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Container Chests are containers that are for storing smaller Treasure Items in Sea of Thieves. When empty, these chests can be sold to Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance, Order of Souls, The Hunter's Call and Reaper's Bones Representatives. They can hold up to three small Transportable Items and can be hauled around like Treasure Chests allowing players to carry and transport these items in bulk.


Container Chests can be found in a variety of places across The Sea of Thieves:


The most common Container Chests are Collector's Chests. Container Chests are unique in that they can spawn with 50-2000 Gold and with 0-3 random Trinkets, Bounty Skulls or Mermaid Gems inside.

Various different forms of Container Chests can be acquired through Tall Tales. The Tall Tale Container Chests usually contain one or two Quest Items. Some of them need to be unlocked with 1-2 Keys.

Ashen Chests are found as a part of Ashen Guardian Riddles or from Skeleton Ships, Skeleton Fleets, or as a reward from a Skeleton Fort or Ashen Lord battle. Most Ashen Chests are locked until opened with an Ashen Key. Ashen Chests contain a single guaranteed Ashen Tome in addition to a chance to find a pouch of 5 Doubloons, a pouch of 1000 Gold, a Ritual Skull, a Devil's Roar Trinket or other Ashen Tomes of different types. Ashen Chests received after defeating Ashen Lords are already unlocked and contain Gold and 0-3 Ashen Chest Treasure items inside, not unlike a Collector's Chest. Ashen Chests can be sold to the Bilge Rats or Reaper's Bones for 5 Doubloons.

All Container Chests give off a white glint, larger than typical Treasure Chest, which makes them more noticeable from a distance. In spite of this, these Chests conceal the gleam and glint of any items stored within. They also silence the whispering of any Bounty Skulls stored in them. Collector's Chests can be sold to the Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance, Order of Souls, Reaper's Bones or The Hunter's Call Representatives for Gold, but no Reputation or Emissary Value.

Items that can be stored include: Trinkets, Mermaid Gems, Bounty Skulls, Quest Items and Keys.


Apart from the basic Collector's Chest, there are various other designs of these chests that can be acquired through Tall Tales quests.

Common Variants

Quest Variants


  • These Chests were introduced with the Anniversary Update.
  • The basic Collector's Chest was originally designed to award Gold to the first crew to open it after being found, this feature was finally added with the 2.0.9 Update. Before that, Collector's Chests were found empty.
  • The default Collector's Chest used to be named Treasure Chest, but this was changed to avoid confusion with other Treasure Chests, however, they are still referred to as a Treasure Chest in Pirate Chat Commands.


  • Sometimes single or multiple Items placed inside Collector's Chests disappear and won't allow any new items placed in that slot. The Items will reappear after some time.
  • When viewed through walls, stationary objects, or water, the main container of Collector's Chests will sometimes shimmer, making it irregularly visible through walls. The lid of the container is not included in this effect.
  • Items inside of container Chests must be taken out and placed individually on a ship in order to boost an Emissary Grade.

Patch history

  • 2.8.0 (March 16, 2023)
    • Player Pirates can now sell all items from inside of a Container Chest without having to remove them one-by-one. Trading Companies will remove all items that they accept and leave those that they do not.
  • 2.6.1 (September 1, 2022)
    • Players will no longer be able to delete items that are placed inside Container Chests while holding another Captain's Logbook.
  • 2.4.1 (January 20, 2022)
    • Taking items from a Container Chest while holding a Map Bundle should no longer cause the items to disappear.