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“I am the Queen of the Sirens, and this is the true majesty of my domain!”
— Siren Queen, The Sunken Pearl

The Siren Queen is an enemy encountered in The Sunken Pearl, the second of the A Pirate's Life Tall Tales. She is the leader of the Sirens and a member of the Dark Brethren.

Official Description

The Siren Queen has been monarch of the Sirens' Sunken Kingdom since the days when the Ancients inhabited what is now the Sea of Thieves, and still despises all those who dwell on dry land. This enmity stems from the Ancients' betrayal and capture of the Siren King.

Despite their hatred of humans, Sirens do find uses for them – ships that are dragged to the bottom of the sea become raw building materials to expand the Siren Queen's domain, while captured crews can be sealed away and transformed into her obedient Ocean Crawlers.[2]


Once known as the Sea Queen, the Siren Queen was a Merfolk prior to the events of The Legend of the Sunken Kingdom. She would attract the attention of an Ancient known as The Great Warrior. The two eventually fell in love, but were separated by their lives on land and sea. As such, they began searching for a means to come together.

The love between the Sea Queen and The Great Warrior was considered unnatural by both the Merfolk and The Ancients. They believed the pair were dabbling with unnatural forces that could have horrific consequences. When their pursuit of a life together continued against the warnings of the Merfolk and The Ancients, an assassination attempt was made against The Great Warrior, but failed.

Following this, the Sea Queen proposed using the power of Mermaid Gems to turn The Great Warrior into a Mer; an act that was staunchly opposed by both the Merfolk and The Ancients as they believed that it would upset the balance of the forces in The Sea of Thieves. However, they were adamant that their love would overcome these challenges, and the ritual was performed regardless.

The Whispering Plague

While the ritual was successful; transforming The Great Warrior into the Sea King, it unleashed a plague like none ever seen before upon the Merfolk. The Whispering Plague as it would become known severed Merfolk from their song, a core part of their identity, causing them to transform into Sirens. The plague immediately infected the Sea Queen and her court, turning her into the Siren Queen. Transmitted by a scratch, the Whispering Plague decimated the Merfolk over the years to come. For their actions, the Sea King and the Siren Queen were banished from the Merfolk Kingdom. Following this, they would establish their own kingdom of Sirens.

A War of Everlasting Sorrow

Despite the exile of the Sea King and Queen, their immense power was still feared by The Ancients and the remaining Merfolk. Under the pretense of establishing peace with the Sirens, The Ancients lured the The Sea King to the Shrine of Tribute, where he was killed and a ritual was performed to bind his soul forever to the Chest of Everlasting Sorrow.

Enraged by the actions of The Ancients and Merfolk, the Siren Queen declared a war, vowing to punish all who lived in The Sea of Thieves for what happened to her beloved. Ships were attacked; the crew dragged to the bottom of the ocean where they were transformed into the Ocean Crawlers using the Mermaid Gems to serve as soldiers to wage war on the land where Sirens could not reach.

The Siren Queen and her Sirens would eventually be defeated as a new warrior rose among the The Ancients and put them to a deep slumber, but this would not last forever. When the crew of the Silver Blade found the Sea King's bones and the Chest of Everlasting Sorrow, the chest's unending sobbing would cause the Sirens to awaken once more, dragging the Silver Blade and its crew into the depths believing the Sea King to have finally returned.

The Siren Queen would do everything in her power to return the Sea King to life, but to no avail. She chose to lock the chest in the remains of the Silver Blade and placed his bones in a chamber outside her throne room.

Patch history

  • 2.2.0 (June 22, 2021)
    • Introduced.


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