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"I'm Captain Jack Sparrow... though since you came here to rescue me, you probably knew that already."
— Captain Jack Sparrow, A Pirate's Life (Quest)

Captain Jack Sparrow is an NPC featured in A Pirate's Life, originating from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.

A Pirate's Life

Finding the Treasure

After the events of Salazar's Revenge (Dead Men Tell No Tales), Jack sailed to Tortuga where he learned about the Treasure that could carry entire ships to other realms which was in the hands of Davy Jones. Jack and his crew sailed to his stronghold, stole the Treasure and made a run for it. Jack used the Treasure and made his way into the Sea of Thieves.

Upon reaching the Sea of Thieves, the Black Pearl came under attack by Sirens. While his crew were captured, Jack was taken to the Ferry of the Damned and locked up along with the Treasure.

A Pirate's Life

Players would find and free Jack Sparrow but were quickly attacked by The Flying Dutchmen. Jack battled against an Ocean Crawler only to lose to the Treasure and fell overboard.

Captains of the Damned

Players would follow what appeared to be the memory of Jack Sparrow as they made their way through the town of Isla Tesoro.

Jack Sparrow would be found in Tavern of the Damned, among other known pirates: Arthur Pendragon, Wild Rose, George and Eli Slate. After being convinced by the other captains, Jack would join the players on their ship and return to the Sea of Thieves.

Dark Brethren

Main article: Dark Brethren

Jack would appear beside The Castaway and be shocked to learn that she was Calypso. Jack would journey with the players to the Coral Fortress, assisting them as they made their way through. After battling ocean crawlers on the Flying Dutchman, he would separate from the players as they discover the Dark Brethren Court.

During the Ritual, Jack crashed in on a sunken ship as the battle commenced. Jack would be in the background assisting players with supplies and advice as players battle against The Gold Hoarder before joining the fight himself. However, they would fail to stop the ritual and Calypso called out to return.

Lords of the Sea

Main article: Lords of the Sea

Upon returning to the Castaway's Camp, Jack and his crew would learn of Davy Jones's plan and what would happen. Using the dagger Jack took from the Flying Dutchman, Calypso would find the location of Davy Jones. Jack Sparrow once again journey with the players to the Spire and engage with Ghost Ships and giant Siren Statures.

Jack Sparrow learned that they need more firepower and would leave the players ship and bring in his ghostly Black Pearl to fight alongside. Soon the Captains from the tavern would show up with their ships and help out battling against the Captian Ghost Ships. They would continue to battle as the players entered the Spire and finish off the fight.

Jack and the other captains would still be there to help the players as Davy Jones appeared for one final battle and be defeated.

With the help of the merfolk, the real Black Pearl would return to the surface where players could board and find Jack and his crew and the Captains waiting for them. The Ferryman would appear before Jack give him back the Treasure and apologised. He would then give Jack, Wild Rose and George a second chance of life, returning them to their living forms.

Rose and George accepted the offer to join Jack's crew while Pendragon and Slate chose to stay. Before departing, Jack stated that he will one day return the Sea of Thieves.

Once the players return their ship, they would watch the Black Pearl sail away as the crew sing Yo Ho! (A Pirate's Life For Me) before using the Treasure and disappear beyond the horizon.


A Pirate's Life

Captains of the Damned

Lords of the Sea


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