Ghost of Graymarrow

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Disambig.png This article is about the Fort of the Damned Raid Boss. For the Tall Tale boss, see Graymarrow.

The Ghost of Graymarrow is a Skeleton Lord who is the final boss of The Fort of the Damned Raid in Sea of Thieves. Once killed, the Ghost of Graymarrow drops the Fort of the Damned Key that opens the locked Fortress Vault.


Ghost of Graymarrow is, as his title suggests, a ghostly apparition of the Skeleton Lord Graymarrow who appears as a boss during the Revenge of the Morningstar Tall Tale. With the Fort of the Damned Content Update, the Fortress Old Boot Fort enveloped in thick fog and transformed into the Fort of the Damned as a part of a dark Ritual, supposedly orchestrated by Stitcher Jim and the Masked Stranger, who had previously dabbled with Dark Relics, Reaper’s Chests, Rag & Bone Crates to plan for a resurrection ritual at Shipwreck Bay to bring back the Ghost of Sir Arthur Pendragon, which they later succeeded in during The Seabound Soul Content Update and Tall Tale. As of now, it is unknown whether the summoning of Graymarrow's Ghost was intended as a practice Ritual, or whether there was a larger reason behind it. The summoning ritual could not have been a coincidence, for Graymarrow was the one to seal Sir Arthur Pendragon in his painting. None-the-less, Duke and Stitcher Jim tasked adventurous Pirates with completing the Ritual and disposing of the Ghost of Graymarrow and his ghostly Shadow of Fate Skeletons.

During the October 2020 Fate of the Damned Content Update, Larinna sent Bilge Rats to hunt for Flames of Fate to combat Shadows of Fate that appear during the Festival of the Damned, but all the Bilge Rats went missing. As such, she sent Player Pirates to determine their fates. It turned out that Skeletons had been performing rituals all across the Seas to resummon the Ghost of Graymarrow so that they could stop the rise of Captain Flameheart and fight him.

Location & Raid

The Ghost of Graymarrow can only be summoned as a part of a Ritual at the Fort of the Damned Skeleton Fortress. The Fog surrounded Fort is the base for a Ritual that requires Pirates to gather all 6 Flames of Fate, light Ferryman Statues with the appropriate Flames and place a Ritual Skull on the Headless Skeleton in the Ritual Cage to begin the Raid. The Raid is signified by a massive Skeleton Skull cloud with Red eyes above the Fort that stays there for the remainder of the Raid.

alternatively, you can use the Skull of Destiny to light the Flames of Fate and start the Fort of the Damned as it has all of the flames imbued into it and you can use it as a ritual skull.

The Raid consists of 12 waves of Shadow of Fate Skeletons, ending with a 13th wave that summons the Ghost of Graymarrow. Unlike other Skeleton Lord fights within Tall Tales, the Ghost of Graymarrow always has a set amount of Health that does not scale with crew sizes. After defeating the Ghost of Graymarrow, the Skull cloud will disappear and he will drop a Fort of the Damned Key that can be used to open up the Fortress Vault, hiding away valuable Treasure.


  • He can switch between the Pistol and Cutlass depending on the player's range. when he pulls his Cutlass out he charges at the player with it abnormally fast
  • He has a high-damage blast attack, raising two Chests from the ground and slamming them together, causing a shockwave that sends all nearby Players backwards into the air, dealing increasing damage depending on their proximity to the boss. This attack may cause additional fall damage.
  • He can Summon minions by taking out one chest and throwing around coins. Unlike Graymarrow who summons regular Skeletons, the Ghost summons Shadow of Fate Skeletons to aid him.
  • He has a teleport ability where, like other Skeleton Lords, he can go underground and teleport somewhere else from the ground. In this attack, though, before he goes underground he does an animation where he points to the player and does the gesture for slitting someone's throat. He then falls into the ground as usual.

Notes and Tips

  • A good strategy with the Ghost of Graymarrow is to lure him down to the pier in range of the Ship's Cannons to kill him faster. the amount of health the Ghost of Graymarrow has scales for crew size.
  • Gunpowder Barrels are an effective tool to deal large amounts of damage to the Ghost of Graymarrow, usually the best spot to put them is on a rock wall on the left side of the island facing from the dock to the island on the ramp going up to the main area of the fort. the reason it is good to put them there is because if you placed them the right way you and other crews cannot pick them back up making it safe for you to kill the Ghost of Graymarrow with them without risking other players taking them and blowing up your ship. if you gather enough kegs you can easily one shot the Ghost of Graymarrow with them.
  • If it is your second time fighting the Ghost during one session, or you took the Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels from the Shadows of Fate holding them on the third to last wave, you can save up the Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels from the Vault (or the Shadows of Fate from the third to last wave) for the boss fight, which should be at least double the damage of normal Gunpowder Barrels.
  • When Ghost of Graymarrow summons reinforcements, larger Crews should dedicate one member to eliminate the firearm Skeletons, or retrieve or use the Gunpowder Barrels that some of the summons carry while the rest work on killing the boss.
  • If choosing to kill the Ghost at the pier, one of the Crew's Pirates can use the Harpoon to stun the boss in place for easier Cannoning. Each Harpoon shot also does 15 Damage, making it more effective than a Cutlass.
  • Graymarrow's shockwave attack pushes back any adjacent ships. Anchoring the ship guarantees that the Ship doesn't move.
  • Firebombs work against Ghost of Graymarrow.
  • The Ghost of Graymarrow shares animations with his living counterpart, and they can be used to tell if he is going to use a shockwave ability or summon based on which hand he reaches into the ground with. He summons with his left hand, shockwaves with his right (he also uses a Crate of Ancient Bone Dust to summon and a Stronghold Chest to shockwave).

Patch history

  • 2.5.0 (March 10, 2022)
    • Graymarrow should once again no longer become stuck in a tree while navigating the Fort of the Damned.
  • 2.0.8 (October 16, 2019)
    • Introduced.