Skeleton Runes

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Skeleton Runes, or Skeleton Glyphs, are the written symbols of an arcane language used by Skeletons and Skeleton Lords. They were first seen on the Box of Wondrous Secrets and are used on a number of items, and locations.

Season Three teasers

Teaser from March 24, 2021
Main article: Season Three/Teasers

Leading up to the release of Season Three, Duke embarked on a quest which led to the discovery of several rune tablets with unknown runes in-game. In conjunction with this narrative, cryptic messages and images also containing unknown runes were posted to various Sea of Thieves social media pages.

Translated runes

These are runes with definitions that are mostly stated through clear direct translations.

(Note: † denotes "presumed" translations arrived by context or clues, but have not been officially confirmed. Many of which originated from Season Three teasers.)







Unknown runes

These are runes that have no known translation.

No translations

Unconfirmed runes

These runes bear similarities to Skeleton Runes, but have less concrete connection to the language and therefore may not be Skeleton Runes at all.


In-game examples



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