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A Lost Shipment Voyage is a type of Voyage issued by the Merchant Alliance that sends Crews to recover the shipment of a sunken Merchant ship.


A Lost Shipment voyage can be purchased from a Merchant Alliance Representative by any Pirate that has attained Rank 25 Merchant Officer Promotion with the Company. The Merchant Alliance Representative at Morrow's Peak does not sell Lost Shipment Voyages.

When an eligible Player does not see any Lost Shipment Voyages in stock, they have to rely on a different Crewmate to buy the Voyage or wait for the Voyages to be restocked at 6am.


The crew will be given a Trade Route Map charting the route taken by a lost Merchant galleon. The objective of the mission is to follow the path, retracing the lost ship's journey. Along the way are various clue sites from the merchant vessel:

  • Merchant Barrels of Plenty: Several normal barrels with a Merchant Barrel among the normal barrels that contains a clue, often a Ship Log. These can be located by watching for flocks of seagulls circling overhead.
  • A clue in a bottle floating in the water.
  • A washed-up wreckage on an island or fort beach that contains a clue in a bottle.
  • An island (or seapost) NPC that can provide a clue.

At all of these sites, there may be leftover Trade Good Crates, but only one of these sites contains the Captain's Key, which will unlock the Captain's Quarters onboard the sunken ship.

Near the trade shipment's calculated destination, there will be a shipwreck with an intact (immobile and neutral) skeleton corpse cradling a Merchant Manifest. The voyage completes once the manifest is retrieved, and all clue sites will despawn, including the Captain's Key if it has not been obtained.


The Lost Shipment Voyage introduces several new items that can be sold or used as elements in the voyage.

Trade Route Map

At the start of the voyages, the crew is given a map detailing the ship's trade route across a stretch of the sea. As clues are discovered, their sites are marked on the map for reference. The map is a general guide to the Merchant Alliance approved trade route, from which the lost shipment's crew may have significantly deviated from.

Ship Logs

Ship Logs are similar to those seen at the beginning of The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale. Logs are added to the Quest Radial where a crew can read the log. The log will contain a random selection of log entries that will lead to a random coordinate, island, or other landmark. The last log entry is often the most important one to pay attention to.

Upon reaching a clue site, players may find another log, the shipwreck, Merchant Barrels of Plenty, or the Captain's Key. Clue sites will often be accompanied by several abandoned Trade Good Crates.

Captain's Key

The Captain's Key can be found at one of the Clue Sites identified by Ship's Logs. The Captain's Key unlocks the Captain's Quarters at the Merchant Shipwreck associated with the particular Lost Shipment Voyage. Although all Captain's Keys have an identical appearance, only the Captain's Key associated with the voyage can be used to unlock the Captain's Quarters aboard that shipwreck. All Clue Sites will despawn after the Merchant Manifest has been discovered and picked up, concluding the voyage. The Captain's Key can be sold to any Merchant Alliance representative if not used to unlock a ship.


The main reward is the Merchant Manifest located by the captain's corpse. If the Captain's Key had been obtained before retrieving the manifest, it can be used to unlock the shipwreck's cabin which contains a stash of Trade Good Crates and Gunpowder Barrels. The shipwreck is also littered with other goods such as Skulls, Chests, and Trade Good Crates, but less so than other normal shipwrecks.

Possible Lost Shipment Routes

A Lost Shipment route

There are a total of 13 possible routes you will be given to follow. Completing all 13 of them one time will grant you the "Get Wrecked" Xbox achievement. It is possible for the route to either start or end at either listed island, but the route only needs to be completed in one direction to count towards the achievement.

The routes are:

  • Port Merrick to Dagger Tooth Outpost
  • Port Merrick to Smugglers Bay
  • Port Merrick to The Finest Trading Post
  • Sanctuary Outpost to Galleon's Grave Outpost
  • Sanctuary Outpost to The Wild Treasure Store
  • Dagger Tooth Outpost to Marauder's Arch
  • Galleon's Grave Outpost to Ancient Spire Outpost
  • Galleon's Grave Outpost to Morrow's Peak Outpost
  • Ancient Spire Outpost to The Finest Trading Post
  • Plunder Outpost to Morrow's Peak Outpost
  • Morrow's Peak Outpost to Ashen Reaches
  • Brian's Bazar to Roaring Traders
  • The Finest Trading Post to Devil's Ridge


  • It is not required to locate all clues to find the shipwreck.
  • The shipwreck and its cargo will remain after the voyage is complete.
  • The Wilds is not an ideal environment to embark on this voyage. The area has darker lighting, making it harder to see the flocks of seagulls of the shipwreck and barrels.
  • It is possible for the Manifest to be found floating on the surface instead of on a shipwreck. If this occurs, the shipwreck may be located elsewhere, or may not exist at all due to a bug in the game. Picking up the Manifest causes all clue sites to despawn, which may make finding the shipwreck difficult or impossible. So consider carefully before picking up the Manifest in this situation.


  • In every Lost Shipment voyage, there will be a clue that explains how the galleon sank, which can range from the Captain crashing into a rock after forgetting to bring wooden planks to leaving something on the stove and starting a fire.

Patch history

  • 2.8.6 (September 28, 2023)
    • If a pirate harpoons treasure onto the ship during a Lost Shipments Voyage but does not move it, the treasure will no longer disappear when the Voyage ends.
  • 2.7.0 (November 22, 2022)
    • Wreckers now appear at shipwrecks while on Lost Shipment Voyages, and while exploring a Shipwreck Graveyard as part of the Legend of the Veil Voyage.
  • 2.4.0 (December 2, 2021)
    • Map clues discovered while on a Lost Shipments Voyage should no longer become blank after migrating to another server.
    • Lost Shipments map clues should no longer appear blank for players joining a session in progress.
  • 2.2.1 (August 17, 2021)
    • When tracking a Lost Shipment to a wreck site, players will now more consistently find a shipwreck instead of a floating Manifest.
    • When reaching rank 75 with the Merchant Alliance and undertaking a Lost Shipments Voyage, the first clue should now appear alongside floating barrels at the clue site.
    • After migrating servers, players should now be able to unlock the cabin of a shipwreck if they have collected the key.
    • During a Lost Shipments Voyage, the treasure inside the Captain’s cabin should no longer be duplicated if the crew migrates while on a Voyage.
    • The Manifest from a Lost Shipments Voyage now counts as Merchant Alliance loot for a range of Trials.
  • 2.2.0 (June 22, 2021)
    • The Merchant Alliance Lost Shipments map should no longer be blank for a few seconds after opening it.
  • 2.0.21 (January 28, 2021)
    • Introduced.