The Shrouded Deep

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Those who came before knew better. An ancient power, great and terrible... The Shrouded Ghost. Of course. It moves between the worlds.
Merrick, during The Shrouded Deep Cinematic Trailer

The Shrouded Deep is the third Adventure in Sea of Thieves. It started on April 21, 2022 and ended on May 12, 2022. The adventure's story focused on helping Merrick and Belle summon the Shrouded Ghost in an effort to reclaim the powerful artefact which once belonged to The Ancients, one that's capable of bridging the gap between worlds.

Official summary

With an inkling of Flameheart's intentions, Belle has set her sights on Stephen's Spoils, seeking to recruit the most experienced hunter on the Sea of Thieves. ‘Merry’ Merrick has led a quiet life since the events of The Hungering Deep, but his experience is sure to be invaluable when it comes to cornering the legendary leviathan known as The Shrouded Ghost.

The stakes are high. Retrieving the Veil of the Ancients would allow Flameheart and his followers free passage to and from the Sea of the Damned as they please. Crews will, of course, have a vital part to play in calling forth the Shrouded Ghost, and will need to band together in anticipation of the battle ahead. Once the Killer Whale has been located, Belle will rally pirates, sending them far and wide to complete the summoning ritual – a task packed with perils of its own...

‘The Shrouded Deep’ surfaces on April 21st, and serves as a prequel to the new, Pirate Legend-exclusive Legend of the Veil Voyage – which arrives on the same day, offering lore-hungry crews the chance to experience both stories in a single sitting if they so choose. Pirates willing to seek the Killer Whale and fight alongside Merrick will be rewarded with an exclusive Memento, and have until May 12th to land the catch of a lifetime. It’s time to start practising your shanties

Adventure Recap before Lost Sands

A Whale of a Time

Recalling past events may help shed light on Merrick’s motivations. Pirates who answered Larinna’s call in ‘The Shrouded Deep’ would encounter the Killer Whale, a (mostly) faithful recreation of Merrick’s original Galleon. Both he and Belle were aboard, having tried and failed to battle the legendary Shrouded Ghost. Not just for the Commendation, we hasten to add; Belle was racing against Captain Flameheart to recover a long-lost relic from the beast’s belly.

Thanks to Larinna sending reinforcements their way, Merrick and Belle were able to gather four fresh Megalodon souls and arrange them on a ritual table, urging multiple crews to band together as… well, a band. When five pirates joined forces to play ‘Summon the Megalodon’, the resultant racket was enough to call forth the irate Shrouded Ghost, ready for a rematch.

Lifting the Veil

As if the arrival of an ill-tempered behemoth wasn’t enough, Captain Flameheart’s Ghost Ships soon made an appearance, eager to prevent players from laying claim to the Veil of the Ancients – the treasure that’s made the Shrouded Ghost so elusive for all these years.

Just when things seemed about to spiral out of control, the odds were evened by the arrival of the good ship Blackwyche. Helmed as ever by Sir Arthur Pendragon, it was drawn to the fray in the wake of a ritual that, its captain declared, had caused “quite the stir” in the Sea of the Damned.

With the help of this aristocratic ally, Belle, Merrick and embattled pirates alike were able to triumph over the Shrouded Ghost and force Flameheart to retreat. Pendragon retrieved the Veil of the Ancients on Belle’s behalf, though it was soon discovered to be missing the Veil Stones that imbue it with power.

With the Veil delivered to the Pirate Lord for safekeeping (after it’s been thoroughly disinfected, or so we’d hope) it looked as though Merrick’s lifelong ambition had finally been realised. He was free to return to his spot at Stephen’s Spoils and bask in the satisfaction of a job well done – not to mention the world’s largest fish supper.

A Little Knowledge…

Time spent in Belle’s company, however, has given the wily Hunter plenty of valuable insights into recent difficulties, including a way to finally dispel the fog surrounding Golden Sands. Armed with this information and with his adventurous spirit rekindled, Merrick has a new mission: he’s determined to rally the Outpost’s residents and restore Golden Sands to its former glory.

This lofty goal puts Merrick in direct conflict with the Servant of the Flame and, by extension, the rest of The Reaper’s Bones. The Trading Companies once again prospering at Golden Sands would mean that the Reapers had failed to follow Flameheart’s express orders, and the Servant will stop at nothing to ensure that his father’s wishes are obeyed.

As for the Shrouded Ghost, who knows what strange abilities the creature might still possess after spending so long with the Veil in its belly? Whatever distant shores the Ghost now haunts, pirates should expect its fleeting visits to the Sea of Thieves to be as infrequent as ever, preserving its legendary reputation among crews in the future.


Deeds are challenges related to the Adventure but reward Renown and the Summoner of Myths title if all are completed:


Promotional image of the Mementos.
Image Memento Description Requirement
Hunter's Beloved Figurehead.png Hunter's Beloved Figurehead A figurehead salvaged from Merrick's ship that depicts his wife, Serik, as he sees her. Complete the Adventure.
Summoner of Myths emblem.png Summoner of Myths A title awarded to those who recovered the fabled Veil of the Ancients. Complete all Deeds during the Adventure.


Chapter One: The Adventure Begins...

  1. As you approach any Outpost tavern, Larinna can be heard beckoning you over. Speak with her and choose the "[BEGIN ADVENTURE] I'm ready to seek out Belle and Merrick" dialogue option to begin the Adventure.
  2. Once Larinna has delivered the dialogue, begin sailing to grid coordinate M-12.
  3. At M-12, the Killer Whale will be found with Belle and Merrick aboard.
  4. Speak with Belle to complete Chapter One.

Chapter Two: The Hunter's Light

  1. Aboard the Killer Whale, speak with Belle again and the select the "[CONTINUE ADVENTURE] I'm ready to help summon the Shrouded Ghost!" dialogue option.
  2. Select the Megalodon type to be hunted.
    • All four Megalodon types must be hunted, but can be done in any order.
  3. Players will receive a Megalodon Effigy, Summoning Flare, map, and note. Use the note in the Quest Radial to find where to hunt. This will vary depending on the chosen Megalodon type.
  4. Once arrived at the correct location, use the map to find the location of the cannon on the island.
  5. Using the cannon, fire the Summoning Flare to summon a Megalodon.
  6. Use the ship's cannons to defeat the summoned Megalodon.
  7. Once defeated, swim over to where it died and use the Effigy to collect the soul of the Megalodon inside.
    • Note: Players must hold the Effigy out in order to collect the soul.
    • These Megalodons drop the standard loot as if encountered in the wild.
  8. Return to the Killer Whale at M-12 and place the Effigy onto the Ritual Table.
  9. Repeat Chapter Two until all four Effigies have been placed onto the Ritual Table.

Chapter Three: The Lifted Veil

  1. Once all four Effigies are on the Ritual Table, have five players to simultaneously play the Summon the Megalodon shanty on their musical instruments while standing around the Ritual Table. The runes on the table should glow in a circle to complete the ritual.
  2. The Shrouded Ghost will be summoned, use cannons on both the Killer Whale and your own ship to damage the Megalodon.
  3. Once enough damage has been dealt to the Shrouded Ghost, it will temporarily retreat while Flameheart sends his Ghost Ships to fight.
  4. After destroying enough Ghost Ships, a Ghost Flagship will spawn.
  5. After defeating the Flagship, the Shrouded Ghost will return for a second round.
  6. After dealing a substantial amount of damage to the Shrouded Ghost, another round of Ghost Ships will begin to appear, however, this time the Megalodon sticks around and continues to fight.
  7. Shortly thereafter, Sir Arthur Pendragon appears to support the players and the Blackwyche arrives on the scene.
  8. Once the Shrouded Ghost is defeated, it will drop a number of valuable treasure items, including some Athena's Fortune Treasure.
  9. Return to speak with Belle and select the "[COMPLETE ADVENTURE] Is it over? Did we find the Veil?" dialogue option.
    • Note: It's possible to instantly choose the Complete Adventure dialogue as soon as the shrouded ghost is summoned.
  10. After a section of spoken dialogue, the Adventure will complete and the Hunter's Beloved Figurehead will be awarded immediately.


Chapter One Dialogue

Beginning Adventure


I hear her and Merrick ran into a spot of trouble trying to take on the Shrouded Ghost.
I always thought it was a myth, but here we are.
You'd better hurry up - she won't be best pleased.

Larinna: While the Adventure has been activated

Dialogue icon.png

Belle and Merrick are waiting for you. Follow the note I gave you - it should guide you to Merrick's last-known location.


Belle: Completing Chapter One

Dialogue icon.png

I'm glad you're here. This ritual has... not been going to plan.


(Voiceover starts and Chapter One completes)



Good, you're here. Come aboard!

Chapter Two Dialogue


Dialogue icon.png

Cor, am I glad to see yer out here. We're stranded!

What happened to your ship Merrick?

The Shrouded Ghost, that's what! Cor, now there's a beastie that don't like being disturbed.
After it beached us on these rocks we got stranded, and me crew all jumped ship sooner or later. Now it's just me and Belle!
It's not been so bad, she even taught me a new tune, but we're low on grog an' I'd rather not fight with a clear head. Throws me off-balance.
But now that yer 'ere to bring us more of 'em effy-jeffies, we'll be able to finish what we started!

Do you know much about hunting Megalodons?

Course I do! I wrote the book, you might say. Well, the journals. At least I think so. Things were a bit hazy back in 'em days.
Megs roam all over the map, but I've marked a few sea charts at the places you'll be able to summon 'em with me special flares.
Talk to Belle if you need one. She took 'em off me 'cos I kept using 'em to mop up spilled grog!
Now, if you can find some other crews to 'elp with the hunt, this'll all be over in time for a fish supper. This job's too much for one ship to handle!

How do we complete the ritual?

It's all about me special shanty. I call it... 'Summon the Megalodon'. Good, innit? Once all them souls are in place, playin' me tune will call the Shrouded Ghost.
But don't think you can go hogging all the glory. Me shanty needs at least five pirates playing at once! Least you won't have to carry it...
This means you'll need to find some willing crews to join the fight or wait fer Larinna to send more ships our way.
Once the table's full an' you're all gathered 'round it, play me shanty and get ready for the fight of yer lives!


Dialogue icon.png

I'm glad you're here. This ritual has... not been going to plan.

What are you doing out here?

There is an artefact - a relic known at the Veil of the Ancients. I am certain that Flameheart plans to claim it for himself.
With it, his ability to draw power from the Sea of the Damned would be absolute. Sea Forts and Phantom would only be the beginning!
The Veil was cats into the deep long ago, and has languished in the belly of a beast capable of flitting between the worlds at will.
In this realm, I believe it is known as the Shrouded Ghost...
Unfortunately, the creature was far stronger than Merrick expected. It eluded us before, but now that you are here, I believe we can succeed.

How can I help with your ritual?

To begin with, four Megalodon spirits must be bound into effigies and placed upon the Ritual Table you see here.
They alone will give Merrick's song strength to echo across the void and ensure that, no matter where it may be roaming, the Shrouded Ghost hears our call.
Of course, finding one Megalodon to use in the ritual, let alone four, is no simple task - except for Merrick, who spent his life hunting them.
He has placed cannons in the beasts' feeding grounds and fashioned Summoning Flares that will lure the creatures to the surface.
Your task will be to call forth one of the creatures, defeat it in battle, and ensure its soul is safely sealed within an effigy.
Once all four effigies are placed upon the table-well, I'll leave that to Merrick to explain.

[CONTINUE ADVENTURE] I'm ready to help summon the Shrouded Ghost!

Which Megalodon Soul will you seek for the ritual?

I want to seek the soul of the Hungering One

(Voiceover Starts and Chapter Two begins)

I want to seek the soul of the ShadowMaw

(Voiceover Starts and Chapter Two begins)

I want to seek the soul of the Ancient Terror

(Voiceover Starts and Chapter Two begins)

I want to seek the soul of the Crested Queen.

(Voiceover Starts and Chapter Two begins)

Beginning Chapter Two


We have work to do. Summoning the Shrouded Ghost is no easy task.
You must find--


And Kill!


...Four Megalodons.
Once each is dead you will use an effigy, like this one,

(Motions at an Effigy on the summoning table)

to trap the beast's soul.
When you return all four souls to me, we will be able to call the Shrouded Ghost and retrieve the Veil of the Ancients.
There is no time to waste.

Adding a Megalodon Effigy to the table


The soul of the <Megalodon type>, thank you.

Adding the Final Effigy to the table


It is time.


Get yer instruments ready, it's music that draws the Shrouded Ghost to these waters!

Shrouded Ghost Encounter Dialogue

Beginning the battle


It's coming. Make ready.


Serik won't believe a word of this!

Fight Commentary


• I think the beastie's starting to tire!
• 'Av it you great white beastie!
• Keep firing!
• This one's for me leg!
• Don't give it a moments rest!

Arrival of Flameheart's Fleet


Flameheart's on to us!


They're here for the Veil!

Appearance of the Blackwyche


Greetings, I thought you could use a little extra help!

The Shrouded Ghost's defeat


Well done! Come back aboard so we can talk.

Belle: After the battle

Dialogue icon.png

I'm glad you're here. This ritual has... not been going to plan.

[REPLAY ADVENTURE] I'm ready to help summon the Shrouded Ghost!

(Opens selection to choose a Megalodon to hunt, restarting Chapter Two)

[COMPLETE ADVENTURE] Is it over? Did we find the Veil?

(Voiceover starts and Chapter Three begins)

Chapter Three Dialogue

Finishing the Adventure

[COMPLETE ADVENTURE] Is it over? Did we find the Veil?


You did it! You vanquished the Shrouded Ghost!

(Sir Arthur Pendragon appears holding the Veil of the Ancients)


And retrieved the legendary Veil of the Ancients. Flameheart's plants have been thwarted!


Something is Wrong...

(Pendragon taps his, now glowing, Sword of Souls against the Veil of the Ancients)


It is incomplete...


It doesn't have the Veil Stones. The Ancient Priest must have hidden them, but where?


Another great adventure is unfolding. Retrieving these Veil Stones will not be for the faint-hearted!


What about Flameheart?


I Suspect he already knew the Veil didn't have the stones. How, I cannot say, but I will find out.


If he didn't, your little ritual will certainly have drawn his attention. It made quite the stir in the Sea of the Damned.


It had to be done.


I'll take the Veil to the Pirate Lord for safekeeping, I daresay he'll know some brave souls willing to take on such a Legendary Voyage. Goodbye, all.

(Pendragon dissipates)


I'm goin' to return to Golden Sands. Those folks could use a little help rebuilding.


It would seem our journey is far from over. Thank you for all your help. The fight for the soul of the Sea of Thieves will not be won in a single battle, but in every small deed we do to thwart Flameheart and his ilk. Farewell.

(Adventure complete)

Progress Log

Chapter One Beginning

Seeking a powerful relic that lies within the belly of the Shrouded Ghost, Belle has joined forces with Merrick - the pirate whose shanty once woke Megalodons across the Sea of Thieves. The pair have not returned, though Larinna knows where they were seen last...

Chapter One End
Working to keep the mysterious Veil of the Ancients out of Flameheart's clutches, Belle provided Merrick with a new vessel and sought his help in battling the mythical Shrouded Ghost.

Chapter Two Beginning
With Merrick's ship stranded after their fateful encounter, Belle is seeking help in gathering suitable souls for her ritual. She is entreating pirates to sail out and gather the spirits of defeated Megalodons - a task that promises to be easier said than done.

Chapter Two End
Four effigies containing souls of defeated Megalodons gave Belle the means to call the legendary beast from the Sea of the Damned. Merrick's shanty, and a gathering of pirates to play it, successfully summoned the creature - but Flameheart's ships were close behind.

Chapter Three Beginning
Now the battle is over and the Shrouded Ghost has been cast back to the deep. It is time to return to Belle and learn about the mysterious Veil of the Ancients.

Chapter Three End
The Veil has been recovered, but is missing the stones that give the artefact its power. Pendragon has promised to see the Veil safely delivered to the Pirate Lord, who may yet be able to restore it...


  • The Hunter's Beloved Figurehead can be spotted on the Killer Whale at M-12. Unlike the original Killer Whale Figurehead, this figurehead bears a resemblance to a younger version of Merrick's wife Serik.
  • Since the Megalodon encounters are on-demand only, their kills do not count towards the Megalodon commendations that require defeats in chance encounters[1].
  • Merrick is only present at M-12 and not found at his usual location at Stephen's Spoils.
  • The Killer Whale used during this Adventure is in fact a near-identical replacement obtained by Belle, and the original Killer Whale shipwreck remains below the waves at The Reaper's Hideout.[2] stating that Belle had little difficulty in securing a near-identical replacement.
  • Belle's Buoy does not appear anywhere near the Killer Whale although she's present, an nod to the fact that she sailed with Merrick upon the Killer Whale before experiencing their troubles.
  • The Signal Flares used to summon the megalodons share the same colour of their respective megalodon counterparts.
  • After Enchanting an effigy with a megalodon's soul, they leave a glowing trail of ghostly energy.
  • The Skeleton Runes found on Belle's Ritual Table translate to "Five, Pirate, Ritual, Song, Waking, Ghost, Shark". Which directly explains the need for five pirates to partake in the ritual by playing the shanty in order to summon the shrouded ghost.
  • Scattered around the deck of the Killer Whale one can spot the The Killer Whale Tankard, The Killer Whale Fishing Rod, and The Killer Whale Lantern as decoration items.


  • The Adventure can be completed as soon as the Shrouded Ghost fight begins, without requiring its defeat in battle.
  • Chapter One begins with the name "The Adventure Begins..." but ends with the name "The Beached Whale".
  • Chapter Two's name, "The Hunter's Light", always has a subtitle of "Hunt for the" followed by the name of the chosen Megalodon. The chapter ends with the name of "The Summoning Nears...".
    • The Megalodon fight during Chapter Two has its own name of "A Megalodon is Summoned" with a subtitle of "The Battle Begins".
  • As the fight involves both Ghost Ships and the Shrouded Ghost simultaneously during the Adventure, the fight can be quite taxing. Players should be well-supplied before taking on this encounter.


Quest Notes


The Shrouded Deep Cinematic Trailer

The Shrouded Deep Gameplay Trailer

Patch history

  • 2.5.2 (May 12, 2022)
    • Adventure concludes.
  • (April 21, 2022)
    • Adventure begins.

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