Royal Sovereign Set

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The Set with just the Royal Sovereign Shirt.
The Set with just the Royal Sovereign Jacket.
The Set with the Royal Sovereign Dress.

Royal Sovereign Set Items are for Pirates who want to show off their luxurious wealth, influenced by the Spanish Conquistadors. The Sovereign look is the look of the Gold Hoarders and as such, all Sovereign items used to be only purchasable from Outposts in The Ancient Isles Region. As of the Anniversary Update, all Sovereign Item variants can be purchased at all Outpost Shops. Royal Sovereign Set items feature Green, White and Gold made of fine materials. Sovereign Ship, Equipment and Weapon Cosmetics tend to feature plated golden embellishments. The Royal Sovereign insignia is a Golden Lion. With the Lost Treasures Content Update, the Royal Sovereign Ship Set was completed with the addition of the Flag, Figurehead, Wheel, Cannons, Capstan.

Set Components


  • Total Cost: 28,400 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Royal Sovereign Belt.png
Royal Sovereign Belt 1,350 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 33
Belt "Belts should be slack to perfect your swagger. Loose trousers? Buy some tighter ones."
Royal Sovereign Boots.png
Royal Sovereign Boots 1,350 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 28
Boots "Made from the finest materials, but not recommended for use on sand, grass, rock or in water."
Royal Sovereign Dress.png
Royal Sovereign Dress 5,400 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 33
Dress "Straight from the catwalks to the deck comes this gloriously impractical dress."
Royal Sovereign Gloves.png
Royal Sovereign Gloves 1,350 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 28
Gloves "A must have investment to avoid unattractive blisters, callouses, and cracked nails."
Royal Sovereign Hat.png
Royal Sovereign Hat 6,800 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 49
Hat "Finding the perfect rakish angle is an equal challenge to any treasure map."
Royal Sovereign Jacket.png
Royal Sovereign Jacket 6,750 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 36
Jacket "Boasts nearly as many features as the boasting you'll be doing to your lesser garbed crewmates."
Royal Sovereign Shirt.png
Royal Sovereign Shirt 2,700 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 36
Shirt "Unlikely to keep you warm or dry, but at least you'll look elegant on your silk-clad sickbed."
Royal Sovereign Trousers.png
Royal Sovereign Trousers 2,700 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 33
Bottoms "Parade the decks in these trousers of impeccable taste. Just don't sit down, they are a bit tight."


  • Total Cost: 11,150 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Royal Sovereign Eyepatch.png
Royal Sovereign Eyepatch 3,050 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 47
Eyepatch "Losing your ability to see properly is a fair trade for the distinction this brings."
Royal Sovereign Hook.png
Royal Sovereign Hook 4,050 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 47
Hook "This gilded hook means everyone you meet benefits from a golden handshake."
Royal Sovereign Pegleg.png
Royal Sovereign Pegleg 4,050 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 47
Pegleg "Your shipmates are unlikely to appreciate its fashionably pointed end if you step on their toes."


  • Total Cost: 37,350 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Royal Sovereign Banjo.png
Royal Sovereign Banjo 3,500 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 41
Banjo "Apparently this rather common instrument is now all the rage in high society."
Royal Sovereign Bucket.png
Royal Sovereign Bucket 1,900 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 31
Bucket "Such a pity to dirty this lovely bucket with sea water, so ask your crew to use theirs instead."
Royal Sovereign Compass.png
Royal Sovereign Compass 2,800 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 46
Compass "Its glass case doubles up as a handy mirror, essential for ensuring your hair isn't out of place."
Royal Sovereign Concertina.png
Royal Sovereign Concertina 2,850 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 41
Concertina "Fit for a King! Actually it is, because we stole it from his majesty's musicians."
Royal Sovereign Drum.png
Royal Sovereign Drum 3,500 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 41
Drum "For the style conscious pirate who doesn't know how to play the other instruments."
Royal Sovereign Fishing Rod.png
Royal Sovereign Fishing Rod 6,400 Gold n/a
Hunter of Ancientscales
Hunter of Ancientscales emblem.png
Hunter of Ancientscales
Deliver all types of Ancientscale.
Fishing Rod "Fishing is the most refined of waterside pursuits - ensure you use a refined rod."
Royal Sovereign Hurdy-Gurdy.png
Royal Sovereign Hurdy-Gurdy 2,850 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 41
Hurdy-Gurdy "If the music you play is as beautiful as this is, you'll be a liar."
Royal Sovereign Lantern.png
Royal Sovereign Lantern 1,900 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 38
Lantern "Hard to tell which shines brighter, its light or the distasteful excess of gold."
Royal Sovereign Pocket Watch.png
Royal Sovereign Pocket Watch 2,800 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 43
Pocket Watch "Boasts an intricate jewelled movement and a double hasped case. It might even tell the time too."
Royal Sovereign Shovel.png
Royal Sovereign Shovel 1,850 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 31
Shovel "We recommend waiting between digs so your crew can appreciate its impractical splendour."
Royal Sovereign Speaking Trumpet.png
Royal Sovereign Speaking Trumpet 2,300 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 43
Speaking Trumpet "The elaborate design makes it heavy, but everyone will hear how great it looks. That's what matters."
Royal Sovereign Spyglass.png
Royal Sovereign Spyglass 3,800 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 46
Spyglass "Don't worry if you are looking the wrong way, as you'll always look good holding this."
Royal Sovereign Tankard.png
Royal Sovereign Tankard 900 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 38
Tankard "Drinking grog has rarely been done in such unnecessary style."


  • Total Cost: 35,350 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Royal Sovereign Blunderbuss.png
Royal Sovereign Blunderbuss 9,450 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 48
Blunderbuss "Ideal for close quarters disagreements, but surely everyone will agree how magnificent this looks."
Royal Sovereign Cutlass.png
Royal Sovereign Cutlass 7,000 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 48
Cutlass "Its fine engraving should bewitch those Skeletons into believing you are a master of the blade."
Royal Sovereign Double Barrel Pistol.png
Royal Sovereign Double Barrel Pistol
The War Chest Champion
The War Chest Champion emblem.png
The War Chest Champion
Complete all of the War Chest Commendations.
Double Barrel Pistol "What could be more distinguished than a common pistol? How about a pistol with twice as many barrels?"
Royal Sovereign Eye of Reach.png
Royal Sovereign Eye of Reach 9,450 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 48
Eye of Reach "Long range shooting can now be done with accuracy AND panache. No pirate could ask for more."
Royal Sovereign Pistol.png
Royal Sovereign Pistol 9,450 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 48
Pistol "Does it work? We're not sure, but just look at that wonderfully ornate trigger."
Royal Sovereign Throwing Knives.png
Royal Sovereign Throwing Knives
The War Chest Champion
The War Chest Champion emblem.png
The War Chest Champion
Complete all of the War Chest Commendations.
Throwing Knives "Perfectly balanced blades that will have all your enemies admiring the elegance of their doom."

Ship Customisations

  • Total Cost: 295,750 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Royal Sovereign Cannons.png
Royal Sovereign Cannons 49,000 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 40
Cannons "Rather splendid cannons which will deal with those beneath you in short order."
Royal Sovereign Capstan.png
Royal Sovereign Capstan 49,000 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 10
Capstan "If one absolutely must manually wind one's anchor, let one do it in luxurious style."
Royal Sovereign Figurehead.png
Royal Sovereign Figurehead 49,000 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 50
Figurehead "It's very heavy and attracts thieves like flies on a Bilge Rat, but just LOOK how magnificent it is!"
Royal Sovereign Flag.png
Royal Sovereign Flag 1,750 Gold n/a n/a Flags "Ah, a fine flag that really says 'this ship is not for the likes of you' to common pirates."
Royal Sovereign Hull.png
Royal Sovereign Hull 49,000 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 50
Hull "Constructed by master craftsmen whilst listening to the finest shanties, it's poetry in motion."
Royal Sovereign Sails.png
Royal Sovereign Sails 49,000 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 50
Sails "Our velvet sails didn't work, so try these part silk ones instead. They have a lovely feel to them."
Royal Sovereign Wheel.png
Royal Sovereign Wheel 49,000 Gold n/a
Gold Hoarders 25
Wheel "A shame to subject such a finely crafted wheel to the rigours of the sea, but you have places to be."


Patch history

  • First Release (March 20, 2018)
    • Introduced
    • Added the Royal Sovereign clothing, weapons, vanity, hull, figurehead, sail, and equipment into their respective shops.
    • The set was only available in shops in The Ancient Isles.