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They worshipped a great beast - The Hungering One.

The Hungering Deep was the first titled Content Update to introduce a time-limited campaign. Premiering with the 1.1.0 patch, it ran through May 29th - June 13th, 2018, and was followed by the June 2018 Skeleton Thrones update.

The Campaign

The Hungering Deep was a unique campaign that was not followed via a map. It was a quest to find, summon, and kill the Megalodon, a giant shark. The campaign required the teamwork of at least two pirate crews.

The Campaign started when speaking to a Bilge Rat at a tavern, which lead to a special character found on an island named Merrick. Merrick directed the Crew to three different journals found on islands across the sea, each providing clues to the next steps, some of which involved speaking to NPCs on Outposts.

After all journals and characters had been found, players had to return to Merrick to receive a new instrument, a drum, and join Merrick in playing a shanty (tune) using it. This tune had to be "carried" to a particular summon location, accomplished by having at least one player always continuing to play the tune during the trip from Merrick to the summon location. Once at the summon location, at least 5 players had to play the tune on their Drums simultaneously, which then summoned the large Megalodon.

New Elements

New tools and mechanics

  • Bilge Rats: To stay in the know as to what is changing in the Sea of Thieves, visit the Bilge Rat, Duke, in the taverns to discover what time-limited events are active. Whether it’s The Hungering Deep or future events, this is the place to go!
  • Drum: Pirate percussionists (inspired by Merrick) can now be heard all across the seas. The first drum was obtainable through The Hungering Deep campaign, but after the Update, everyone received a Drum with purchasable cosmetic variants appearing in Equipment Shops.
  • Speaking Trumpet: Parley! Let other ships know if you are friend or foe with the new Speaking Trumpet, making yourself heard from longer distances. The first Speaking Trumpet was obtainable through The Hungering Deep campaign, but after the update, everyone received a Speaking Trumpet with purchasable cosmetic variants appearing in Equipment Shops.
  • Megalodon: A giant shark that is summoned by playing Merrick's Shanty at map coordinate T-26 with at least 5 pirates, meaning crews had to team up. After the update, only regular Megalodons were found in the Sea of Thieves.
  • Flags: Want to sink and plunder, or seek allies to adventure with? Let your intentions be known with new flags which can be raised high above your ship! Climb up to the crow’s nest and decide which to raise.

New items

  • Shark Hunter Figurehead, Sails, Hull & Flag - With the strange increase in shark activity in the seas, shark hunting is on the rise! Shipwrights have caught on early to this trend and now stock a new figurehead, sail, hull and flag.
  • Sailor Sail Tints - Want a splash of colour on your ship but don't have the coin? Those Shipwrights are impossible to bargain with. Sailor colour variants for you more cost-conscious pirates are now being stocked. These include Black, Grass Green, Royal Blue, Red and Yellow Sailor Sails.
  • Majestic Sovereign Clothing - If it's time to freshen up your look, check out the new Majestic Sovereign Set in the clothing shop, it may tickle your fancy! Remember stock is different from outpost to outpost, so you may want to check the Ancient Isles.
  • Item Colour Variants - Purchased the Grand Admiral, Castaway Bilge Rat, Ruffian Sea Dog or Imperial Sovereign clothing sets but want matching items? Now they are here! Shipments have arrived at the equipment shops on outposts.
  • Pirate Legend Dress - We heard feedback from our Pirate Legends that in the approach to summer, a breezy alternative to the existing Legendary attire would be appreciated. Future Pirate Legends will automatically be awarded this dress, and existing Pirate Legends can grab it in the Hideout for free.
  • Ghost Dress - Arriving in the same shipment as the Pirate Legend Dress, pirates can now complete the Ghost set with the dress, stocked in the Pirate Legends Hideout clothing shop.
  • Pirate Legend Flag - Are you even a legend if you don't have a flag to say so? Some say not. Rush to the Shipwright in the Pirate Legends Hideout to get yours!

Time-limited content

Walkthrough (Historical)

Players embarking on this journey may want to first collect supplies, especially Cannonballs, as killing Megalodon is difficult and will require as much firepower as possible.

  • Find the Bilge Rat, Duke, at a Tavern. The Duke is where players can learn of new events. He'll point you to Shark Bait Cove (map coordinates I-24).
  • Find the character named Merrick on the south-east shore. He will tell you about journals you must find.
  • Journal #1: Merrick directs you to his first journal at a "fin-rock that stands in a lagoon." It is close by, near the center of Shark Bait Cove. Look for the fin-shaped rock, and resting nearby, a journal (book). Interact with the journal and read both its pages. Its first clue informs players that two crews must to work together, using the Drum, to summon the Megalodon. The second, "red haired and fair of face, her tavern stands at a shining place!", refers to Tina at Golden Sands Outpost (E-12).
  • Journal #2: At Golden Sands Outpost, head to the Tavern and speak to Tina, the bartender. Ask about "drunken pirates." She talks about Merrick's sunken ship, The Killer Whale, "north of that place... Idiot Island, or something. East of Double Trees." She is referring to a location north of Fool’s Lagoon (K-17) and east of Twin Groves (I-13). Head to the uncharted island at L-14 and look for the Crow’s Nest protruding from the water. Climb its ladder and interact with the journal to read its pages. "tavern that hasss a nasty bite, where the drunks sslither evry nighT. The BARkeep’s fond o her own grogg, a scarred beaut in a Wild spott" alludes to Teri at The Snake Pit Tavern at Dagger Tooth Outpost (Q-8).
  • Journal #3: At Dagger Tooth Outpost, head to the Tavern, and talk to Teri, the bartender, about "drunken pirates." She offer several location hints: "fishy lil cave," "underr the golden arch," and "uncharted place wessht o’ Shark Tooth Key- he sshaid there’sh a rock nearby ‘looks jussht like hish enemy." These refer to Shark Tooth Key (U-15). Travel West from Shark Tooth Key to find a barely visible uncharted island at S-16. At the northeast shore of that uncharted island, dive down underwater and look for ruins of a stone archway, which is actually a cave entrance. Inside is the third journal. Interact with it to read its pages, which tell of Merrick crafting Drums for pirates, and that if enough people can learn his shanty (tune), they can summon the Megalodon.
  • Acquiring the Drum: The last journal page directs you to return to Merrick at the south-west shore of Shark Bait Cove (I-24). Speak to Merrick about finding the "beast," and he explains that a special tune can summon it, but that at least five players are needed. Get the Drum and a new tattoo from Merrick. "I hope you can carry a tune... take this drum with you. I’m thinking of making more, now I’m retired. And hey, wear me tattoo. I want that thing to know who sent you!"
    • Players can use the Vanity Chest near Merrick, or the one on their Ship, to also equip their newly-acquired tattoo. While this is not required, it will make it easier to see when Megalodon has been summoned successfully, because the tattoo will visibly glow on each player when the summon occurs.
  • The tune: At least one player must play their Drum in Merrick's vicinity to pick up his tune. Other players who play their Drums in that player's vicinity can then pick up the tune as well. In that way, the tune can be passed on to players on the ship while others board. At least one player at any given time must be playing this tune on their drum, all the way until the ship arrives at the location where the Megalodon is summoned.
  • Summoning Megalodon: The "infernal ridge" hint referred to Devil's Ridge (U-24). "Don’t get too close to the Shroud!" referred to the border of the map. The exact map coordinates are only hinted at cryptically: The names of all of Merrick's loves begin with "T", and the journal numbers all add up to "26." Head to map coordinates T-26 at the southern edge of the Sea of Thieves map, making sure that at least one player is playing Merrick's shanty on their Drum at any given time. Once at T-26, 4 more players (5 total) must continue playing the shanty in order to summon the Megalodon.
    • If at any point Merrick's shanty is lost due to no players playing the tune, the crew must return to Merrick to re-acquire the tune.
  • Kill Megalodon. This will be a long and difficult battle.
  • Return to Merrick at Shark Bait Cove (I-24) to collect rewards.


Title Requirements
Shark Hunter Found all 3 of Merrick's Journals
Shark Slayer Defeated the Hungering One




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