Spring Blossom Set

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The Spring Blossom Set is a Cosmetic Set themed around cherry blossoms and a sense of zen. It was previously earned through Season Six Plunder Pass Rewards.

Set Components


  • Total Cost: n/a
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Forest's Blessing Costume 1.png
Forest's Blessing Costume 1 Bundle Only
Time-limited roundel.png
Season Six1
Costume "A forest guardian. Garbed in robes of pink and green. Ready and alert."
Forest's Blessing Costume 2.png
Forest's Blessing Costume 2 Bundle Only
Time-limited roundel.png
Season Six50
Costume "Twisted roots take hold. Blossom falls - gift from the trees. Nature's rich embrace."
Forest's Blessing Costume 3.png
Forest's Blessing Costume 3 Bundle Only
Time-limited roundel.png
Season Six90
Costume "Flesh wooden, skin bark. You are one with the forest. Transformed and complete."


  • Total Cost: n/a
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Forest's Blessing Tattoo.png
Forest's Blessing Tattoo
Time-limited roundel.png
Season Six33
Tattoo "If you aren't quite up for turning your body into a tree, this intricate ink is the next best thing."


  • Total Cost: 249 Ancient Coins
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Spring Blossom Fishing Rod.png
Spring Blossom Fishing Rod 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Fishing Rod "With its line spun from sacred twine, any angler would be blessed to use this gnarled fishing rod."


  • Total Cost: 996 Ancient Coins
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Spring Blossom Blunderbuss.png
Spring Blossom Blunderbuss 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Blunderbuss "Crafted in a holy forge, this blunderbuss' roar is said to mirror the bellow of a fearsome boar god who guards a sacred grove."
Spring Blossom Cutlass.png
Spring Blossom Cutlass 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Cutlass "Certain devoted pirates vehemently argue that the folded steel of thie expertly crafted blade has no equal."
Spring Blossom Eye of Reach.png
Spring Blossom Eye of Reach 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Eye of Reach "Struggling to line up your shot? The leaves of the tiny tree supporting the scope will tell you the wind direction."
Spring Blossom Pistol.png
Spring Blossom Pistol 249 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Pistol "Crafted from a branch of a 1000-year-old tree, this pistol may still be inhabited by its spirit. Wonder if it likes being a gun?"

Ship Customisations

  • Total Cost: 4,890 Ancient Coins
Image Name Source Cost Ltd Requires Type In-game description
Collector's Spring Blossom Figurehead.png
Collector's Spring Blossom Figurehead 799 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Figurehead "Legend has it that the golden blossom of this ancient arboreal figurehead turns to actual gold in the light of the full moon."
Collector's Spring Blossom Sails.png
Collector's Spring Blossom Sails 799 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Sails "Bearing the golden sigil of an eastern emperor, this royal regalia should impress even the haughtiest of helmsmen."
Spring Blossom Cannon Flare.png
Spring Blossom Cannon Flare 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Cannon Flare "Along with the striking shower of glowing petals, the aroma from this floral cloud is simply divine."
Spring Blossom Cannons.png
Spring Blossom Cannons 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Cannons "A storm of petals accompanies every cannonball shot from these ornately carved cannons."
Spring Blossom Capstan.png
Spring Blossom Capstan 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Capstan "Even in rough weather and choppy seas, the pond atop this sacred capstan remains tranquil."
Spring Blossom Figurehead.png
Spring Blossom Figurehead 599 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Figurehead "Entwined in sacred rope, the blossom of the forever-blooming tree on this figurehead is said to ward off evil spirits."
Spring Blossom Flag.png
Spring Blossom Flag 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Flags "Fluttering in the breeze like falling cherry blossom, this flag reminds us that we are just petals on the winds of change."
Spring Blossom Hull.png
Spring Blossom Hull 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Hull "The pinks and reds of this hull mirror the falling petals of cherry trees from eastern lands, blessing your next journey."
Spring Blossom Sails.png
Spring Blossom Sails 599 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Sails "With their golden flowers and bright pink cloth, these floral sails are bound to win you 'Best in Show'."
Spring Blossom Wheel.png
Spring Blossom Wheel 349 Ancient Coins n/a n/a Wheel "The purifying waters that surround the bottom of this wheel are said to do wonders for your skin."




Patch history

  • 2.5.0 (March 10, 2022)
    • Introduced.