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"We're going to need every brave and true pirate that calls these seas home!"
Merrick - Lost Sands Cinematic Trailer

Lost Sands is the fourth Adventure in Sea of Thieves. It started on May 26, 2022 and ended on June 9, 2022. This Adventure was the first to feature a branching story and long lasting effects based upon the overall community's choices. Players were given a choice to affect the outcome of the Adventure, deliver the supplies needed to help Merrick rebuild Golden Sands Outpost, or side with the Reaper's Bones and ensure the outpost remains destroyed, furthering The Servant of the Flame's nefarious plans.

Official summary

Out on the lawless Sea of Thieves, Outposts are the closest thing to civilization, with any number of traders and tavern-keepers eager to help pirates empty their holds of treasure and kick back with a well-deserved grog.

Small wonder, then, that the unexpected shrouding of Golden Sands Outpost – previously one of the more charming and cheerful ports of call – was a loss felt by many, and proof that The Reaper’s Bones are determined to oust the Trading Companies once and for all.

Now, however, the residents of this Outpost are being rallied by none other than Merrick, last seen menacing Megalodons in previous Adventure ‘The Shrouded Deep’. But he is not unopposed…

When Lost Sands arrives on May 26th, pirates will be able to help or hinder Merrick’s plans as they see fit, both by actively taking part in the Adventure and seizing other opportunities to tip the scales. Speaking to Larinna to begin the Adventure and then choosing to follow either the Hunter’s Path or Servant’s Path will ensure that your actions contribute to Golden Sands’ resurrection or its ruin.

Even outside the Adventure, Merrick will accept donations of fruit and wood crates to help Golden Sands’ cause, along with cloth, rum bottles and the Reapers’ Relic Caches for safe disposal. Alternatively, players loyal to the Reapers should look for distinctive Soulflame Rowboats. Destroying these near Golden Sands will unleash supernatural energies and fortify the fog, hampering the rebuilding efforts. Sticky-fingered Reapers can also swipe special supplies before they reach Merrick and deliver them to the Servant of the Flame to cause further chaos.

Whichever path you choose, expect Golden Sands to be a lively destination for the duration of ‘Lost Sands’ as both sides seek to exert their will upon the waves. The Adventure will be live until June 9th, and what happens to the Outpost in its wake is entirely up to you…

Adventure Recap before The Forsaken Hunter

Foggy Recollections

New arrivals on the Sea of Thieves may not remember Golden Sands Outpost as anything other than a desolate wasteland, let alone recall its days as an appealing destination for anyone looking to trade, but the island was once considered an idyllic rest stop at the heart of the Shores of Plenty.

That changed overnight when Golden Sands was suddenly drenched in a dense fog; an event that kickstarted the ‘Shrouded Islands’ Adventure and the beginning of an assault that saw the Outpost’s residents kidnapped by Flameheart’s forces, then imprisoned in six imposing Sea Forts.

While courageous crews ultimately arranged a daring rescue that saw the island’s inhabitants released from captivity, Golden Sands itself remained shrouded and abandoned – at least, until Merrick arrived on the scene…

Cache in Sand

Time spent with Belle aboard the Killer Whale offered Merrick unique insight into what had kept the Outpost from recovering in the wake of ‘Shrouded Islands’. The answer, as it turned out, was lying beneath the very beaches that gave Golden Sands its name.

Accompanied by some willing residents who were keen to return home, Merrick proceeded to unearth hidden Relic Caches buried by members of The Reaper’s Bones. These secret stashes were intended to both cloak the Outpost and thin the barrier that separates the living world from the ghostly Sea of the Damned, furthering Flameheart’s agenda.

Unsurprisingly, the Servant of the Flame was less than pleased by this sudden interference in his father’s master plan. Having learned of Merrick’s reconstruction efforts from his avian spies, the Servant vowed to replace any Relics that had been destroyed, sending forth Reapers to cast Golden Sands even further into ruin.

Reap What You Stow

The stage was now set for an intense confrontation between two unlikely opponents, each joined by more loyal pirates as the days went on and both sides determined to prevail. Pirates who sailed in Merrick’s name found themselves delivering much-needed supplies to the Outpost, while swiping Relic Caches from the Reapers ferrying them in aboard dangerous Soulflame Rowboats.

The Servant’s allies, meanwhile, strove to escort those same Relic Caches safely to the intended destination, then destroy their Rowboats on the beaches of Golden Sands itself, unleashing ethereal energy to plunge the island further into darkness. If they were able to make off with Merrick’s supplies along the way, so much the better.

It was Team Merrick standing triumphant when this contest concluded, though an early lead and the determined efforts of The Reaper’s Bones almost saw the Outpost evacuated for good. With the Servant in reluctant retreat, the denizens of Golden Sands returned home at last – and so did Merrick, bowing out gracefully and setting a course for Stephen’s Spoils to resume his culinary duties with The Hunter’s Call.


Deeds are challenges related to the Adventure but reward Renown and the Victor of Golden Sands title if all are completed:


Image Memento Description Requirement
Saviour of Golden Sands Sails.png Saviour of Golden Sands Sails "Sails hand-made from Sharon's Sailcloth, awarded to those who fought to save Golden Sands Outpost." Complete the Hunter's Path to earn the Saviour of Golden Sands Sails.
The Servant's Lantern.png The Servant's Lantern "Shine light on dark conspiracies with this lantern, awarded to those who worked to shroud Golden Sands Outpost." Complete the Servant's Path to earn the Servant of the Flame's Lantern.
Victor of Golden Sands emblem.png Victor of Golden Sands "A Title awarded to those who fought to decide the fate of Golden Sands Outpost." Complete all Deeds in the Adventure to earn this Title.


Chapter One: The Adventure Begins...

  1. As you approach any Outpost tavern, Larinna can be heard beckoning you over. Speak with her and select the "[BEGIN ADVENTURE] I'm ready to help the Bilge Rats! Tell me more..." dialogue option.
  2. To choose the Hunter's Path and help to save Golden Sands Outpost select the "[HUNTER'S PATH] I want to help with Golden Sands Outpost." dialogue option. To choose the Servant's Path and help to destroy Golden Sands Outpost select the "[SERVANT'S PATH] I want to investigate those strange sightings." dialogue option.

Hunter's Path

  1. If you chose the Hunter's Path, begin your sail to Golden Sands Outpost to speak with Merrick.
  2. After speaking with Merrick at Golden Sands Outpost, you will receive a checklist instructing you to bring certain crates back to him. When you arrive at the specified islands, locate and speak to the relevant NPC and pick up the nearby map from a wrecked rowboat. This map will lead you to dig up the buried supplies.
  3. Sail back to Golden Sands Outpost with the supplies and deliver them to Merrick.
  4. Speak with Merrick and select the "[COMPLETE HUNTER'S PATH] That's all the cargo, safe and sound!" dialogue option.
  5. After a short section of spoken dialogue, the Hunter's Path will complete and the Saviour of Golden Sands Sails will be awarded immediately.

Servant's Path

  1. If you chose the Servant's Path, begin your sail to Wanderers Refuge to find The Servant of the Flame by the highest bell.
  2. After the Servant's first appearance, they may disappear, requiring you to head towards the ghost parrot to eventually locate them.
  3. After finally speaking with The Servant of Flame at Wanderers Refuge, you will be instructed to meet them again at The Reaper's Hideout.
  4. Speak with The Servant of Flame at The Reaper's Hideout and select the "[CONTINUE SERVANT'S PATH] I'm ready to serve The Reaper's Bones." dialogue option.
  5. After a short section of spoken dialogue, you will receive a checklist instructing you on your objectives and an Enchanted Compass directing you to a nearby Soulflame Rowboat.
  6. Use the Soulflame Rowboat to row to Twin Groves. Once arrived, use the compass to locate the Reaper's Smuggler there to collect a Relic Cache from them.
    • Note: You must arrive at the island in the Soulflame Rowboat. Bringing your ship too close will cause the NPC not to spawn.
  7. Row the Relic Cache to Cannon Cove and use the compass to locate the Reaper's Smuggler there to deliver the Relic Cache to.
  8. Take the Soulflame Rowboat to Golden Sands Outpost and detonate the attached explosive near the island to release its soulflame energies.
    • Note: You must use the barrel's fuse to blow it up. Detonating via any other means will cause the quest to fail.
  9. Find your way back to The Reaper's Hideout to speak with The Servant of the Flame. Select the "[COMPLETE SERVANT'S PATH]" My task has been accomplished." dialogue option.
  10. After a short section of spoken dialogue, the Servant's Path will complete and The Servant's Lantern will be awarded immediately.


As a community, players were able to decide the final fate of Golden Sands Outpost by completing certain tasks to earn points for their chosen side over the duration of the event. Any task can be completed any number of times to continue earning points for a chosen side.[1][2]

  • On the final day of the Adventure, all scoring was doubled.

Players could score points for Merrick, counting towards the saving of Golden Sands Outpost by carrying out the following tasks:

While the Hunter's Path was in the lead, the Fog of the Damned thins out substantially.

Players could score points for The Servant of the Flame, counting towards the destruction of Golden Sands Outpost by carrying out the following tasks:

While the Servant's Path was in the lead, the Fog of the Damned surrounding the island becomes thicker and ghostly apparitions begin to appear throughout the island.


The final results were released June 9th, on the official Sea Of Thieves Twitch Stream, resulting in...

A Hunters Path win! Saving Golden Sands Outpost with a 3.2% lead over the Servant's Path.

Final Scores:

  • 53.2% Hunters Path
  • 46.7% Servant's Path


Chapter One Dialogue

Larinna: During Adventure period

Dialogue icon.png

Hey! If you're not already helping the Pirate Lord, the Bilge Rats could use a hand...

What was that about the Pirate Lord?

Word on the waves says his Pirate Legends are being sent out on a top-secret mission. Sounds like they're hunting for something...
If you're one of them, you should definitely speak with him yourself. Whatever the Pirate Lord has planned, it definitely won't be boring!
I've heard talk of shipwreck graveyards, haunted garrisons, sightings of strange Phantoms... I don't know if it's all true, but it sure sounds profitable.
If you happen upon any legendary treasure while you're out saving the world, there's a stranger in the tavern who'll take them off your hands.
As for me, I've been guiding pirates towards Flameheart's Sea Forts. Their treasuries have some nice plunder locked inside! Definitely worth a look...

Why were you calling for me?

Like I said, the Bilge Rats could use the help! We're stretched pretty thin right now.
I thought things might calm down after that business with the Megalodons, but it seems to have rekindled Merrick's adventurous spirit.
He's set himself up at Golden Sands Outpost, but that's not all...
If you decide to help, let me know and I'll fill you in on the details.

[Begin Adventure] I'm ready to help the Bilge Rats! Tell me more...

Great! Golden Sands needs all the help it can get - although strange sightings in the region have me worried too...

[HUNTER'S PATH] I want to help with Golden Sands Outpost.

[SERVANT'S PATH] I want to investigate those strange sightings.

Larinna: While the Adventure is active

Dialogue icon.png

The parchment I gave you has all the information you need to help out the Bilge Rats. Good luck!


Hunter's Path Dialogue

Beginning Chapter One


[HUNTER'S PATH] I want to help with Golden Sands Outpost.

The fate of Golden Sands balances on a knife's edge.
Merrick is leading the rebuilding but he's going to need some help.
Head on over and help save Golden Sands!

Merrick: Completing Chapter One

Dialogue icon.png

It's good to see another friendly face out here. And if yer here to help, so much the better!



Ah great, more hands! Come see me when yer ready to help, there's work to be done!

Merrick: Beginning Chapter Two

Dialogue icon.png

It's good to see another friendly face out here. And if yer here to help, so much the better!

What are you all doing out here?

Restorin' Golden Sands to its former glory, o' course! That's me plan, anyways. That business with the Shrouded Ghost made me realise I miss being in the thick o' things.
A few o' the locals came along to help, but we've got a lot o' rebuilding to do. At least Emily's got their dog back save an' sound!
Wonda couldn't wait to get back to work. I think she'd fix the whole place up single-handed if it meant annoying Flameheart's lot after she got kidnapped.
I don't blame her, though, it sounds like they had a rotten time in them Sea Forts. Lucky they got out before Flameheart got tired of keepin' 'em around...
Who knows? If we can get everything back the way it was, maybe I'll run for mayor!

Have you heard from Belle recently?

I did, as it happens. She was proper puzzled when the fog hadn't cleared up here like on all 'em other islands, and went off to investigate.
Turns out the Reaper's have been muckin' about with more o' them Dark Relics to keep this place green and gloomy, hoping to scare us away.
Now that we've found where they were buried, this place should be back to its sunny old self before long and we'll be back in business.
If you find any more Relics, bring 'em to me and I'll make sure they're smashed up before the Reapers get any more funny ideas!
Oh, an' Belle reckons the Reapers are transporting the Relics in secret Rowboats. If you see one, make sure you destroy it - just be a long, long way from here when you do!

What can I do to help out?

If we're going to make this place somewhere pirates will want to trade, we'll need supplies and lots of 'em! I'll take any wood and fruit crates yer offering.
There should be plenty washed up on beaches an' the like. Just make sure they're nice and full for me!
Now that I think about it, there is another matter that's a bit more urgent. If you can find the time to help ol' Merrick, just let me know...

[CONTINUE HUNTER'S PATH] I'm ready to help Golden Sands!

[COMPLETE HUNTER'S PATH] That's all the cargo, safe and sound!


[CONTINUE HUNTER'S PATH] I'm ready to help Golden Sands!

The folks of Golden Sands are tough, they wanna save their home, but it's going to take sweat and tears to see it restored.
Tina and Sharon went off to fetch supplies, but they never came back.
I'm not gonna lie, I'm worried about 'em. Could you see your way to having a look for 'em for me?

Tina: At Cannon Cove

Dialogue icon.png

Am I glad to see you! I was starting to get bored of playing I-Spy by myself.

What happened here, Tina?

A rabble of Reaper Phantoms, that's what! They smashed up my Rowboat and stranded me out here.
This cargo-carrying lark is more difficult than I imagined. I don't know how you pirates manage it!
Next time, maybe I should speak to Wonda before leaving and get myself kitted out for a fight...

I'm here to help you collect supplies...

My crate of rum bottles, you mean? I buried them for safekeeping, so at least those are still in one piece.
There's a map to their hiding place in what's left of the rowboat. If you've got a ship, maybe you can dig them up and take them to Merrick for me?
Don't worry about me. Once I've got my breath back, I'm sure the merfolk will help me back to somewhere there's a tavern. I deserve a grog of my own!

Sharon: At Smugglers' Bay

Dialogue icon.png


Are you injured, Sharon?


What about your supplies?


Merrick: Completing Hunter's Path


[COMPLETE HUNTER'S PATH] That's all the cargo, safe and sound!

Well now, would you look at that! Everything we need to continue our repairs.
I'm grateful for what you've done, truly I am, but we're far from done here.
The Phantoms won't let this place be and the Reapers neither, we're gonna need people keeping a weather eye out for us.
Keep bringing us resources and destroy any of them Soulflame Rowboats you come across.
Together, we can see Golden Sands back to its former glory.

Servant's Path Dialogue

Beginning Chapter One


[SERVANT'S PATH] I want to investigate those strange sightings.

It seems shadowy figures have been skulking around The Shores of Plenty.
Might be worth heading over to Wanderers Refuge to see what you can find out.

Servant of the Flame: Completing Chapter One

Dialogue icon.png

Welcome, pirate. Members of this sanctum embrace the true calling of piracy, without judgement. As free as the sea, as fierce as the flame!


Servant of the Flame

Welcome, we have much to discuss.
The flame of freedom has called to you. If you wish to see it burn Golden Sands to ashes, meet me at The Reaper's Hideout. I will be waiting...

Servant of the Flame: Beginning Chapter Two

Dialogue icon.png

Welcome, pirate. Members of this sanctum embrace the true calling of piracy, without judgement. As free as the sea, as fierce as the flame!

Tell me more about the Reaper's Bones.

What knowledge do you seek?

Who are The Reaper's Bones?

We are a noble company of pirates who wish to embrace and encourage the real freedom that the Sea of Thieves has given us.
There's no so-called 'Pirate Code' here. We reward self-reliance, strength and the will to follow your passion.
If you do not fear the call of battle, freedom and glory, then there is a place for you among us.

What's in it for me?

We have rewards for those who keep to our tenets and prove their worth.
You'll earn gold, of course, as well as armaments and decorations for your ship.
We stand for glory! Every time your inner fire brings you out on top, you should show the world.

What is an Emissary?

Emissaries are those pirates who wish to fully represent us on the seas.
When you become an emissary, you will be acting in our name. Be fearless and proud!
You'll earn greater rewards for your prizes whilst you're an Emissary. You may war our garments too, so our reputation spreads.
Seek out the Emissaries of the other Companies and take their flags as trophies! Show them the folly of their ways.

Why not allow Golden Sands to be rebuilt?

The Trading Companies shackle the seas, taking advantage of foolish pirates who do not see the danger their very presence represents.
Better that the island remain deserted than we allow merchants and those like them to trade there. The strong shall not serve the weak!
Golden Sands must remain shrouded. My father commands it...

[CONTINUE SERVANT'S PATH] I'm ready to serve The Reaper's Bones.

[COMPLETE SERVANT'S PATH] My task has been accomplished.

Servant of the Flame

Only the strong can see that Golden Sands must fall.
Belle, Merrick and all those weak souls that have scuttled back to repair it, they will soon realise that resistance is futile.
Help us acquire more Relic Caches and explosives, and we will ensure that the fools fail in their plans.
Take this compass. It will guide you to all you require. We Reapers are suspicious by nature and my Reaper Smuggler will only trust the boats they know.
Now go, join my Reapers and take a step closer to your eternal reward!

Reaper's Smuggler

Dialogue icon.png

Welcome, pirate. Members of this sanctum embrace the true calling of piracy, without judgement. As free as the sea, as fierce as the flame!


Servant of the Flame: Completing Servant's Path

Servant of the Flame

You have done well!
The demise of Golden Sands is close at hand.
Your assistance will not be forgotten. You will be the first in line when my father brings forth his new world order!
But our work is far from over. Continue smuggling Relic Caches, steal supplies, and use the Soulflame Rowboats to weaken the border between the worlds at Golden Sands.
My father's plans are in motion, it is only a matter of time until all we have worked for comes to pass.
May the flame burn!

Progress Log

Beginning the Adventure

Seeking a powerful relic that lies within the belly of the Shrouded Ghost, Belle has joined forces with Merrick - the pirate whose shanty once woke Megalodons across the Sea of Thieves. The pair have not returned, though Larinna knows where they were seen last...

The Hunter's Path
Merrick is seeking supplies, but it seems that buried Relic Caches placed by those loyal to The Reaper's Bones may hinder the restoration of the Outpost. The fate of Golden Sands hangs in the balance.

The Servant's Path
As Merrick sends pirates on a hunt for missing residents and the cargo they're carrying, The Servant of the Flame continues to plot against him, aided by a dangerous new form of transportation.

Completing a Path
Lines have been drawn as Merrick and The Servant of the Flame each continue their efforts. Only time, and the actions of pirates across the Sea of Thieves, can determine the ultimate fate of Golden Sands Outpost...

The Final Outcome
Merrick has prevailed and New Golden Sands Outpost has been completed. As the residents return to their old lives, pirates are once again free to swap stories in the tavern and trade freely with the Companies. Doubtlessly, Flameheart will be displeased...


Merrick's Journals


(Near a yellow banner on the south west side of the far east islet, Golden Sands Outpost.)

Dialogue icon.png

Here we are then, back at Golden Sands at last. It doesn't exactly feel welcoming, but I'm putting on a brave face to keep people in good spirits.
Truth be told, I'm worried that Flameheart and his Reapers will get wind of what we're doing out here, but there's no turning back now.
What we need most right now is... well, everything. Tina and Sharon have volunteered to find supplies, so at least we'll have something to drink.
Problem is, Rowboats can only get you so far. If we're to bring back all the supplies I'm after, we'll need a ship - and a ship needs a crew.
If I can get word to Larinna, I'm sure she'll send pirates our way. Golden Sands was a beautiful place once. With their help, it can be again.


Homecoming Journal Location.png

Finding Help

(On a group of pebbles to the north side of the beach surrounding the bay, near a large rock face, Cannon Cove.)

Dialogue icon.png

Once Flameheart's Fortresses had been cleared out, the Bilge Rats swept in to take the prisoners home - except they didn't have an Outpost to go home to.
Larinna found 'em all places to stay, but they were scattered here and there across the seas, not everyone believed Golden Sands could be saved.
Something told me Wonda would have been keen to help, and my instincts were spot on. She was still livid that Flameheart had kidnapped her in the first place.
Once Wonda was with me, others soon agreed to join our cause. Never get on the wrong side of anyone who makes pointy things for a living, says I!
We're not heading to Golden Sands right away, though. Belle was very clear about what has to happen first...


Finding Help Journal Location.png

Digging Up Trouble

(Under a propped up fishing net by the far east beach rock, Smugglers' Bay.)

Dialogue icon.png

Some would say that fog is a sailor's worst enemy. If you ask me, that's only 'cos they've never had to tangle with a hungry Megalodon!
Even so, they might have a point. Flameheart knew that an island covered in clouds would be no use to anyone, least of all the Trading Companies.
Once the fog had rolled in, the Reapers could hide there in plain sight, summoning their Soulflame Captains and stirring up other sorts of trouble.
At long last, Belle figured out how they'd done it. Dark Relics, buried all across The Shores of Plenty in such a way as to shroud the Outpost.
Now we're out here with shovels in hand, digging up Relic Caches and smashing 'em to bits. Once we're done, Golden Sands should start to recover...


Digging Up Trouble Journal Location.png

Setting Sail Again

(By a barrel in front of the trading post, Stephen's Spoils

Dialogue icon.png

Here I am again, back on the ol' Sea Post and staring out at the waves. Used to be I was quite content to watch the world pass me by. Not any more!
When Belle and I were stranded on the Killer Whale, she filled me noggin with all sorts of stories. I reckon she's been to every corner of the Sea of the Damned and back.
After all of that, coming home and picking up a fishing rod just didn't feel the same. Thing is, I never expected to see her again, so thought I didn't have much of a choice.
Then last night, I heard the sound of her buoy ringing up from the deep. Turns out she had some unfinished business, and a mind that I could set things right.
I've got a lot of work to do, but if Belle believes in my, maybe ol' Merrick really can be the one to save Golden Sands...


Setting Sail Again Journal Location.png

The Servant of the Flame's Journals


(To the right of a campfire to the north west end of the central cavern, Wanderers Refuge.)

Dialogue icon.png

My mission has brought me to a familiar shore; once the lair of one whose betrayal still casts a dark shadow over all that we accomplished together.
I cannot comprehend her disloyalty. Not I, whose devotion to Father was so pure, it cut through the thrall of my Cap'n and set me free once more.
From the day she gave me my mask, we worked diligently to create a sanctuary for those who still value true piracy. She toiled above as I did below.
Even when we parted, I felt no sorrow, for I knew that the culmination of our work was nearing. That soon, Father would return to claim his throne.
Her sister, at least, had the courage of her convictions. Let the Warsmith stand against us with her broken heart, and have it taste my blade...


Masked Journal Location.png


(Under the south west cannon tower, adjacent to the main building, The Reaper's Hideout.)

Dialogue icon.png

Even the strong must have their secrets. No matter how brightly the flame of ambition burns within you, discretion can still have its place in your plans.
The wisdom is a lesson learned from my father, who has taught me what a thousand scholars could not since our reunion. He will see that I have listened.
That fool, Merrick, discovered our Relic Caches, but others shall be buried in their place. The island known as Golden Sands shall be golden no more.
When the energies stored within our Rowboats are released, the Relics shall shroud the island once again, driving away all who seek to trade there.
Thus we shall drive the Companies back beyond the Devil's Shroud, keeping the waves free for those who deserve them. Pirates, for All Eternity.


Cloaked Journal Location.png


(On the south west beach of the northern islet, Twin Groves.)

Dialogue icon.png

The Veil of the Ancients. A romantic name that belies the true potential such an artefact possesses. The power to move freely between worlds...
The interloper, Belle, has done much to frustrate Father's plans. Unlike the complacent Pirate Lord, she needed no prompting to interfere. Now the Veil has been denied us, its stones tumbling from our grasp and into the lap of those who lack courage enough to make use of its power.
My journey has cost me dearly, including my cherished Silver Blade - lost first to the Shroud, then witless pirates, then to the sea queen herself.
No more. I shall not suffer another defeat. I shall not disappoint Father again.


Veiled Journal Location.png


(By a crate behind a wrecked rowboat in the bay, Cannon Cove.)

Dialogue icon.png

It has been too long since I thought to write a journal. I had forgotten that it can offer fresh clarity, even when one's destiny is known to them.
Before I understood that purpose, I would dutifully note down the events of each day in my log. The scrawlings of a child, of course, but... soothing.
Words could be dangerous, the Warsmith told me. If our true intentions were discovered too soon, The Reaper's Hideout might never be completed.
Now that our secrets have been laid bare, my words can be a rallying cry to all who wish to see the seas unchained, and for the door to be opened...
Until then, our work must continue. May the flame burn!


Sealed Journal Location.jpg



Hunter's Path

  • The end of Chapter 1, is entitled "A Golden Hope".
  • The start of Chapter 2, is entitled "Searching for Supplies"
  • The end of Chapter 2, is entitled "An Act of Loyalty"

Servant's Path

  • The end of Chapter 1, is entitled "The Reaper Revealed".
  • The start of Chapter 2, is entitled "To Honour the Flame"
  • The end of Chapter 2, is entitled "An Act of Flame"

Tracking Score

  • Prior to June 6th 2022, it was possible to track if the Hunter's Path or the Servant's Path were in the lead by checking the Lost Sands adventure page on the Sea of thieves website. However, as the event began to near completion, this feature was removed for unknown reasons.
    • After the Tracker's removal, it was replaced with a message that said. "The contest is in full swing and either side could still grasp victory. Set sail and help decide the fate of Golden Sands Outpost!"
    • If the Servant's Path was in the lead, the Adventure page would display. "The Servant of the Flame's plan to leave Golden Sands outpost in ruins is working! Want to end his devious deeds? Assist Merrick in the rebuilding effort."
    • If neither side was in the lead, the Adventure page would display. "The forces of ruin and reconstruction are at a stalemate! Jump into our latest adventure and help determine the fate of Golden Sands outpost!"
    • It's currently unknown what the Adventure page would've displayed while the Hunter's Path was in the lead, due to the tracker disappearing before they took a lead.
  • It was, however, still possible to track who had the current lead based off the thickness of the fog surrounding golden sands.



Lost Sands Cinematic Trailer

Lost Sands Launch Trailer

Patch history

  • (May 26, 2022)
    • (June 9th) Adventure concludes.
    • Adventure begins.

Externals links


  1. Lost Sands Scoring & Points, @SeaofThieves Twitter
  2. Soulflame Rowboat Destruction and further clarification, @SeaofThieves Twitter
  3. In case of a tie, @SeaOfThieves - Twitter