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The Sovereigns have arrived! These haughty newcomers will only deal with Captains and their crews, accepting most treasures and delivering them on your behalf.
— Loading screen
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Sovereigns are NPCs who will take treasure from Captains and their crew, and distribute it among the Trading Companies for you as a quicker way to sell treasure for the same reward. One can be found in a Sovereigns Hut on the far side dock of each Outpost.

Sovereigns can deliver treasures to all Trading Companies except to the Reaper's Bones.


The following is a list of all Sovereign representatives at each Outpost.

Sovereign Hut

Sovereigns reside in Sovereign Huts on the secondary dock of every Outpost. This is an impressively decorated, purple and yellow tent built around a tall mast with draping flags. A lever operated cargo lift can be used to quickly transport treasure from a middle level where harpoons can be used to take it straight from a ship. There is also a rowboat lift on the side of the dock opposite the cargo lift. Additionally, a ladder leads further up the central mast to a functionless viewing deck.

A Sovereign representative is stationed inside the tent on the lower level, willing to accept treasure from Captained crews.

A slow version of Captain's of Adventure can be heard while inside this area.


  • When selling treasure that can be sold to any Trading Company (such as Mermaid Gems), if you are sailing as a Trading Company Emissary, Sovereigns will deliver it to the company you are representing. Otherwise, they will choose a company at random.
  • Be careful when manually dropping loot on the lift as it's possible to place it directly on the rope making it difficult, if not impossible to recover. to avoid this, the harpoons can be used for fast delivery. (This is no longer an issue since the Sovereigns’ hut harpoon will place treasure on the lift platform even if the platform is down, making it even easier to cash in.)
  • The Sovereigns will not accept Cargo.


  • The symbols in and around the Sovereign tents resemble that of the Grand Maritime Union, though it is unclear if they truly share allegiance to the group.

Patch history

  • 2.9.0 (October 19, 2023)
    • Players can no longer walk through the table in the Sovereigns’ tents.
  • 2.6.0 (August 4, 2022)
    • Introduced.