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"Allow me to introduce myself. Sir Arthur Pendragon at your service. Captain of the Blackwyche, though I’m afraid she and I have both seen better days."
— Sir Arthur Pendragon, The Seabound Soul

Sir Arthur Pendragon is the Captain of the Blackwyche, which is Shipwrecked at Shipwreck Bay.

Pendragon has been banished to the Sea of the Damned following the conclusion of the Return of the Damned Adventure.

Official Description

Raised by a powerful and noble family, Pendragon made his mark as an adventurer with a talent for dispatching the undead – a path that eventually led him to a cursed vessel known as the Blackwyche, a ship that would ultimately be bequeathed to Pendragon himself.

Having been pointed to the Sea of Thieves, this gentleman explorer soon found himself in league with the Order of Souls before his own essence was imprisoned during a fateful encounter with the Skeleton Lord Graymarrow. After regaining his freedom for a while, Pendragon put this time to good use by valiantly opposing all threats to the Sea of Thieves, but a desperate gambit to stop the return of Captain Flameheart ultimately saw him banished to the Sea of the Damned once more.[1]


According to his journal, Pendragon was once a prince of an unknown kingdom. During his time in the Sea of Thieves, he was given the Sword of Souls by Madame Olivia and was considered the "Champion" of the Order of Souls. During one of his quests, Pendragon fought with Graymarrow who sealed Pendragon's soul in a painting on his ship, the Blackwyche.

The Seabound Soul

During The Seabound Soul Tall Tale, Player Crews will find Pendragon released from a cursed painting of his likeness in the Captain's Quarters of his ship Blackwyche thanks to Stitcher Jim, who freed him with a Ritual. With his Sword of Souls and Enchanted Lantern, Pendragon offers the player the chance to retrace the steps and release the souls of three other cursed Captains. The Tall Tale sees Player Crews doing just that by finding each of the Captain's Skulls imprisoning the cursed souls and releasing them.

These three Captains are: Captain Martha Jane, Captain Randal Stone and a third mystery Captain who was supposedly imprisoned on a Ship called the Ashen Dragon who turns out to be Captain Flameheart with the Ashen Dragon acting as his funeral pyre.

Heart of Fire

During the Heart of Fire Tall Tale, Player Crews will once again join Pendragon to locate Stitcher Jim and Captain Flameheart with the aid of Grace Morrow. Pendragon claims that it was Stitcher Jim who released him from the painting and it was Jim who planned the release of Captain Flameheart. He also states that Jim has cursed the souls of his remaining Blackwyche Crew away into Stitcher’s Chest of Rage. The player is tasked with finding Jim and Flameheart's Lair. Once there, Jim will get burned by Flameheart, leaving the cursed chest behind. The Player Crews then deliver the Chest back to Pendragon on the shore so that he can finally set his cursed crew free.

A Pirate's Life

During the A Pirate's Life tall tales, Pendragon helps convince Jack Sparrow to return to The Sea of Thieves and also assists in defeating Davy Jones and the Dark Brethren. After that, he chose to stay in the Sea of Thieves to protect it from future threats.

The Shrouded Deep

Pendragon later appears in The Shrouded Deep Adventure, assisting the crews by repelling the Ghost Ships while the pirates focus on defeating the Shrouded Ghost. After its defeat, he retrieves the Veil of the Ancients and he, Belle and Merrick discover that the Veil Stones are missing. He then takes the veil to the Pirate Lord for safekeeping.

The Herald of the Flame

In The Herald of the Flame Adventure, Pendragon investigates the trail of Stitcher Jim, learning that Jim is the Herald of the Flame. After the Herald was defeated, he used his sword to destroy Flameheart's skull. But, both the Herald and Flameheart's remains were missing once he returned to try to tie up loose ends.

Return of the Damned

During the Return of the Damned Adventure, Pendragon and Belle attempted to perform a counter-ritual to summon Captain Flameheart and banish him to the Sea of the Damned for eternity, but at the risk of Pendragon meeting the same fate if they failed. Many crews, eager to prevent Flameheart's revival aided Pendragon in his efforts, but ultimately the Reaper's efforts were successful in reviving Flameheart and instead Pendragon banished to the Sea of the Damned.

A Dark Deception

During the A Dark Deception Adventure, some time after Pendragon was banished, it's revealed that two of his possessions remained in the Sea of Thieves: His Pocket Watch, which was entrusted to Madame Olivia; and his Sword of Souls, which is now tainted by Flameheart's fiery essence. An imposter posing as the Pirate Lord deceived pirates into taking the pocket watch for the creation of an enchanted compass so that the imposter themselves can steal the sword.


(During The Seabound Soul The Seabound Soul)

The first meeting:

Sir Arthur Pendragon

Hold just a moment! Let me look at you… Hah, yes, I recognise a fellow pirate when I see them.
Allow me to introduce myself. Sir Arthur Pendragon at your service. Captain of the Blackwyche, though I’m afraid she and I have both seen better days.
Once, I sailed The Sea of Thieves, laying trapped spirits to rest with my trusty blade - until the day I crossed paths with a cadaverous captain named Graymarrow and he bound my soul to this portrait.
I’d still be trapped in canvas if not for that strange fellow and his box of relics.
Never did catch the man’s name, but he knew just the magical mumbo-jumbo to set me loose.
Now that I’m a free spirit, so to speak, I plan to make up for lost time and help other trapped souls across the Sea of Thieves.
And thanks to your timely arrival, I finally have the means.
This lantern’s a gift from an old friend, but I can’t even touch it as I am now.
If you’ll join me on my quest then you can wield it in my stead. You do the searching, I’ll do the saving!
The chap with the box spoke of three captains, each cursed during battle with a ship named the Ashen Dragon.
I jotted it all down in my old journal so we’d best bring that along too.
Don’t worry about me, I know a few supernatural shortcuts. Just follow the lantern, retrieve the Captains’ skulls, and my Sword of Souls will do the rest.
Let’s go!

After recovering the Skull of Captain Martha Jane:


Line 1

We meet again! Now it’s time to play my part. Bring me the skull;

Line 2

Ah, the captain’s remains! Bring them to me;

Line 3

That must be Martha Jane. Let me see what I can do.

After giving the Skull to him:

Pendragon & Captain Martha Jane


Captain Martha Jane.... I can sense her soul swirling around in there. Let’s see If my Sword of Souls can’t bring an end to her torment...

Martha Jane

A ship of the damned, wreathed in hellfire… What impossible treasure must it contain? My crew and I sought to know the truth.
For six nights we sailed in pursuit of the Ashen Dragon. Countless times we thought we had lost the scent, only to spot her ominous flames on the horizon.
On the third night we encountered Captain Stone and his crew, who also meant to hoard the fire ship’s secrets for themselves.
Grudgingly, they accepted our offer of an alliance. -
Finally, we saw our chance, and struck! It was the last mistake of our lives.
Our lust for wealth had blinded us to the true nature of our prey - skeletal pirates,
Who burned as though the flames of Hades were consuming them before our eyes.
Upon witnessing the horrors we now faced, Stone and his crew turned tail and ran.
Our plans were in ruins even before the Ashen Dragon turned and unleashed its cannons upon us.
We were boarded in great numbers as our hull was shattered by cannon fire. There was no time for repair, nor for escape as our world broke apart around us.
My last hope is that Stone’s cowardice may, in some way, return to haunt him. I shall carry that hope with me as we sink into our graves...


It seems this mysterious Captain Stone is our key to hunting the Ashen Dragon.
I’ll preserve Jane’s memories in my journal. They might give us a clue as to where we should head next.

After recovering the Skull of Captain Randal Stone:


Line 1

Well done! Now let me take a look at that skull.

Line 2

Another trapped soul? A touch of my blade should help!

Line 3

That must be the ‘coward’ Martha Jane spoke of. Pass the skull to me.

After giving the Skull to him:

Pendragon & Captain Randal Stone


Bravo! Another trapped soul rescued from purgatory’s clutches. Allow my blade to do the honours...

Randal Stone

Yeah, yeah, I heard what you was callin’ me Jane! Randal the Vandal ain’t no coward, you savvy?!
But he ain’t stupid neither! That fight was a lost cause and we both knew it.
My ship may have been scuttled and me crew sent to the ferry, but I knew where the Ashen Dragon was heading next, and where I could lie in wait.
Those red-hot skellies ain’t half strong, though. I got in a few good shots but he just kept coming.
I had to run or I’d have been burned to cinders! Shame I didn’t run faster...
Maybe it’s for the best, though. I know the truth about that ship. I know who’s aboard her. And I know you’d have to fight through hell to reach ‘em...


Only one Captain left to find. I’ll add Stone’s information to my journal so we can learn where the Ashen Dragon was heading. We’ve come too far to lose her now!

After recovering the Ancient Skull:


Line 1

Another trapped soul! Bring them here and I’ll set them free.

Line 2

Ahh, another skull! We make quite the team.

Line 3

Bring me the skull and I’ll free the spirit inside... Whoever they are.

After giving the Skull to him:

Pendragon & the final Captain


Whoever this poor soul may be, the Ashen Dragon went to great lengths to hide them away. Stand back, and I’ll release them from their prison!

Mysterious Voice

Free! At! LAST!
All those long years spent trapped inside my own remains... Betrayed by my own kind...
Dreaming of the day I would be at liberty to once again burn my name across the waves. CAPTAIN! FLAMEHEART!

Captain Flameheart

I see you, little pirates... The ones to whom I owe my gratitude. Thanks to your pathetic act of mercy, your sword has set me free!
The Ashen Dragon was never my prison. It was my funeral pyre, crewed by those who were loyal to my cause.
Ashen Lords who still long for the thrill of battle, and shall soon be reawakened.
This world has gotten so much weaker... Festivals! Alliances! Squabbling over trinkets! I judge it unworthy.
But know this, pirates. Know this, merfolk. Know this, Sea of Thieves... I have returned, and the fires of my vengeance shall consume you all!


...What have we done?...

Tale Book Entries

Entries from the The Seabound Soul The Seabound Soul Tale Book

Dialogue icon.png

The Log of Sir Arthur Pendragon, Captain of the Blackwyche

Entry #1

The Blackwyche is mine!
Bequeathed to me by her former captain, whose soul I saved from its eternal torment. A fine reward, if I am any judge.
I shall sail her out from Dragon Skulle Isle and set a course for the Sea of Thieves. Grand adventures await me there, I have no doubt, and I wish to meet them head-on.

Entry #17

Of all those I have encountered on my travels, few understand me better than the Order of Souls. They command my respect, and I have learned many of their arcane secrets.
Today, Olivia surprised me with a gift - a Sword of Souls, she called it. The touch of its blade can free any spirit from the bones that bind it. It seems I am to be the Order's champion, of a sort.

Entry #23

My new sword makes dealing with chattering cadavers mere child's play! Already I desire a greater challenge. That is why I am sailing in pursuit of the creature known as Graymarrow, a fearsome Skeleton Lord.
Rumour has it he too has an interest in the Order's secrets. He shall experience them first-hand as my blade splits his spirit from what remains of his cursed body!


Eternity. An infinity of moments cursed in canvas - or so it felt.
Was I trapped for days?
I have no way to tell.
It was the price I paid for my hubris.
To be captured by Graymarrow, forced to explain the binding ritual only to then become its next victim... The shame I feel is indescribable, as is being trapped in this phantom-like state.
I must atone. I will atone! The kindly stranger who freed me spoke of others whose spirits, like mine, have been trapped...
...Imprisoned in their own decaying remnants. My lantern would guide me to them if I still had substance enough to carry it.
While I consider my options, I shall make note of all the stranger told me. I must not fail those poor wretches as I failed myself!


  • Sir Arthur Pendragon was the main character in the 1985 action-adventure video game, Blackwyche, developed and published by Ultimate Play the Game, a British game developer company that would evolve into Rare Ltd. The game follows aristocrat adventurer Sir Arthur Pendragon who is trapped on the haunted Blackwyche and must fight off skeletons while attempting to free the soul of its former captain, Richard Cavendish.
  • Arthur Pendragon is also the name of King Arthur who became a king by taking of a sword from a stone, and obtaining the mythical Excalibur.
  • Sir Arthur Pendragon makes an appearance on Captains of the Damned, convincing Jack Sparrow to go to the Sea of Thieves. During the Lords of the Sea, Sir Arthur Pendragon can be seen sailing the Blackwyche.
  • Sir Arthur Pendragon appears on a Steam Trading Card awarded to players playing the Steam release of Sea of Thieves.



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