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Food is a consumable resource that restores and regenerates the player's health.


Food can be organized into 4 categories: fruit, meat, fish and bait. Animal and fish meat can be cooked to provide health regeneration.

Functions of food items:

  • Primary Use eats any given food item in hand.
  • Holding Secondary Use allows the player to give food items to other pirates.
  • Holding Interact takes a food item from the ground or another pirate's hand.
Type Name Bites Health restored Regen added
(Max capacity = 200)
Bait Grubs 1 +10 n/a
Fruit Banana 1 +20 n/a
Coconut 1 +30 n/a
Pomegranate 1 +40 n/a
Mango 1 +50 n/a
Pineapple 2 +100 n/a
Chicken 2 +50


Regular 2 +35


Trophy Fish 2 +75


Megalodon 2 +100




Fruit is the main source of health in-game and can be found in Barrels, beached on the shorelines of islands or floating inside Shipwrecks. The more health a fruit restores, the rarer it is. All fruit can be cooked on the Stove, but they will only get burnt and give the player less health. Unlike meat, neither fresh nor burnt fruit can be sold to The Hunter's Call for reputation or gold. All fruit can be stored in the Fruit Crate. A player can carry a maximum of 5 fruit on them at all times, however up to 4800 Fruit can be stored inside a Ship's Food Barrel. With the exception of Pineapples, all fruit is consumed in one bite.

Fruit can also be used to feed Pigs, to stop them from dying of starvation.

Fruit Healing Chart
Fruit name Health value
Banana 20
Coconut 30
Pomegranate 40
Mango 50
Pineapple 100 (x2 bites)


Meat is gathered from killing any of the animals that spawn on islands or from the more dangerous predators at sea. All dropped meat is raw and needs to be cooked on a Stove to unlock their full benefits. Meat of any type and cookedness can also be found in the barrels of Shipwrecks. Eating raw meat restores only a little health and can make the player sick. When cooked, meats provide the player with a health regeneration bar which kicks in a few seconds after not taking any further damage. With the exception of raw meat, all stages of cooked meat can be sold to The Hunter's Call for reputation, commendations and gold. All meat can be eaten in two separate bites.

Tier 1 meat (50 health, 25% regeneration):

Tier 2 meat (100 health, 50% regeneration):


Main article: Fish

Fish are caught using the Fishing Rod. Fish act identically to Meat in that all fish are caught raw and need to be cooked on a Stove to grant health regenerative effects, eating fish raw makes the player sick, and all types of fish of any cookedness can be found in the barrels of Shipwrecks. Fish can appear in different variants of color and size, with larger Trophy versions of fish granting the player more health and regeneration when cooked. While fish provide a health boost, their main use is to be sold to The Hunter's Call for reputation and gold. All fish can be eaten in two separate bites.

Fish type Bait Required Regular Rare Night
Splashtails None Ruby Sunny Indigo Umber Seafoam
Plentifins Earthworms Olive Amber Cloudy Bonedust Watery
Ancientscales Leeches Almond Sapphire Smoke Bone Starshine
Wildsplashes Earthworms Russet Sandy Ocean Muddy Coral
Devilfishes Grubs Ashen Seashell Lava Forsaken Firelight
Islehoppers None Stone Moss Honey Raven Amethyst
Pondie None Charcoal Orchid Bronze Bright Moonsky
Battlegills Grubs Jade Sky Rum Sand Bittersweet
Stormfishes Leeches Ancient Shores Wild Shadow Twilight
Wreckers Earthworms Rose Blackcloud Sun Snow Moon


Main article: Bait

Bait is found by digging different terrain or looting Barrels. Bait restores only 5% of a player's health and can make the player throw up. The main use of bait is to catch Fish with the Fishing Rod. Up to 10 pieces of bait can be carried, which are considered separate from the food count. There are currently three different types of bait:

Patch history

  • 2.6.2 (September 29, 2022)
    • Players sprinting or switching weapons shortly after eating will now hear the audio effect stop short, clearly indicating the action was cancelled.
  • 2.5.2 (May 12, 2022)
    • Food being cooked should no longer visually flicker when changing between cooking states.

{{patch| | Players attempting to eat Food while sprinting will now instantly ready the Food item, allowing them to eat.

  • 2.0.2 (May 23, 2019)
    • All food items now have functioning phrases in the pirate chat radial.