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Legend of the Veil is an Athena's Fortune Voyage exclusively available to Pirate Legends from the Pirate Lord in the Athena's Fortune Hideout. Over the course of this three-chapter Voyage, players will meet the Pirate Lord and help him uncover the Veil Stones that belong to the Veil of the Ancients.


The first two chapters of the Legend of the Veil will always be random, with some chapters being puzzle-oriented whereas others are combat-oriented.

The final chapter will always be the same, with a huge green tornado indicating the location of a central Ghost Garrison surrounded by three Ghost Garrison emplacements to destroy.

Chapters 1 and 2 (random type)

Haunted Islands (Belle)

Legend of the Veil Haunted Islands.png

Chapters featuring Haunted Islands will direct players to an island shrouded in a sickly green fog. Upon arriving, crews will encounter Belle, who requests the player's help in locating a Veil Stone. When spoken to, she will provide an Enchanted Lantern that will reveal ghostly Ancient statues. Light the one next to her to reveal shining beacons and ghostly shock waves to indicate the location of the others around the island.

Upon lighting the last statue, a final statue surrounded by Ancients and located by beacon and shock wave becomes available for lighting. Upon lighting, players, with the help of the Ancients, will need to take on party of Phantoms, finishing off with a Soulflame Captain who drops a variety of Athena's Fortune Treasure on defeat. After defeating the Soulflame Captain, the Ancient Priest awards players with the Veil Stone.

Puzzle maps (Sudds)

Chapters featuring puzzle maps will lead players to a first island on which they will have to meet with Sudds. Once found, he will provide a puzzle map of his own making, which contains clues about the location of the Veil Stone. The map can be of three different types and is given at random.

Lying Maps
Legend of the Veil Lying Maps.png

Lying Maps provide a map of the island containing the[Veil Stone drawn by Sudds, but with no marker indicating where it is buried. Instead, a number of symbols corresponding to the numerous drawings created by The Ancients on the island are marked on the map. However, one of the symbols on the map is incorrect, with the Veil Stone's location belonging to the location marked by the incorrect symbol.

Pictorial Maps
Legend of the Veil Pictorial Maps.png

Pictorial Maps provide several sketches drawn by Sudds of the island containing the Veil Stone, including one sketch with an icon indicating the exact location of the buried Veil Stone itself. With no traditional map provided, the identification of landmarks and other points of interest within the available sketches are critical for identifying both the island and exact location of the Veil Stone.

Zoom Maps
Legend of the Veil Zoom Maps.png

Zoom Maps are identical to traditional X-Marks-The-Spot treasure maps, but only feature a zoomed-in portion of the island around the buried Veil Stone. As such, the locations on Zoom Maps are significantly harder to identify and will require either a high level of map knowledge or intense scouring of the Map Table to locate.

Shipwreck Graveyards

Legend of the Veil Shipwreck Graveyards.png

Chapters featuring Shipwreck Graveyards will require players to locate and dive into a cluster of shipwrecks to find a Veil Stone as well as various other treasure items. Various elements on the ship such as windows and bookshelves can be interacted with to potentially reveal hidden treasure items. One of these objects will contain Grim Fortune's Key that unlocks the Grim Fortune's cabin containing the Veil Stone.

You can use the Ship's Log aboard the Grim's Fortune to find the name of the ship containing the Grim Fortune's Key, or alternatively the key can be located by searching through each ship individually.

Final Chapter

Legend of the Veil Final Chapter.png

Unlike the first two chapters, the final chapter will always be the same, with players sieging three Ghost Garrison emplacements defended by multiple Ghost Ships. A huge green tornado protects a central Ghost Garrison, which will become exposed once all three Ghost Garrison emplacements have been destroyed using the ship's cannons.

Once exposed, players will need to fire upon each vulnerable, glowing part of the central Ghost Garrison. Once all weak points have been destroyed, the storm and defending Ghost Ships will retreat, leaving the bulk of the Voyage's treasure accessible on the now-destroyed central Garrison.


Each chapter can reward high value treasure and Athena's Fortune Treasure, rewarded in different ways depending on the selected chapter.

Once completed, the entrance to the central Ghost Garrison at the end of the final chapter accommodates the bulk of the Voyage's treasure:


Beginning chapter one

Pirate Lord

It's good to see you! The quest you're about to embark on isn't about gold or even glory, it's about protecting the life we hold dear!
This is the Veil of the Ancients. It holds the power to open a permanent doorway to the Sea of the Damned.
With this power, the boundary between our Sea of Thieves and the Sea of the Damned is no more and memories can become real.
However, to use this power the Veil must be reunited with three stones that were taken from it, long ago.
There are others seeking the stones, so you will need to act fast.
Retrieve the Veil Stones and I'll make sure the Veil of the Ancients never falls into the wrong hands.
Everything you need to know is in your Quest Book. Good luck, I'm counting on you!

Beginning chapter two

Pirate Lord

You have achieved great things, but your adventure is far from over! We must have every last stone. This power cannot fall into the wrong hands.

Isn't it beautiful! But the power it holds... We must repair the Veil of the Ancients and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands!

When this is all over, we'll share a grog and you can tell me all about your adventures! But for now, we must find the next Veil Stone!

You have done well! But there's no time to waste
How the Servant and his minions are always one step ahead of us, I don't know - but we must have all the stones!

Beginning chapter three

Pirate Lord

We are so close! The final stone has fallen into the hands of the Reapers and their master. You must retrieve it!

There's only one stone left! The Servant and his master will do all in their power to keep it from us, are you ready?

Completing voyage

Pirate Lord

Well now, that was an adventure worthy of a true Legend!
I'll keep the Veil safe and sound! Who knows, I may even call upon you to use its powers before too long.
Your adventures won't soon be forgotten, here and in the Sea of the Damned.
There are dark times ahead but with pirates like you at my side, I feel confident we can protect our way of life from those who seek to destroy it.
For what is the Sea of Thieves but a haven for those with adventure in their hearts and mischief in their souls!
Here's to you and all that you have done for this strange and wonderful home of ours, cheers!

Speaking to Sudds


Quickly, quickly, there is no time to waste. The Servant knows too much already, we must stop him. Take this map.

Too much in my head, had to get it down on paper. Take this, it'll lead you to the stone.

Here at last. I fear for the stone. This knowledge is precious, guard it with your life and find the stone before they do.

Knowledge can be dangerous, in the wrong hands. Keep this safe, find the stone.

Each stone holds its own power, but together, together they are powerful. We must keep it from them, not for them, far too dangerous...

Haunted Islands Dialogue

Speaking to Belle


Take this, it will reveal long-forgotten memories. Light the braziers and they will lead you to the jewel.
Be warned, its power allows you to glimpse events that happened long ago, but it may also draw the attention of those that serve Flameheart.

I was drawn to powerful memories here. Use the lantern to reveal them. Lighting the braziers will guide you to the resting place of the Veil Stone.
Be watchful, the Servant and his minions will be drawn to this power too.

There are powerful memories here, I feel it. Take this lantern, it will reveal them to you.
Light the braziers and they lead you to what you seek. Protect the stone, at all costs.

Ancient ritual chant

Ancient Priest

In the realm untravelled.
Where our ancestors dwell.
Hear our call.
May the worlds be joined once more.
May the worlds be joined once more.
Let the veil be parted.

During the battle


• Protect the stone!
• For the Veil!
• Defend the stone!
• It must be protected!
• Protect the High Priest!
• Drive them back!
• They must be stopped!
• They are not worthy!

Soulflame Captain

• May the Flame burn!
• You'll never stop my master!
• Try again, mortal!
• Your weapons are no match for me!
• Your weapons are weak!
• Mortal weapons, ha!
• Ha! You fool!
• Death is only the beginning!
• I do not fear you!
• Come, mortal!

After the battle

Ancient Priest

You fought well.
I sought to reconnect the two worlds once.
I now know they must remain parted.
We must have balance, a world of the living and a world of the dead.
Protect the veil.

Final Chapter Dialogue

Before all emplacements have been destroyed


• Defend the emplacements!
• Hold them back!
• Make ready!
• Don't let them get in range!
• Make ready the guns!
• Protect the emplacements!
• Don't let them destroy the emplacements!
• Prepare to fire!
• Light the braziers!
• Man the cannons!

When an emplacement is destroyed

• The emplacement has been blown to smithereens!
• An emplacement has been destroyed!
• We've lost an emplacement!
• They've destroyed an emplacement!
• They reduced the emplacement to rubble!
• The emplacement is destroyed!
• An emplacement lies in rubble!

After all emplacements have been destroyed


• Defend the fort!
• Gunners! To the walls!
• Ready the cannons!
• They must not get the stone!
• Cannons! Fire!
• Prepare to defend the Fort!
• Prepare to defend the fort!
• Ready the forts defences!
• Protect the stone!
• Protect the fort!
• The fort! Protect the fort!
• Protect the stone!

When a Garrison section is destroyed

• Protect the stone!
• A direct hit! The walls!
• They must not breach the walls!
• They're destroying our defences!
• They're breaking down the defences!
• A hit! The walls are crumbling!
• We're under fire!
A hit! Look to the defences!
• Our defences are weakening!
• Protect the walls!
The walls are under attack!
• Defend the fort!


Old Mysterious emblem.png
Old MysteriousSolve a puzzle from Sudds.
High Seas only
Obliquity of the Ecliptic emblem.png
Obliquity of the EclipticSolve 25 puzzles from Sudds.
High Seas only
  • Grade I: 5
  • Grade II: 10
  • Grade III: 15
  • Grade IV: 20
  • Grade V: 25
Lock icon.png Unlocks the Ancient Flintlock for purchase.
Together as One emblem.png
Together as OneDispel your first Haunted Island.
High Seas only
Master Banisher emblem.png
Master BanisherDispel 25 Haunted Islands.
High Seas only
  • Grade I: 5
  • Grade II: 10
  • Grade III: 15
  • Grade IV: 20
  • Grade V: 25
Lock icon.png Unlocks the Servant of the Flame Cutlass for purchase.
Hidden Depths emblem.png
Hidden DepthsComplete your first Shipwreck Graveyard.
High Seas only
Legendary Lung Capacity emblem.png
Legendary Lung CapacityComplete 25 Shipwreck Graveyards.
High Seas only
  • Grade I: 5
  • Grade II: 10
  • Grade III: 15
  • Grade IV: 20
  • Grade V: 25
Speed Swum emblem.png
Speed SwumComplete a Shipwreck Graveyard without picking up the clue page.
High Seas only
Crumble and Fall emblem.png
Crumble and FallDefeat your first Ghost Garrison.
High Seas only
Demolition Plan emblem.png
Demolition PlanDefeat 50 Ghost Garrisons.
High Seas only
  • Grade I: 5
  • Grade II: 10
  • Grade III: 15
  • Grade IV: 25
  • Grade V: 50
Lock icon.png Unlocks the Servant of the Flame Hat for purchase.
Tower Defence emblem.png
Tower DefenceDefeat 150 Ghost Garrison emplacements.
High Seas only
  • Grade I: 15
  • Grade II: 30
  • Grade III: 45
  • Grade IV: 75
  • Grade V: 150
Lock icon.png Unlocks the Ancient Blunderbuss for purchase.
Legend of the Veil emblem.png
Legend of the VeilComplete your first Legend of the Veil Voyage.
High Seas only
Lock icon.png Unlocks the Pirate Lord Pegleg for purchase.
Veil Seeker emblem.png
Veil SeekerComplete 100 Legend of the Veil Voyages.
High Seas only
  • Grade I: 5
  • Grade II: 15
  • Grade III: 25
  • Grade IV: 50
  • Grade V: 100
Lock icon.png Unlocks the Ancient Cutlass for purchase and the Veil Seeker achievement.
True Legend emblem.png
True LegendComplete a Legend of the Veil Voyage as a Grade 5 Athena Emissary.
High Seas only
  • Grade I: 1
  • Grade II: 5
  • Grade III: 10
  • Grade IV: 15
  • Grade V: 25
Lock icon.png Unlocks the True Legend achievement.
Offering of Legendary Goods emblem.png
Offering of Legendary GoodsSell Legendary Reward - Offering of Legendary Goods.
High Seas only
  • Grade I: 10
  • Grade II: 20
  • Grade III: 30
  • Grade IV: 40
  • Grade V: 50
Jar of Athena's Incense emblem.png
Jar of Athena's IncenseSell Legendary Reward - Jar of Athena's Incense.
High Seas only
  • Grade I: 10
  • Grade II: 20
  • Grade III: 30
  • Grade IV: 40
  • Grade V: 50
Legendary Fortune Keeper emblem.png
Legendary Fortune KeeperSell Legendary Reward - Legendary Fortune Keeper.
High Seas only
  • Grade I: 10
  • Grade II: 20
  • Grade III: 30
  • Grade IV: 40
  • Grade V: 50
Athena's Relic emblem.png
Athena's RelicSell Legendary Reward - Athena's Relic.
High Seas only
  • Grade I: 10
  • Grade II: 20
  • Grade III: 30
  • Grade IV: 40
  • Grade V: 50
Artifact of Legendary Hunger emblem.png
Artifact of Legendary HungerSell Legendary Reward - Artifact of Legendary Hunger.
High Seas only
  • Grade I: 10
  • Grade II: 20
  • Grade III: 30
  • Grade IV: 40
  • Grade V: 50
Skull of Athena's Blessing emblem.png
Skull of Athena's BlessingSell Legendary Reward - Skull of Athena's Blessing.
High Seas only
  • Grade I: 10
  • Grade II: 20
  • Grade III: 30
  • Grade IV: 40
  • Grade V: 50
Legendary Loot Seller emblem.png
Legendary Loot SellerSell 500 Legendary Loot.
High Seas only
  • Grade I: 100
  • Grade II: 200
  • Grade III: 300
  • Grade IV: 400
  • Grade V: 500
Lock icon.png Unlocks the Ancient Eye of Reach for purchase and the Legendary Loot Seller achievement.


Ach Veil Seeker.png

Veil Seeker

Complete 100 Legend of the Veil Quests
Gamerscore 20

Ach Legendary Loot Seller.png

Legendary Loot Seller

Sell 500 Legendary Treasures
Gamerscore 30

Ach True Legend.png

True Legend

Complete 25 Legend of the Veil Voyages as a Grade 5 Athena Emissary
Gamerscore 50


  • The music used during the Soulflame Captain battle is a modified version of the music used during the fight in the Shrouded Islands Adventure, layered with the Sea of Thieves main theme.
  • This Voyage was the first appearance of the Ancients in-game beyond just ruins and cave paintings.


Patch history

  • 2.8.2 (May 18, 2023)
    • On discovering a Shipwreck Graveyard during a Legend of the Veil Voyage, players who previously opened the Captain's Quarters will still be able to access that area even after server migration.
  • 2.7.2 (January 19, 2023)
    • Treasure collected from the Shipwreck Graveyard portions of the Legend of the Veil Voyage should no longer disappear from a crew's ship after the Voyage is completed.
    • Athena’s Fortune artefacts found during the Legend of the Veil Voyage will now progress the Hider of Legendary Secrets Commendation when buried.
  • 2.7.1 (December 15, 2022)
    • Crews should no longer encounter scenarios where a Legend of the Veil Voyage can fail due to a missing Quest Item that was safely stored on a ship.
  • 2.7.0 (November 22, 2022)
    • Wreckers now appear at shipwrecks while on Lost Shipment Voyages, and while exploring a Shipwreck Graveyard as part of the Legend of the Veil Voyage.
  • 2.6.2 (September 29, 2022)
    • Shipwreck Graveyards have been re-enabled and can once again be found during Legend of the Veil Voyages.
    • Crews should now be consistently directed to the next chapter of a Legend of the Veil Voyage after completing the initial quest from Belle.
    • Treasure from Shipwreck Graveyards should now be properly removed from the world if a Legend of the Veil Voyage is cancelled.
  • 2.6.1 (September 1, 2022)
    • Completing the Captain's Voyage entitled A Commission of the Ancient Veil now counts towards the True Legend Commendation.
    • Players will no longer be able to walk up some of the walls of the Ghost Garrison during the Legend of the Veil Voyage.
  • (July 11, 2022)
    • Crews defeating a Soulflame Captain during a Haunted Island encounter will now earn the correct number of rewards and gain the intended Emissary Grade progression when playing as an Emissary.
  • 2.5.3 (June 26, 2022)
    • Playing through the Legend of the Veil Voyage and then migrating servers will no longer cause players to lose their progress.
    • Treasure items left untouched following a Haunted Island encounter should no longer disappear if the Veil Stone is used prior to collecting the rewards.
    • Ancients summoned during the Haunted Island ritual can now be heard speaking during the final battle.
    • Purchasing a Legend of the Veil Voyage from the Pirate Lord now displays the correct iconography in the confirmation window.
    • Players exploring a Shipwreck Graveyard will now encounter Sharks.
    • Treasure Crates discovered while exploring a Shipwreck Graveyard should now always be retrievable.
    • Improved grammar in the Shipwreck Graveyard quest book pages and tooltips.
    • The Veil Stone treasure chest recovered from a Shipwreck Graveyard can now be opened while being held.
    • Quest Book pages provided by the Pirate Lord to seek out Belle during a Haunted Island quest now use correct landmark names.
  • 2.5.2 (May 12, 2022)
    • Brigantine and Galleon crews will now encounter additional Phantoms during the Haunted Islands part of the Voyage when compared to solo and duo crews.
    • Larger crews will no longer unlock additional progress towards the True Legend Commendation and achievement within the Legend of the Veil.
    • Treasure items collected following the Ghost Garrison encounter should no longer disappear if the Voyage is completed before they’re handed in.
    • When a Veil Stone is added to the Veil of the Ancients, the visual effects can still be seen even when looking away from the Veil itself.
    • The chance of heavy fog during a Ghost Garrison encounter has been reduced.
    • An appropriate impact audio effect is now heard when Ancient Phantoms are hit with swords.
    • The lit torch of an Ancient Priest should no longer be visible after they have disappeared.
    • The Veil of the Ancients arriving or being removed from a player’s ship is now accompanied by visual effects.
    • Targeting the front entrance of a Ghost Garrison no longer prevents damage to the nearby area.
    • Belle should no longer disappear before her lantern during cutscenes.
  • (April 28, 2022)
    • Larger crews will no longer gain Athena’s Fortune Emissary Grade progression at a faster rate when completing quests within the Legend of the Veil.
    • Ancient iconography used across the Legend of the Veil Quest Book pages and cosmetic rewards has now been adjusted.
  • (April 21, 2022)
    • Introduced.

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