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Disambig.png This article is about the character from the Wild Rose Tall Tale. For the Athena's Fortune representative, see Mysterious Stranger.
This article contains information that may ruin your enjoyment of discovering the game's secrets for yourself.
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George is an NPC featured in the Wild Rose Tall Tale.


George's story starts and ends with Rose. The two fell in love during their adventures together where their ill-fated romance began. Rose and George were to be married by Rose's best friend Madame Olive before tragedy struck. Rose has described George as being quiet and warm.

As a dire consequence of George's appealing nature, he also enraptured a Skeleton Captain named Rooke which haunted him and Rose during their adventures.

Some time before their wedding day, Rooke killed Rose and took George away from her. Players find both dead at separate islands during the Wild Rose Tall Tale. After killing Rooke once and for all, the players will have to bring Rose's and George's pendants to Madame Olive at Sanctuary Outpost, who will risk her own life performing a ritual to set their souls free forever, thus completing the Tale.


Journal icon.png To browse the journals written by George, please refer to George/Journals.


  • Both Rose & George appears on Captains of the Damned tall tale inside the Tavern of the Damned, together with Captain Slate listening to Jack Sparrow's story.
  • During the battle on Lords of the Sea tall tale, Rose & George are steering a ghost ship with the Wild Rose sail
  • After you board the Black Pearl at the end of Lords of the Sea tall tale, Rose & George was resurrected by Ferryman as a reward for saving the Pirate's Life, regaining their human body back. They last seen sailing together with Jack Sparrow & The Black Pearl into the horizon, beginning their second chance to see the other world