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Cooked food has more value than when it is raw but burn something and it's worth a lot less. My dad Merrick never burns anything, he's just the best cook I've ever seen!
— Derrick, Overheard at Merrick's campfire

Derrick is The Hunter's Call representative stationed at The Finest Trading Post. He is the son of Merrick and Serik, founders of The Hunter's Call.

Shortly after The Hungering Deep, Derrick encountered his father for the first time and they commemorated the event with a portrait of themselves at Shark Bait Cove. He now works with his family in operating the Hunter's Call.


Dialogue icon.png

A pleasure to meet you! I'm Derrick, my father Merrick has told me all about you!

What did Merrick say about me?

That you were a great help tracking that Megalodon down.
Such a tale he told!.
I wish I could have been there with you, battling that fearsome beast in the raging sea.
T just know my father and I are going to have amazing adventures together now that he's back with my mother!

How's life at the Hunter's Call, Derrick

Couldn't be better!
I love seeing all the different food you pirates bring to us, but my absolute favourite has to be a perfectly cooked Sunny Splashtail.
What a great idea it was of my father's to set this company up.
Expert shark hunter and now captain of business. Is there nothing that is beyond him?

Nice tattoo!

Thanks! I wanted one like my father's, so he did it for me.
He used a rusty cutlass and some kraken ink we got from a severed tentacle washed up on a beach.
It stung a fair bit I can tell you, but just look at the result!
My father is such a natural artist, I'll get him to do you a tattoo too!

Player interacting

• How can me and my family help you?
• Welcome, we're one big happy family here!
• Just sailed from my father's have you?

Player leaving

• Say hello to my father if you see him, what a man.
• We're having a family meal later, please join us.
• Tell my mother that friendly merman was asking about her again.


  • Derrick's character was inspired by a tweet by Dr Nefari0us which had a screenshot of their Player pirate dancing next to Merrick, and a comment about being Merrick's son, Derrick, due to their similar appearances. After The Hungering Deep event ended, and Merrick was removed from the game, Rare added a portrait of the two characters at his old camp at Shark Bait Cove as an easter egg. When interacting with the painting, the text reads "Met me son Derrick for the first time! Well, he says he's me son. How can I deny it wiv a handsome mug like that?". Derrick then made his debut as an NPC in the Anniversary Update.