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Salty is a NPC found on the eastern beach of Plunder Valley as the quest giver for The Art of the Trickster. He first appeared working with Wanda in her shop at Golden Sands Outpost before their experiment in creating Cursed Cannonballs transformed him into a skeleton parrot. Salty also was the placeholder Merchant NPC during the Sea of Thieves Beta.


Salty the Merchant, back when he was flesh and blood Human, and not a undead Parrot.
Salty's Item Shop

Salty was once human, and one of the first entrepreneurs to set up shop at an Outpost within the Sea of Thieves. However, as more shops started to appear across the outposts, his business struggled with the new competition. After many months spent seeking a 'killer' item to sell, he found something special that will surprise new and old customers alike.

Salty got his hands on a Cursed Cannon that was once part of Captain Flameheart's legendary ship, the Burning Blade. With his new business partner Wanda, they tried to replicate the many magical effects of the Cursed Cannon through alchemy and blacksmithing, creating Cursed Cannonballs. They tried to sell the cannonballs at the Outposts, but Outpost governors refused to give them seller permits for their goods. Wanda became especially frustrated, believing the Order of Souls were behind the conspiracy.

Salty and Wanda created even more dangerous Cursed Cannonballs, waiting until the Outposts came back to their senses. One experiment backfired horribly, inflicting Wanda and Salty under a terrible curse. Salty turned into small undead skeleton parrot, and Wanda slowly turned into undead skeleton, eventually becoming Captain Warsmith. Both lost their memories as a result.

Salty retreated to Crescent Isle, and regained his memories with the help of some friendly pirates. Learning that Wanda used him to shield from the curse, he waited within Wanda's secret alchemy lab awaiting her return so that he could exact his revenge. However, a mysterious rogue known as Briggsy found the secret alchemy lab. After giving her what she wanted, Salty decided to leave Wanderers Refuge and fled to Plunder Valley to hide.

Current Dialogue

Found on the eastern beach of Plunder Valley near the campfire and Shipwreck.

Dialogue icon.png

Oh no, squawk, not another visitor. Leave Salty alone!

Am I disturbing you?

No really, I suppose. I'm just little tired from flapping all the way here.
It wouldn't be so bad if I had feathers. Bones aren't exactly aerodynamic, you know? Squawk.
I could do with forty winks, but it's hard to fall asleep when you haven't got any eyes to close.

You look a little underfed, Salty.

I resent that remark! It's that sort of hurtful comment that gives you pirates such a boorish reputation.
This is an affiction, if you must know. I was once a humble human shopkeeper, with hair and skin and everything.
At least, I was until I fell into some bad company, took a nasty curse point-blank range and woke up on a perch.
Still, that's all in the past. So what if we accidentally unleashed an undead armada? Let bygones be bygones, I say.

What brings you out here?

Truth be told, I was getting a little too recognisable at my last roosting spot. Squaaawk
That was where I had rather terrifying run-in with a rogue known as Captain Briggsy. And I thought Wanda was scary!
After I gave Briggsy what she wanted, I thought it might me best to leave and seek out some peace and quiet.
I might not stay for long, though. If you found me out here, who knows who else might come calling?
If anyone asks... You ain't seen me, right?

Previous Dialogue

After Cursed Sails had ended (and before the Anniversary Update). Found in Wanda's Hideout:

Dialogue icon.png

Oi, ballast-brain, what's a parrot got to do to get some peace and quiet? Squawk.

You're a talking Parrot!

You're a talking idiot!
You should be more impressed that I can talk without lungs.
Fine... squawk,chirp. What else do parrots say? Cheep?
No, that doesn't feel right.

What are you doing here?

I thought I left my old apron here, but someone's taken it. Pirates, can't trust 'em.
I died here, you know. More or less.
If Wanda ever returns... I'll peck out her peepers!
Peepers, Peepers!
Sorry, you have no idea how hard it is to resist the urge to repeat things.

You seem a little... salty.

Is that a joke?! My name's Salty.
Messing around with curses did this to me. Be warned, be warned! Squawk!
Exchanging witty banter with clever pirates helps my mind stay 'human'.
Let me know if you see any.

During Cursed Sails, found at Crescent Isle:

Dialogue icon.png

Squawk! What are you looking at?

Are you... Salty?

Are you Salty? Are you Salty? Squawk!
Wait, I know that name. I... am Salty! Yes! Why? What's... going on?
Thinking... getting harder. As time goes on... I can't help but... be more parrot.
Something bad happened to me. To Salty! Help me hang on to that... memory. I'm losing my mind?
Squawk! Where's Wanda? Squawk!

How can I help you?

Get me a cracker!
Sorry, I've been very... angry, lately. Something... bad happened to me. I wasn't always an undead parrot.
Me and Wands, we... had a plan. We talked about it on... Mermaid's Hideaway.
And... I remember being on a big island near Plunder Outpost. Yes, we were going to be rich! But...
It's so... foggy. Seems a lifetime ago. Wanda had a hidden place of her own, between two outposts...
Squawk, who's a pretty boy then?

Were you once a person?

Rude! I'm still a person. I just don't win arm wrestling contests anymore!
I'm Salty... thank you for reminding me of my name. I was a... shopkeeper. I think. But I... was changed. By something dark and old.
Now I'm a skeleton. And a parrot.
This parrot has ceased to be!

Salty, this is what happened to you...

Yes... it's coming back! I was a man... a handsome man! I found that accursed cannon, helped Wanda raise it from the depths.
What fools we were! To think we could work with such a dark thing! I bet it was cursed even before Flameheart got his fingerbones on it.
And you say she used me to bear the brunt of the curse?! That scheming little... shopkeeper!
My head hurts. Leave me on my accursed fate. If you want the last pieces of the puzzle, our workshop's hidden on Wanderer's Refuge.
Get it? Seemed an amusing place to choose at the time. Squawk.

What will you do now?

Repeat people, ask for crackers, that sort of thing.
I think my mind will be... okay. If i don't give in. I need a human hobby to keep my mind from drifting.
Maybe I'll start playing dice.
If Wanda doesn't kill us all!

During the week leading up to Cursed Sails, found at Golden Sands Outpost:

Dialogue icon.png

Oi! Get off... I mean... squawk.

Did you just speak?!


What kind of parrot speaks the word 'squawk'?

Polly wanna cracker?
Who's a pretty boy, then?
Et cetera.

How did you become a skeleton?

I had it in me all along.
Also, squawk.

Patch history

  • 1.1.7 (July 19, 2018)
    • Introduced.