the Player's health bar is one of the very few indicators of damage percentages in-game, allowing to determine the exact Damage of all the basic Weapons in game and use these numbers to guess or determine the estimates of the health of other Creatures and Entities that can take damage in the game.

Player Health

For simplicity, let us determine the full health of a single Player Pirate as 100 and set that as the benchmark for all health and damage numbers to follow.

Damage in Player versus Player Combat

In Player versus Player Combat (PvP) all the available Weapons do Damage to the Player Pirate's Health Bar in easily determinable percentages. The damage percentages are as follows:

  • Cutlass Sword - A single hit of the Cutlass sword takes 25% of a Player's health bar, killing a single player in 4 consecutive hits. While a Cutlass can perform consecutive three-hit-combos, the damage of these hits does not increase, dealing a maximum of 75% damage to the Player's health bar. A Cutlass Lunge, which requires time to charge, does the equivalent 60% of damage to the Player's health bar.
  • Flintlock Pistol - A single hit from a Flintlock Pistol takes away 55% of a Player's health. Therefore it takes exactly two shots from a Flintlock Pistol to kill a single Player at full health.
  • Blunderbuss Shotgun - The Blunderbuss Shotgun shoots a spray of 10 pellets with one shot, which each deal exactly 10% damage to a Player's health bar. These pellets can be focused into a single spot, by aiming down sights and shooting something at very close range. This means that a point-blank aimed Blunderbuss shot will deal 100% damage to a Player's health bar and kill them in a single hit.
  • Eye of Reach Rifle - A single hit from an Eye of Reach Sniper Rifle takes away 70% of a Player's health. As such, it takes two shots from an Eye of Reach to kill a Player at full health.

If we assign a Player's health to be 100, then based on this data, we can assign damage numbers to all the Player-held weapons in-game as follows:

Weapon Damage
Cutlass 25/60 (slash/lunge)
Flintlock 55
Blunderbuss 10 x 10 (100)
Eye of Reach 70
Cannonballs 100+ (direct hit)
Chainshot 50 (direct hit)
Firebomb 10/33 (Hit/DoT)
Blunderbomb 50/15 (Direct Hit/Splash Damage)
Harpoon 10
Gunpowder Barrel 350
Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel 700+

Further Proceedings

From experimentation, it can be confirmed that these weapon damage numbers correlate with the damage done to the same type of Creatures in-game. As such, we can use these numbers to test and assign how much health any given Enemy or Creature in-game has. In addition, using the Player's health bar and comparing it to the health and damage taken by other Creatures, we can also determine how much damage is dealt by different environmental effects, alternative weapons or Enemies. The end-goal of the Article is to work together with the community and research various health and damage numbers together to produce a comprehensive table for the Community to follow.

Damage Numbers

This section will focus on the numbers of the damage received from all the various damage sources in-game, such as Hazards, Creatures and other Weapons.

Damage by Hazards

Main article: Hazards

This section will be focused on the damage numbers of various in-game Hazards, such as Lightning strikes, Poison (from Venomball, Snakes, Kraken ink), Volcanoes (including Tephra or Volcanic Rocks, Lava, Boiling Water), Cursed Mermaid Statues, Fall damage/Geysers, Traps, etc.

Hazard Damage
Lightning Strike 20/70 (Direct Hit / Active Cutlass)
Cursed Mermaid Statue 5 (per second)
Venom 5 (DoT)

Throwing a Blunderbomb beneath yourself to cause a bounce back before hitting the ground from a high fall will negate most damage along with broken legs.[1]

Damage by Creatures

Creature Damage
Skeleton 15
Shark 50
Megalodon 50
Kraken ("Slapping" Tentacles) 100

This section will focus on the damage numbers from various Creatures and enemies, such as Skeletons (with all Weapons), Snake Bites (without poison), Sharks and Megalodons, Skeleton Lords, etc...

Damage by Miscellaneous Weapons

This section will be dedicated to the damage numbers of various miscellaneous Weapons, such as Cannonballs (also Venomball), Gunpowder Barrels and Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels.

Creature Health Numbers

This section will focus on the health (and resistances) of all the different Entities in Sea of Thieves that can take Damage.

Skeleton Health

This section will focus on the health numbers of all the various types and levels of capabilities of Plant Skeletons and resistances of Gold Skeletons should also be looked into.

Base Health
Emergent Island Skeleton 50
Fort/Voyage/Quest Skeleton 100
Athena's Fortune Voyage Skeleton 150
Emergent Skeleton Captain 375

Animal Health

This section will focus on the health numbers of all the various Animals in-game.

Megalodon Health

This section will focus on the health numbers of various Megalodons and how their health is scaled based on the Crew size.

Kraken Health

This section will focus on the health of Krakens, their individual tentacles and health scaling based on the Crew size.

Mermaid Statue Health

This section will focus on the health of all three Cursed Mermaid Statues and an estimate on their healing capabilities. It appears any statue will fully heal in 60 seconds no matter the type.

Base Health
Blue Max 235
Green Max 700
Red 1500

Skeleton Lord Health

This section will focus on the Health of the various Skeleton Lords encountered during Tall Tales and ideally the way their health scales depending on the Crew size and how much they can heal by consuming Bananas.

Ghost of Graymarrow Health

This section will focus on the Health of Ghost of Graymarrow. While a Skeleton Lord, this boss appears separate from Tall Tales and has a determined health pool, no matter the Crew size. When this is determined, Ghost of Graymarrow health research can also be invaluable in determining the health and healing capabilities of other Skeleton Lords.

Ashen Lord Health

The Ashen Lords have 8000 health - 2000 during the first phase, 3000 during the second phase and 3000 during the last phase. During phase switches, the Lords will kneel down. During these moments, Players have to do 400-600 damage to progress to the next phase. The Lord will get up on their own after half a minute even if no damage has been dealt. The phase switch damage does not influence the health of the three phases.