Wood Barrel

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A Wood Barrel is a type of Resource Barrel on every Ship used to store and pick up Wooden Planks in Sea of Thieves.

Where to Find

Wood Barrels are found on all player Ships, Skeleton Ships, and Shipwrecks.

  • There is 1 Wood Barrel on every ship variant.
    • A Sloop has 1 Wood Barrel on the lower deck at the central column.
    • A Brigantine has 1 Wood Barrel below deck, facing the stairs.
    • A Galleon has 1 Wood Barrel on the middle deck at the starboard rear corner nearest the lower deck stairs.


Every Barrel has 16 open Slots per Page for Resources. Each Barrel can contain up to three pages worth of Resources with a maximum of 99 of a single item per one Slot. Therefore, the maximum storage capacity of a single Barrel is 4752 Resource Items.

Patch History

  • Barrel inventory has been expanded to display a 4x4 grid of items rather than a 3x4 grid with additional pages.
  • Barrel storage capacity increased to 9,600 items.
  • Added a user interface to barrels.
  • Wood Barrel storage capacity increased to 1,188.
  • The original Wood Barrel had no user interface and a storage capacity of 99 Wooden Planks.