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Sea of Thieves hosts to numerous Easter Eggs, aka immortalizations that act as call-outs to various Legendary Players who have accomplished various feats in or outside of the game. Many of these Easter Eggs are referred to in-game as Legends of the Sea and have interactable stories and Commendations related to each and every one.

For a map of all Easter Eggs, players can visit RareThief's Interactive Sea of Thieves Map and check the boxes under "Legends of the Sea".

Legends of the Sea

Legends of the Sea categorised many of the Easter Eggs into 10 groups, each consisting of 5 Easter Eggs. By interacting with these Easter Eggs, players will receive Commendations and can unlock special Tattoos for purchase from Umbra.

The Sea's Most Wanted

These five Easter Eggs refer to various notorious community members with Wanted Posters. Once all five Easter Eggs are found, The Sea's Most Wanted Tattoo Set is unlocked for purchase from Umbra.

The Fox in the Snake

Double Quotations Left.png
Fizzy Foxy was one of the deadliest pirates in the earliest days of the Sea of Thieves.
They sent many souls to the Ferryman without mercy, until this poster was hastily drawn up to warn everyone.

Hint: Have a drink in the tavern at Dagger Tooth and you're sure to learn of this deadly pirate.
Location: A wanted poster on a wooden beam in the Drowned Rat Tavern at Dagger Tooth Outpost
About: This "Beware" Poster for the "Notorious Pirate Killer" was put up to immortalise Fizzy Foxy who was the deadliest pirate in the Technical Alpha play session, killing 37 other players.

Missing, Presumed Pirating

Double Quotations Left.png
Captain Jaq was a very popular pirate, a lady with the gift of charisma and a penchant for friendly discourse.
According to notes of concern collected by Umbra, Jaq took a small hiatus from the seas and her friends missed her terribly.

Hint: Near the central rock of Lone Cove, a poster remains for a missing pirate.
Location: A missing poster on a scaffolding in the graveyard of Lone Cove.
About: CaptnJaq was an important and long standing member of the community. The Missing Poster is in reference to a short hiatus that @CaptnJaq had with the forums which left people guessing: "where is she?"

Self-Promoting Pistol Pirate

Double Quotations Left.png
~Wanted - Musicmee - for saying ‘pew! pew!' every time they shot their pistol.~
This poster doesn't appear to be official - it looks like the pirate drew it up themselves.
Maybe they made several, to confuse any bounty hunters?

Hint: Dagger Tooth is known for deadly criminals, as a poster on the water tower suggests.
Location: A poster on the side of the water tower beside the Weaponsmith's Shop at Dagger Tooth Outpost
About: Musicmee was immortalised for being a positive and committed member of the community and for making a "Wanted Poster Generator" using Gamertags and custom Sea of Thieves inspired wanted posters.

Join the Club

Double Quotations Left.png
~Join Zoream's Infamous Pirate Club~
Sounds like quite the club. Maybe they're still accepting new members?

Hint: On Mermaid's Hideaway, a popular pirate created a social spot overlooking the sea.
Location: Southern peak of Mermaid's Hideaway, there is a note on a wooden beam.
About: Zoream was immortalised for his amazing efforts and contributions in moderating the Sea of Thieves Xbox Club.

Nice to be Wanted

Double Quotations Left.png
~Wanted - DuMy2008 - For… Positive Contributions~
As Umbra suspected, this pirate was clearly beloved in his community. Maybe this really is a Sea of Friends…

Hint: A popular pirate took refuge near some building remains, on an island in the Shores of Plenty.
Location: A Poster on a ruined building atop a cliffside in the middle of Wanderers Refuge.
About: Immortalising DuMy2008 for positive contributions to the Sea of Thieves.

The Daredevils

These five Easter Eggs refer to Player Pirates who took risks to achieve their notoriety. Once all five Easter Eggs are found, The Daredevils Tattoo Set is unlocked for purchase from Umbra.

Sleeping with the Fishes

Double Quotations Left.png
This pirate scratched their name - ArchAngel Aeon - into the rock. Judging by the fish bones, they swam a very long way to reach this shore.

Hint: They say a pirate met his fate on the shores of Mermaid's Hideaway.
Location: Skeleton on the Southern shore of Mermaid's Hideaway with their Gamertag scribbled on a nearby rock.
About: Archangel Aeon received this easter egg for having swum the longest amount of time in a single Technical Alpha session.

Aim High

Double Quotations Left.png
Once Deadsniper discovered that they could fire themselves out of a cannon, they couldn't stop!
After firing themselves from a cannon more times than anyone else, they finally landed here… a little crispy.

Hint: On Plunder Outpost, a pirate who liked high places came to rest in a hard-to-reach spot.
Location: High up on the Eastern Peak of Plunder Outpost, just above the Skeleton Throne. Only accessible by shooting oneself out of a Cannon.
About: Deadsniper15915 is commemorated for firing themselves out of the Cannons the most, exactly 93 times, when this feature was first introduced during the Technical Alpha for E3 2017.

…And Not a Drop Spilled

Double Quotations Left.png
A plaque reading 'LindsayElyse Mind Your Head' was fixed here. She didn't like taking the stairs and found a cannon more her style!
The tavern keeper decided to put this reminder up, in case LindsayElyse had already started drinking before climbing into the cannon.

Hint: The tavern at Ancient Spire Outpost has an unusual sign dedicated to an unusual pirate.
Location: A plaque above the Tavern door on Ancient Spire Outpost
About: LindsayElyse received this plaque for launching herself from a Cannon into the entrance of The Unicorn.

Not All Falcons Fly

Double Quotations Left.png
According to Umbra's notes, these are the remains of IOnEI-Falcon, who would famously fall from the crow's nest again and again.
Perhaps an inner ear problem?

Hint: On Shipwreck Bay, they say a pirate's bones can be found beside a legendary shipwreck.
Location: A marked grave below the central peak of Shipwreck Bay close to the shipwreck of Blackwyche.
About: Once fall damage was introduce, IOnEI-Falcon died the most in one play session by falling from the Ship's Crow's Nest.

Run Aground

Easter Egg - Salty Sands.png
Double Quotations Left.png
This art depicts the incredible moment when the bold Captain Ash Bacon and her crew harpooned their ship to a Megalodon.
The chase was fast, epic and impressive - until the shark ditched Ash Bacon by running her Galleon aground and fleeing the scene!

Hint: On Salty Sands, a moment when shark triumphed over pirate was captured in art.
Location: A rock painting on the Southern side of Salty Sands.
About: This painting depicts Captain Ash Bacon and her crew harpooning a Megalodon.

The Loveable Rogues

These five Easter Eggs immortalise five outstanding Sea of Thieves Community members. Once all five Easter Eggs are found, The Loveable Rogues Tattoo Set is unlocked for purchase from Umbra.

Not Just for Sweeping

Double Quotations Left.png
Umbra heard rumours of a pirate called Clumsy George, who fought off a kraken with only a broom!
At least, that's the story he told everyone. He told it so often, they named the tavern after him!

Hint: There must be a story behind this unusual tavern sign on Sanctuary Outpost.
Location: The George & Kraken Tavern sign on Sanctuary Outpost.
About: Clumsy George received this easter egg for being a pillar of the community and supporting everyone with positive vibes. (Also for being more open with mic communication in this game than any other online game). His trusty broom became an inside joke among the community.

Bound by a Book

Xboxx-Addictt GeordieTommy.png
Double Quotations Left.png
Xbox Addict may be an unusual pirate name, but this truly legendary swashbuckler reached a level of admiration and honour that few dream of.
With help from Geordie Tommy, the two crafted this beautiful book to show off their talents. They say it once contained an incredible surprise.

Hint: On Smuggler's Bay, in a dark cave, a talented pair left one of their legendary creations.
Location: A replica of the custom-made Book inside the central cave of Smuggler's Bay
About: This replica was placed in-game for the incredible amount of work that Xbox-Addictt and GeordieTommy put into creating the custom book and Sea of Thieves Xbox One controller. The Easter Egg was updated to reflect the passing of Xboxx-Addictt and honour his memory and impact on our community.

Snake Charmer

Double Quotations Left.png
This basket belongs to Tartansnake, a pirate who continues to help many others - when he isn't too busy talking about snakes.
Often, he just does both at the same time.

Hint: A famous reptile lover spends their time on an appropriately named island, atop a central shine.
Location: A Gamertag on a Snake Basket on top of Snake Island
About: The Deckhand Tartansnake received this honourary mention for being a positive community member.

Dog Days

Double Quotations Left.png
~Taydoge Swift~
This pirate was famous for much jokes and witty asides. Wow.

Hint: There is a hidden camp on Mermaid's Hideaway, made by a popular pirate.
Location: A Plank referring to Taydoge-Swift at the Mermaid's Hideaway NPC camp. This camp was sold by Taydoge-Swift to Five Paces Frank
About: Taydoge-Swift received this immortalisation for being a great community member.

Pirate Port Pals

Easter Egg - Golden Sands Mugs.png
Double Quotations Left.png
These tankards bear the name ‘Abstractacus' and ‘Paladin Topaz', friends who loved to share a drink and a chat.
They became famed for announcing news and rumours about the Sea of Thieves for all pirates to hear.

Hint: Two talkative pirates left their tankards on an Outpost made of golden sand, a perfect spot to chat.
Location: Two named Tankards on a table outside the Port Merrick Tavern.
About: Abstractacus and Paladin Topaz received this Easter Egg for hosting the Pirate Port Radio Podcast on Youtube, which used to cover Sea of Thieves news.

The Insatiable

These five Easter Eggs immortalise the greediest Player Pirates, either for Food, Drink, Gold or Glory. Once all five Easter Eggs are found, The Insatiable Tattoo Set is unlocked for purchase from Umbra.

Death by Banana

Griffin McElroy.png
Double Quotations Left.png
The pirate Griffin was famed for his love of whole bananas, but cronched his last on this spot.

Hint: This pirate lost their way on the beach of Marauder's Arch, and tried to survive on just bananas…
Location: Skeleton with carved name in rock on the North East beach before cave on Marauder's Arch
About: Video Game Journalism website Polygon co-founder Griffin McElroy was immortalised for starting the "eating a banana with the peel on" meme.

ZZ Marks the Spot

Double Quotations Left.png
This pirate drank so much that the Sea of Thieves almost became a desert!

Hint: A tavern regular at Plunder Outpost became part of the furniture.
Location: A Plaque on a wooden beam in the Plunder Outpost Tavern
About: ZZ-DE-TOX-ZZ received this Easter Egg for drinking the most Grog in a single Technical Alpha play session.

Going Bananas

Double Quotations Left.png
Freakydusty's personal banana barrel, always packed with yellow ambrosia. They became famously healthy by eating the skins. It really caught on…

Hint: Word tells of an unusual barrel on Sanctuary Outpost, near the water tower.
Location: Banana Barrel on Sanctuary Outpost by water tower, Inspect the bottom of the Barrel
About: Freakydusty received the Easter Egg for eating the most Bananas, but also getting the most healing out of those bananas, when the feature was first introduced in the Technical Alpha.

Famously Frugal

Easter Egg - Lost Gold Fort.png
Double Quotations Left.png
This list of noteworthy Gold Hoarders was made in the early days to ‘honour' the greediest pirates around. Umbra has been seeking it for some time.

Hint: In Lost Gold Fort in The Ancient Isles, a list honours the greediest of pirates…
Location: A list pinned on a wooden beam inside the central Fort at Lost Gold Fort.
About: The parchment honours the top 10 players to earn the most Gold during the Technical Alpha

A Hairy Legacy

Easter Egg - Legacy Beard.png
Double Quotations Left.png
That beard reminds me of the legend of Beardageddon! It's most certainly modelled after his mighty chin.
The stories say that he fought the Hungering One alone, in only his underwear! Sounds like madness.
Better yet, some accounts suggest that he had a chicken on board which survived to tell the tale…

Hint: Show Umbra the Legacy Beard by speaking to her while wearing it.
Location: You have to purchase and equip the Legacy Beard and then show it to Umbra when talking to her on Lagoon of Whispers.
About: This Beard celebrates the Twitch Streamer Beardageddon who once solo fought The Hungering One.

The Swashbucklers

These five Easter Eggs immortalise the deadliest (and least deadliest) Pirates in Sea of Thieves. Once all five Easter Eggs are found, The Swashbucklers Tattoo Set is unlocked for purchase from Umbra.

Wide of the Mark

Double Quotations Left.png
o COMM4NDO o is carved into this bullet-ridden wall. Not so many bullets hit the target underneath, though. Practise makes a perfect pirate!

Hint: A pirate with dubious aim left an unmarked target atop Smuggler's Bay.
Location: Shooting range target on top of Smuggler's Bay to the North-East.
About: o COMM4NDO o was immortalised for reporting issues with pistol hipfire aim on some of the models during the Technical Alpha.

Precision Pirating

Double Quotations Left.png
A pirate named Cacci left their mark below this perfect bullseye. Some say they could hit a skeleton right in the eye socket, from the next island over!

Hint: The Weaponsmith's shop on Galleon's Grave boasts a famous patron.
Location: Shooting Target in front of the Weaponsmith's Shop at Galleon's Grave Outpost.
About: Cacci was immortalised for having the most accurate shots to date in the Technical Alpha.

Legendary Larceny

Double Quotations Left.png
The greedy pirate De4th Fire left their mark here.
The hook and chest is fitting, as Umbra notes that this pirate stole a staggering number of chests when the Sea of Thieves was still young.
In fact, you should go and sell any you're carrying right now. Just to be safe.

Hint: On Smuggler's Bay lived a pirate famed for his stolen hoard. He left a mark on the Southwest Beach.
Location: Rock painting with a Gamertag on western inner bay beach on Smuggler's Bay
About: DE4TH-fire received this Easter Egg for earning the most gold & stealing the most chests in the Technical Alpha.

Buckets of Fun

Double Quotations Left.png
Carson Iz Pro was engraved on this bucket by their grateful crew, after bailing enough water to fill two ships!

Hint: Umbra heard that on Sanctuary Outpost, a tireless worker's bucket was proudly hung on display.
Location: A Bucket hung on a wooden beam at the Shipwright Shop on Sanctuary Outpost.
About: Carson iz Pro was immortalized for bailing a mass amount of water in first Technical Alpha in Sea of Thieves. After narrowly winning a large multi-ship battle, he apparently bailed water for over an hour straight while trying to get his sinking ship back to an outpost. (At this point in the game there was no way to restock on wood boards, so this was the only way to save all the loot on board)

A Venomous Attack

Easter Egg - Shark Fin Camp.png
Double Quotations Left.png
Pirate KaidaWrath and their allies III FOXDIE III, omnomcake, Baggers420 and Toyger101 famously defeated a Skeleton Fort without firing a shot… …instead using 100 baskets of angry snakes! That must've been a sight to behold. It just goes to show that being a pirate is about more than your weapons.

Hint: They say that Shark Fin Camp was once defeated by very unusual means.
Location: A painting of a Skeleton and Snakes below a Southern Cannon fortification on Shark Fin Camp.
About: The painting honours a feat by Kaidawrath, F0XD11E, omnomcake, and Toyger101, where her crew defeated a Skeleton Fort only using Snakes.

The Artistic Souls

These five Easter Eggs immortalise creative Player Pirates who have contributed with image and song. Once all five Easter Eggs are found, The Artistic Souls Tattoo Set is unlocked for purchase from Umbra.

A Musical Family

Double Quotations Left.png
A violin belonging to Freya Catherine, a pirate with a musical gift who taught her children to play Becalmed.
Umbra's notes say that so many pirates cried, that they had to start bailing all the tears!

Hint: Ancient Spire Outpost played host to a kind and gifted musician, who later sold her instrument.
Location: The Violin inside the Equipment Shop at Ancient Spire Outpost
About: Freya Catherine was immortalised for her beautiful violin rendition of "Becalmed"

Still Life

Double Quotations Left.png
This stunning artwork is by a famously talented captain with a true eye for beauty. Don't be surprised if they ask you to pose for a portrait!

Hint: Sanctuary Outpost is a beautiful place. Rumour has it the tavern hosts some legendary art.
Location: A Painting of a Kraken hung in the Tavern at Sanctuary Outpost.
About: Capt Ballzonia's artwork was hung in the Tavern to commemorate him accumulating a vast library of gorgeous Sea of Thieves screenshots and always sharing them with the community.

Dressed to Impress

Sea of Thieves Cosplayers.png
Double Quotations Left.png
This painting captured four of the fanciest pirates ever to sail the Sea of Thieves. They loved dressing up at gatherings of likeminded sailors.

Hint: In the tavern at Ancient Spire Outpost, there is a painting of four very fancy pirates.
Location: Painting hung in the Tavern of Ancient Spire Outpost.
About: The painting commemorates an awesome crew of people who teamed up together and went to Dragoncon in their best Sea of Thieves Cosplay.

Through The Eyes of a Child

Double Quotations Left.png
This crumpled doodle was drawn by a pirate's five-year-old son, mapping his favourite island. No doubt he will grow up to be a fine cartographer.

Hint: A young cartographer was known to hone their skills at a camp on Smuggler's Bay.
Location: A crude Painting of Smuggler's Bay on a bench by a camp outside the central Cave on the same Island.
About: Essadoredoubleyou was immortalised for celebrating a Drawing from a young pirate's love for Smuggler's Bay and the Seas.

Pirates in Portrait

Double Quotations Left.png
LatchedGlue is famous for her stunning portraits, ideal for decorating a captain's cabin. She knows how to capture someone's swashbuckling side!
The portraits here are labelled to be delivered to HealpleaseHeal, T.Skunk and Evulmonkey.

Hint: On Sailor's Bounty, a set of portraits by a talented pirate await delivery.
Location: Paintings in a camp by the central caves on Sailor's Bounty
About: LatchedGlue is immortalised for creating beautiful portraits of Sea of Thieves Pirates.

The Piratical Jokers

These five Easter Eggs immortalise some of the funniest personalities to have set sail in Sea of Thieves. Once all five Easter Eggs are found, The Piratical Jokers Tattoo Set is unlocked for purchase from Umbra.

Merrick Roll

Easter Egg - Merrick's Journal.png
Double Quotations Left.png
Never gonna brig you up,
Never gonna let you drown,
Never gonna sail around,
And maroon you!

Hint: Rumours speak of an odd book left at The Reaper's Hideout… could be a dangerous campsite to visit.
Location: Merrick's Journal on The Reaper's Hideout found in a small camp on the Eastern Reef.
About: To "celebrate" Chayification's antics of blasting the Rick Astley hit down the speaking trumpet after The Hungering Deep event.

Killer Qualifications

Double Quotations Left.png
~Dread Pirate Doug~
This pirate had the bright idea of writing out all their skills and pirating history, to ensure they found gainful employment with future crews.
It's a good thing that the law doesn't come to the Sea of Thieves…

Hint: On Golden Sands, filling your crew is easy when the pirates advertise in the tavern.
Location: By the fireplace in the Tavern of Port Merrick.
About: The Easter Egg reflects Dread Pirate Doug's Pirate Legend Resume for his Pirate.

Dances with Chickens

Double Quotations Left.png
There's a very odd pirate out there with cat-like reflexes, known as SayHeyRocco. When you hear ‘Meow Meow, Kiss Kiss', you know they were coming!
When that pirate got hold of several chickens and the coloured lights of the Ferry, things got even stranger!

Hint: Rumour has it that a strange scene was painted on a large rock on Chicken Isle.
Location: A Rock Painting on Chicken Isle.
About: The Painting commemorates the Cat Puppet, SayHeyRocco's, famous Chicken Rave on stream.

Familial Resemblance

Double Quotations Left.png
Met me son Derrick for the first time! Well, he says he's me son. How can I deny it wiv a handsome mug like that?

Hint: They say that where Merrick once camped on Shark Bait Cove, his son now displays a portrait.
Location: Portrait of Merrick and Derrick on the South West beach of Shark Bait Cove.
About: During the Hungering Deep campaign, Dr Nefari0us posted his likeness to the Community as his generated Pirate looked a lot like the NPC Merrick.

Purply Pretty

Easter Egg - Amethyst Angel Hair.png
Double Quotations Left.png
That radiant purple! That's the same colour used by Nerdy Netty, one of the loveliest pirates ever known.
It's really quite something. No wonder she became famous - she's very kind… and very hard to miss…

Hint: Show Umbra the Amethyst Angel hair dye by speaking to her while wearing it.
Location: You have to purchase and equip the Amethyst Angel Hair Dye and then show it to Umbra when talking to her on Lagoon of Whispers.
About: The Hair Dye was added as a call-out to the Streamer Nerdy Netty, who rocks the prettiest hair colour in the Sea of Thieves.

The Pirate Scribes

These five Easter Eggs immortalise Players who love to write in one form or another. Once all five Easter Eggs are found, The Pirate Scribes Tattoo Set is unlocked for purchase from Umbra.

One Cross Pirate

Double Quotations Left.png
Capta1n Cr0ss and his fellow pirate pioneers never received these important letters. Clearly, the Sea of Thieves is in dire need of a postal service.

Hint: Rumour says that there's a lot of undelivered mail left in some rubble on Sanctuary Outpost.
Location: A Bag filled to the brim with Letters in the ruins of a house on Sanctuary Outpost.
About: Capta1n Cr0ss received this Easter Egg for his contributions to the Pioneer Programme and notifying Rare of an issue regarding PC invites.

Points of Contention

Double Quotations Left.png
According to Umbra's notes, Daimyo DoriMa loved nothing more than to list all the things that could be improved around the Sea of Thieves.
Maybe a salty pirate took exception to their critique?!

Hint: Over at Golden Sands, Umbra heard of a pirate who loved to write down their thoughts.
Location: A Skeleton with a Quill and a long Parchment below the water tower in Port Merrick.
About: Daimyo DoriMa was commemorated for his contributions to the community as well as his extensive (and lengthy) game feedback.

Helping Hands

The Original Deckhands.png
Double Quotations Left.png
~KattTruewalker, KnightXIII, IOnEI-Falcon, Runic, TheAaronLeigh~
Umbra believes the five names scratched here were among the first pirates to come to the Sea of Thieves - after the Pirate Lord's crew, of course.

Hint: Five names are scratched into a rock on Cannon Cove, found by walking inland from the dock.
Location: Scribbled names on a rock-face facing the dock on Cannon Cove.
About: KattTruewalker, KnightXIII, IOnEI-Falcon, Runic and TheAaronLeigh were immortalised for being the first non-Microsoft people to play the Technical Alpha.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Double Quotations Left.png
The flag of triheadedmonkey, who would always call out pirates for breaking the Pirate Code. Nobody got away with shenanigans on his watch!

Hint: On Sanctuary Outpost, this flag was raised whenever a pirate stepped out of line.
Location: A Three-headed-monkey flag by the Fireplace in the Tavern of Sanctuary Outpost.
About: Triheadedmonkey was immortalised here for being an all round good guy and providing endless amounts of forum flags for the Deckhands to look through. Forum moderator extraordinaire!

Scruffy Scribe

Double Quotations Left.png
Upon the Sea of Thieves, many stories have been told,
Of ancient creatures, hoards of gold and of pirates great and bold.
But the tales that matter most, at least that is to me,
Are the ones of love and laughter, and friendship on the sea.

Hint: A poetic pirate left a scruffy book inside a cave at Shark Bait Cove, beside a shrine.
Location: A Scruffy Book inside the Northern inner cave of Shark Bait Cove.
About: This tome was added to commemorate the shanties and general rhyming of CapScruffy.

The Gift Givers

These five Easter Eggs immortalise Players who gave some form of gifts to others. Once all five Easter Eggs are found, The Gift Givers Tattoo Set is unlocked for purchase from Umbra.

Delicious Delivery

Dominik's Community Care Package.png
Double Quotations Left.png
This package is part of a correspondance between caring pirates from different regions.
Becoming friends despite living far apart, they sent this care package of confectionary - but the contents were scoffed long ago.

Hint: They say that an unusual merchant delivery ended up on the docks at Morrow's Peak.
Location: A package by the Merchant Alliance Company Representative on the Dock of Morrow's Peak Outpost
About: Dominik received this Easter Egg for a heartwarming story that reached front page of Reddit on r/Gaming - players from Germany and the USA became friends via Sea of Thieves and then the friends exchanged 'gifts' of their favourite local confectionery.

May Contain Boom

Double Quotations Left.png
~Pirate Legend Jackie's Boombox~
One of the first pirates to make a name for herself on the Seas, Umbra heard that Jackie took this barrel everywhere.
That was perhaps a mistake, but nobody could convince her to leave behind her ‘boombox'.

Hint: A pirate once made quite the bang over at Golden Sands, somewhere behind the shop…
Location: A "boombox" against the stone wall to the south of the Order of Souls building at Port Merrick.
About: xbox4Jackie was one of the first pirates the Rare crew met on their adventures in the weekly streams.

Big Love in a Small Package

Easter Egg - Galleon's Grave.png
Double Quotations Left.png
Lesleyann was a true pirate legend, who delivered vital gifts to a friend in dire need.
Knowing that her friend was suffering with poor health, she did all in her power to keep her in touch with the rest of the Sea of Thieves.

Hint: A parcel and hat on the dock at Galleon's Grave suggest that the Wilds may be civilised after all.
Location: Package by the Merchant Alliance Representative on Galleon's Grave Outpost.
About: Lesleyann was immortalised for delivering a PC to her friend undergoing Chemotherapy so she could play Sea of Thieves.

Putting the Ship in Friendship

Double Quotations Left.png
This model ship, ‘The Allegiant', was lovingly crafted in fine detail by Chocmoojoo, to celebrate a year of smooth sailing.
Delivered with the help of a community of pirates, this gift is for everyone on the Sea of Thieves to enjoy.

Hint: At The Finest Trading Post is a fine work of craftswomanship.
Location: A Model Ship named 'The Allegiant' behind the counter of The Finest Trading Post.
About: Chocmoojoo sent a model ship 'The Allegiant' painted in the Rare Ship colours to Rare during the Anniversary Update of Sea of Thieves after which a replica of the ship was added into the game.

Charitable Pirating

Easter Egg - Stream Sailor.png
Double Quotations Left.png
What a stunning, sea-inspired tone you wear. Just like Daggers McTimbers!
She's quite the generous pirate. She once sailed for 24 hours straight, gaining gold donations from all she passed, to give to pirates in need!
You certainly can't miss her colourful style when she comes ailing along…

Hint: Show Umbra the Stream Sailor makeup by speaking to her while wearing it.
Location: You have to purchase and equip the Stream Sailor Makeup and then show it to Umbra when talking to her on Lagoon of Whispers.
About: The Makeup was added as a call-out to the Streamer DaggersMcTimbers, who dabbles in charity streams. The Makeup mimics her own in a Twitter Post.

The Early Settlers

These five Easter Eggs immortalise the very first notorious Players to sail the Sea of Thieves. Once all five Easter Eggs are found, The Early Settlers Tattoo Set is unlocked for purchase from Umbra.

Who's a Good Boy?

Double Quotations Left.png
You don't need Umbra to know the legend of Kato, the most beloved dog on the seas. Patting him on the head was sure to bring fortune to your voyages!

Hint: On Galleon's Grave, high up on the wreck, there lived a dog of legendary adorableness.
Location: Dog Bowl with bones high up in Galleon's Grave Outpost. Kato's bowl can also be found outside The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern on the Good Boy team pier, however this one cannot be interacted with.
About: Kato the Dog was immortalised for being a very good boy, he is also referenced by The Good Boy.

Fool's Gold

Double Quotations Left.png
Legend has it that The Aaron Leigh minted his own coins as a tribute to the architects of the seas.
He sailed across the world to hand-deliver them, though one somehow ended up here.

Hint: On Cannon Cove, a pirate once thought outside the barrel when it came to making money.
Location: Etching on a Barrel inside the cave of Cannon Cove.
About: Aaron Leigh (aka Pikaaroon) was immortalised for making a 3D-printed Sea of Thieves/Rare Coin.

Nesting Spot

The Crow's Nest.png
Double Quotations Left.png
The mark of The Crow's Nest, run by Captain Jay - a pirate who shouted their stories for all to hear. They practically turned this fort into an amphitheatre.

Hint: High as a Crow's Nest, at Crow's Nest Fortress…
Location: The Crow's Nest logo painted on top of the Crow's Nest Fortress spire. Cannons needed to reach it.
About: The Crow's Nest and Captain Jay were immortalised for being one of the first Youtube Channels to cover Sea of Thieves News and Speculation.

Hallowed Ground

Double Quotations Left.png
When the Sea of Thieves as we know it was still taking shape, it is believed that ‘Hallower MCMLXXX' was the first pirate to visit the Ferry. That rumour is unconfirmed… but they certainly left their mark. Umbra wonders what punishment the Ferryman bestowed for this defacement…

Hint: Stories abound of a pirate brazen enough to deface even the Ferry of the Damned!
Location: Gamertag engraved right by the door on the Ferry of the Damned.
About: Hallower MCMLXXX was immortalised for being the first player sent to the Ferry of the Damned, which only took 7 minutes, 32 seconds to achieve.

Pirate Leg End

Double Quotations Left.png
That leg reminds me of the legendary Peg Leg Perez! Now that pirate gets into some scrapes.
His tale is well known - a pirate who came to these seas long ago, when the Outposts still had fresh paint!
He has a fanatical love for rare things - a collector and explorer with a heart for adventure. Watch out for that one…

Hint: Show Umbra the Sea Dog Pegleg by speaking to her while wearing it.
Location: You have to purchase and equip the Sea Dog Pegleg and then show it to Umbra when talking to her on Lagoon of Whispers.
About: Jeph "Peg Leg" Perez was immortalised for being a great member of the community, a Play it First attendee, a friend of the studio/staff and the loser of a leg.

Rare's Legends

Four additional interactions were added to the game with the Rare's 35th Anniversary Event where players had to track down and complete 5 challenges related to Rare's legendary games referenced within Sea of Thieves. After completing the challenges, Players could earn the exclusive Rare Legend Figurehead.


EE Blackwyche.png
Double Quotations Left.png
Sir Arthur Pendragon was a famous explorer, who later wielded the Order of Souls' Sword of Souls.
He rarely failed, but his decades of adventures were ended by Graymarrow. Well, almost ended...

Hint: Visit Shipwreck Bay and find the wreck of the Blackwyche.
Location: The main shipwreck on Shipwreck Bay. Players have to interact with the Nameplate of the wrecked Galleon above the Ship's Captain's Quarters.
About: The Ship and its Captain are both a reference to a 1985 Commodore 64 Video Game Blackwyche. The game was developed by Ultimate Play the Game that later became Rare Ltd.


EE Battletoads.png
Double Quotations Left.png
This tribal art depicts three brothers who were mighty and bold, but had awful skin conditions.
They became known as the Fightin' Frogs, but these look more like battle-ready toads.

Hint: Visit Snake Island and find a painting of three mighty toads.
Location: The wall painting can be found on a hidden rock ledge on the northern cliff of the middle island on Snake Island.
About: The tribal art of three toads references the three protagonists of Rare's Battletoads video game series. The first game of the series was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1991


EE Bear and Bird.png
Double Quotations Left.png
This painting shows a mighty bear and his bird companion, a rare Red Crested Breegull.
It seems the tribal islanders believed this duo would keep evil witches at bay!

Hint: Visit Plunder Valley and find a depiction of a famous bear and bird.
Location: A wall painting on Plunder Valley on eastern rocks below the central peak.
About: The painting of a Bear and Bird references the protagonists of Rare's Banjo-Kazooie video game series. The first game of the series was released on the Nintendo 64 in 1998

Viva Pinata

EE Viva Pinata.png
Double Quotations Left.png
This art depicts a mythical place known as Paradise Garden, where rare, magical animals play.
The legend says these creatures were filled with candy. That must be a mistranslation... surely?

Hint: Visit Thieves' Haven and seek out the colourful animals at the top.
Location: A wall painting inside the cave structure on the higher level of Thieves' Haven.
About: The painting of the animals references characters of Rare's Viva Pinata video game series. The first game of the series was released on Xbox 360 in 2006.