Throwing Knives

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Throwing Knives are a range/melee weapon in Sea of Thieves.


  • Quick stab: Primary Use performs a standard quick stab.
  • Heavy downward blow: Hold Primary Use to prepare a heavier downward stab then release to attack. Movement will be slowed until you attack or cancel the action.
  • Throw: Hold Secondary Use to prepare a throw attack, then press Primary Use to launch a knife at your target. Movement will be slowed until you attack or cancel the action.
  • Pick up knife: Use Interact to pick up any throwing knife that was thrown and hit an object or terrain rather than an enemy. Players from any crew can pick up a throwing knife.

List of Throwing Knives

  • Total Items: 8
  • Total Cost: 14,000 Gold  996 Ancient Coins
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Set In-game description
Admiral Throwing Knives.png
Admiral Throwing Knives 7,000 Gold n/a
Title Fight
Title Fight emblem.png
Title Fight
Defeat a Skeleton Lord with a ranged throwing knife attack.
Admiral "Ensure that you can carve out any mutinous thoughts, even from afar."
Crimson Crypt Throwing Knives.png
Crimson Crypt Throwing Knives 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Crimson Crypt "Sanguine blades designed to fly as gracefully as the bats whose wings adorn them."
Dark Warsmith Throwing Knives.png
Dark Warsmith Throwing Knives 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Dark Warsmith "These knives are almost too hot to hold. Better throw them quickly."
Deadlock Jailer Throwing Knives.png
Deadlock Jailer Throwing Knives 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Deadlock Jailer "Could probably double as a set of lockpicks if the situation gest dire enough"
Lodestar Throwing Knives.png
Lodestar Throwing Knives 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Lodestar "How strange, for such small blades to be brimming with such infinite starlight."
Royal Sovereign Throwing Knives.png
Royal Sovereign Throwing Knives Armoury
The War Chest Champion
The War Chest Champion emblem.png
The War Chest Champion
Complete all of the War Chest Commendations.
Royal Sovereign "Perfectly balanced blades that will have all your enemies admiring the elegance of their doom."
Sailor Throwing Knives.png
Sailor Throwing Knives
Default item
n/a n/a Sailor "Use these weapons to strike from a distance or get up close and personal."
Sea Dog Throwing Knives.png
Sea Dog Throwing Knives 7,000 Gold n/a
Back Bone Stabber
Back Bone Stabber emblem.png
Back Bone Stabber
Defeat a skeleton with throwing knives.
  • 50
  • 100
  • 250
  • 500
  • 1000
Sea Dog "These are actually just regular knives being repurposed. Don't tell anyone."

Patch history

  • 3.0.0 (April 30, 2024)
    • Introduced.