Villagers' Valuables

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The Villagers' Valuables is a Crate type Quest Item used during Captains of the Damned at Isla Tesoro. The crate is obtained by following the ghostly rowboat down the canal until it stops by the shore. Digging in this location will reveal the crate. Place the crate on the rowboat to receive the Treasure for Eternity Commendation.

Pirate Chat Wheel

Here is the Pirate Chat Wheel for the crate:

Villagers' Valuables Chat.png


  • While not feasible by conventional means, it is possible to sell Villagers' Valuables to the Merchant Alliance. The crate will be treated as an Ashes of the Damned crate and provide a corresponding gold reward.[1]

Patch history

  • 2.2.0 (June 22, 2021)
    • Introduced.