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Blunderbombs are a Throwable Item in Sea of Thieves. They can be either thrown by hand or shot out of Cannons to knock back Players or Ships.

Where to find them

Every Ship starts out with an initial stock of 2 Blunderbombs stashed in each of the Ship's Cannonball Barrels. Additional Blunderbombs can be found in Resource Barrels (especially Cannonball Barrels), Storage Crates and Rowboat Chests all over The Sea of Thieves. Blunderbombs can also be unloaded from previously loaded Cannons.


Blunderbombs can be thrown in a short arc by a player using the Primary Use key. If the key is held, the pirate will perform a short windup animation, although it does not appear to affect the bomb's trajectory. They can also be loaded into cannons like Cannonballs and fired at greater distances. On impact with a surface, the Blunderbomb will shatter, creating a small grenade-like explosion, launching Blunderbuss pellets in every direction, while dealing damage and knocking anyone in the vicinity back.

Blunderbombs can be used to kill most Skeletons in one direct hit, set off Gunpowder Barrels and knock anyone close to it back from a strategic position. A Blunderbomb can deal up to 50% Damage to a Player upon a direct hit. Players in the splash damage radius take 15% Damage. It can also be used to damage players through the walls of Ships, although the damage may be somewhat reduced. When shot out of a Cannon, a Blunderbomb can be shot from a distance. Any cannoned Blunderbomb that hits a Ship will knock the Ship back as if the Ship were hit by a Gunpowder Barrel Explosion. A Blunderbomb does no damage to a Ship.


  • Up to 5 Throwables can be held in a player's inventory at one time.
  • A single Blunderbomb can be loaded into any Cannon, signified by a fuse appearing on the back end of the Cannon.
  • Up to 99 Blunderbombs can be stored in one storage space of a Barrel at a time. A single Ship's Cannonball Barrel can carry up to 3 pages worth (i.e. 4752) of Blunderbombs.
  • Up to 20 Blunderbombs can be stored in one storage space of the Rowboat Chest. A single Rowboat's Chest can carry a maximum of 2 pages worth (i.e. 640) of Blunderbombs.
  • Up to 99 Blunderbombs can be stored in one storage space of a Storage Crate. A single Storage Crate can carry up to 1584 Blunderbombs.


  • Blunderbombs cannot be placed inside a Cannonball Crate nor a Firebomb Crate.
  • Blunderbombs can be used to knock people off a Ship's ladder, helm, capstan, or sails.
  • Blunderbombs will set off Gunpowder Barrels.
  • When timed right, a single cannon-fired blunderbomb can knock the enemy ship up, throwing off the enemy's ability to return fire.

In-Game Description

Pirates love chaos, confusion and explosions. It must be your lucky day.


Patch history

  • 2.7.1 (December 15, 2022)
    • Blunderbomb Impact Balancing
      • Blunderbombs fired from a cannon now have a reduced area of effect range when exploding, and players caught in the blast will no longer be propelled so far into the air, preventing them from being so easily sent overboard.
      • Blunderbombs fired from a cannon to hit a ship’s hull now deal reduced damage to players caught in the blast inside the ship.
    • Reduced Blunderbomb Availability
      • Blunderbombs are now discovered slightly less frequently in island barrels, and fewer are collected at once.
      • Captains restocking at the shipwright will find the throwables supply now contains fewer throwables and has been reduced in price accordingly.
      • Crates found during the ‘Dark Brethren’ Tall Tale now contain fewer blunderbombs.
  • 2.0.13 (March 12, 2020)
    • Introduced.

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