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The Blackwyche is the galleon found wrecked on the south-east beach of Shipwreck Bay. The Seabound Soul Tall Tale can be activated in the Blackwyche's Captain's Quarters.

Its Captain was the legendary Sir Arthur Pendragon whose portrait can be found in the Captain's Quarters of the shipwreck.



Smuggler's Fortune

The Smuggler’s Fortune Update saw the inclusion of a handful of Dark Relics on the Table of the Shipwreck's Captain's Quarters, with the eyes of Pendragon's portrait starting to glow brightly. Looking at the sketches of Masked Stranger on Uncharted Island (N-13) during the update showed the sketch of a potential Ritual taking place with Shipwreck Bay at the center with lines drawn to 4 Seaposts in each major Compass direction. The update saw players digging up Rag & Bone Crates on Shipwreck Bay as part of Mercenary Voyages and delivering them to these four Seaposts.

The Seabound Soul

The Ritual was complete by The Seabound Soul (Content Update), which saw players joining the released Pendragon's Ghost in freeing other pirates from a sealing curse.

Heart of Fire

The Heart of Fire Tall Tale saw players tracking down Stitcher Jim, who turned out to be the one who released Pendragon and Flameheart by proxy. The Tall Tale leads players to Flameheart's Lair on The Devil's Thirst, where they find the Chest of Rage, where the rest of Pendragon's Blackwyche crew was sealed. Players return the Chest to Pendragon, who will then use his Sword of Souls to release the whole ghostly Crew.


  • The Blackwyche name (along with Sir Arthur Pendragon) reference the action-adventure video game of the same name, developed and published in 1985 by Ultimate Play the Game, a studio that would evolve into Rare Ltd.
  • During the Lords of the Sea, a ghost ship of the Blackwyche can be seen fighting in the battle against Davy Jones' fleet.