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Ghost Ship Voyages are Voyages offered by the Order of Souls Trading Company in Sea of Thieves. These Voyages take Crews to a Large Island that has been overrun by Ghost Ships, where they need to take down a variable number of Grunt Ghost Ships to spawn the Ghost Captain Ship with its retinue. The Ghost Captain Ship is stronger than regular Grunt Ships and is guaranteed to drop Ghostly Bounty Skulls.


Ghost Ship Voyages can be purchased from the Order of Souls Representatives at any Outpost by anyone who has at least reached the Rank 25 Mystic Mercenary Promotion with the Order. If an eligible Player does not see any Ghost Ship Voyages in stock, then they might have to rely on a different Crewmate to buy the Voyage or wait for the Voyages to be restocked at 6am of the next day.

The Voyage needs to be put up on the Ship's Voyage Table and voted for before the Quest can be seen in the Quest Radial Menu.

Any Players can take part in a Ghost Ship Voyage if one has been put for a vote on the Voyage Table by another Crewmate.

The Voyage

Ghost Ship Voyages are always a single Chapter, one Quest Voyage, providing Crews with a Ghost Ship Map that send Players to find a Fleet of Ghost Ships circling a nearby Large Island. Ghost Ships follow a circular set trajectory around the Island and don't stray from it. When in cannon range, they will shoot any Ships with Ghostly Cannonballs. When they are in front of a Player Ship, they also leave behind Ghost Mines that explode after a set amount of time and deal equal damage to a Gunpowder Barrel. When Ghost Ships sail through a Player Ship, the Players will be unaffected, but their Ship will take several holes worth of damage.

The Voyages consist of two waves:

First Wave

The first wave sees Players take on a variable number of Grunt Ghost Ships. These Ships are weak and take three direct hits of any Cannonballs to defeat. Once defeated, the ships will explode with the shockwave pushing any nearby vessels back. The number of Ships that Players have to shoot down in order to progress depends on the difficulty of the Voyage that is dependent on the Promotion of the person who bought and placed the Voyage down. Once enough Ships have been taken down, the rest of them will enter into portals back to the Sea of the Damned and the boss wave will begin.

Boss Wave

The Boss Wave will see new portals open with a Ghost Captain Ship and up to two Ghost Flagships surrounded by Grunt Ships. The boss Ships are designated by their full Sails and Pennant Flags with the Captain Ship sailing the Ghost Captain Sails. These Ships are mechanically similar to Grunt Ghost Ships, but take considerably more hits to defeat. The number of Cannon hits required to defeat a Captain's Ship is dependent on the level or difficulty of the Voyage. It seems that the Flagships take around 10 Cannon hits to defeat. The Ships will start glowing with particles when low on health. Once a Ghost Captain Ship has been disintegrated, the Voyage is considered complete.

As an alternative Boss Wave, players who buy the Ghost Ship Voyage while around the highest level of the Order of Souls will have a chance to battle against the Burning Blade. Similar to the final wave of the Ghost Fleet, the Burning Blade will be surrounded by Grunt Ships and will take around 30 cannon hits to defeat. The voyage will be completed once the Burning Blade is destroyed.


While Grunt Ships can occasionally drop Storage Crates of the Damned with Cannonballs and Wooden Planks inside, the main reward for completing the Voyage is dropped by the Ghost Captain's Ship and its Flagships. A Ghost Captain's Ship drops approximately 4-5 Skulls of the Damned and a Captain Skull of the Damned. The Flagships may also drop approximately 2-3 extra Skulls per Ship and a Storage Crate of the Damned, but these can only be claimed if the Flagships are defeated before the Ghost Captain Ship, as the Flagships will vanish upon its destruction. These Ghostly Bounty Skulls can be sold to the Order of Souls Representatives or the Reaper's Bones for Gold and Emissary Value.

Should it appear during a Ghost Ship Voyage, the Burning Blade will drop a Cannonball Crate of the Damned with a varying number of Phantom Cannonballs, Flame Phantom Cannonballs and Wraith Cannonballs.


  • Crews gain Emissary Grade Reputation upon defeating the Captain's Ship while sailing as Order of Souls Emissaries.
  • All types of Cannonballs can be used to defeat Ghost Ships and they all deal equal damage to them.
  • Ghost Ships do not damage Rowboats, however their death explosion does push Rowboats back.
  • Any dropped Ghostly Treasure will have wraiths circling them that can be seen from far away.
  • If you cancel the Voyage, the Ships will disappear immediately, even if they are in combat with you or another ship.

Patch History

  • 2.4.2 (February 10, 2022)
    • Crews taking on the highest-ranking Order of Souls Ghost Fleet Voyages may now encounter the Burning Blade during the final wave.
  • 2.0.16 (June 17, 2020)
    • Introduced.