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Grace Morrow is the founder and guardian of Morrow's Peak Outpost. She can be found out in front of the The Charred Parrot.

Grace is one of two NPCs to whom players can sell the Box of Wondrous Secrets.


Decades ago, Grace lead a 2-crew alliance of explorers called the "Forsaken Shores Alliance" aboard the Shroudbreaker, which was adorned with a charmed figurehead that could part The Devil's Shroud. The alliance explored "forsaken shores" beyond the Devil's Shroud, most recently The Devil's Roar.

A man named Stitcher Jim betrayed the crew to obtain the Box of Wondrous Secrets, killing both his crew and Grace's. Grace survived his attempt to poison her, and escaped aboard her ship into the open sea. However, she encountered a rough storm that demolished her ship, sending her into the water to be washed up along a nearby island. The Shroudbreaker's totem was destroyed as well, with the castaway pieces dispelling the Shroud in the Devil's Roar entirely.

When Grace reunited with her shipwreck, she started building the outpost around the remains of her ship. She welcomes all travelers passing by, many dub her the governess of the outpost. She is a staunch believer of the Pirate Code, and spent many years protecting the outpost from people like Stitcher Jim. She hopes to tame the Devil's Roar now that it is accessible to the Sea of Thieves.


Dialogue icon.png

You seem a little wary, pirate. I may have been out here a long time, but I haven't gone savage. Unless you're a certain 'Jim'...

Are you… Captain Sorrow?!

Yes! No?! Captain SORROW? Is that what Stitcher Jim's saying about me?
He's the one who caused all the sorrow in my life. My name is actually Captain MORROW!
Oh, but I'm not much of a captain since my ship got wrecked, so you can just call me Grace.
You seem apprehensive. I don't blame you, I haven't spoken to other pirates for decades. I almost forgot how to do syllables.

Didn't you betray your Alliance?

ME?! Have you eaten a bad banana?! I was the leader of the Forsaken Shores Alliance. Using our charmed figurehead, we found our way here long, long ago.
We found such adventures and riches, including something very rare - a Box of Wondrous Secrets! Hey, don't look at me like I'm mad!
But… we were betrayed by that greedy Stitcher Jim. And you say he blamed it on me? He just wants to hunt for that Box himself, the cur!
I've stayed here ever since I chased him out, keeping the place safe... until my ship, Shroudbreaker, was smashed in a storm recently.
It was so intense, the ship ended up beached here! And I was flung way out to sea. I almost ended up in Redmaw's belly… long story.
Anyway, the figurehead fragments drifted through the Shroud, which seems to have dispelled it completely. And now look! More pirates than I can shake a stick at. I've tried!
As for Jim - I head someone like him was sneaking around. Pah, he won't stick his head out while I'm here.

Why should I believe you over him?

Because Jim tried to off me, just like the rest of the Alliance. Why do you think my face is like this?!
Stitcher Jim is fond of using poison, the coward. But I've drunk worse things just for a dare.
It almost killed me… but I pulled through, even if I've never been quite the same since.
He event mentioned it in a letter. Found it a week or so later. I have it right here, look.

Read Jim's Letter

"Master… the Forsaken Shores Alliance has now been exploring The Devil's Roar for months. They all trust me.
There is such untapped plunder here! I have much to add to your hoard.
And something else… as you predicted. A box of… of… wonderous secrets!
I peeked inside but it hurt my head! Who knows what forgotten lore it hides? The power to make curses… or to break them?
I'll soon deal with the others and return to you. Morrow will be harder… she's smart, she watches me. But she still has to drink…"

I found the skeletons of the Alliance.
(Only available after finding all crewmates)

My poor allies. As you saw, Stitcher Jim got them all in the end. The Forsaken Shores Alliance owes you a debt, for exposing the truth.
That Box of Wondrous Secrets drove us all a bit mad, but Stitcher Jim worst of all.
That's why I sent him packing without my figurehead, so he couldn't get back.
That guy's older than he looks - he knew the first Gold Hoarder! Devil knows what dark pacts he might have made.
I fear that's who he was working for all along… doesn't bear thinking about.
Oh yes, and if you should ever find another Box of Wondrous Secrets, bring it to me. I'll reward you VERY well!


Journal icon.png To browse the journals written by Grace Morrow, please refer to Grace Morrow/Journals.


Grace will pay 25,000 Gold for a Box of Wondrous Secrets, keeping it hidden from malicious pirates.


Pirates will receive commendations for discovering the fate of her crew.

That necklace is curious. Seems this person was an explorer, but someone cut them down with a cutlass!
This poor pirate was trapped here, reaching out for help that never came. Their necklace is quite distinctive.
Hard to tell how this poor soul died, but they seem to have been marooned. Who leaves a pirate behind?
This pirate's grog was poisoned! Seems their crewmate was not to be trusted.
This pirate fell a long way. Maybe a quake knocked her off-ballance... or maybe she was pushed?


  • She is called Captain Sorrow by Stitcher Jim.
  • Grace wrote two journals during her early years in the region, each documenting separate events of her background.
  • During the Heart of Fire Tall Tale, Grace states that she has been keeping a close eye on the whereabouts of Stitcher Jim, with her journal implying that she's willing to have Jim assassinated. This part seems to not fit well with the two month period when Stitcher Jim took over the Bilge Rats Black Market in every Tavern, including The Charred Parrot right beside Grace Morrow, as surely Morrow would have noticed Jim's presence.

Patch history

  • 2.0 (April 30, 2019)
    • New voiceover.
  • 1.3.0 (September 27, 2018)
    • Introduced.