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The Sunken Kingdom is the collective name for the underwater Siren structures and locations within The Sea of Thieves. This consists of six individual Siren Shrines, three Siren Treasuries, and an underwater location found at coordinate C-19 where The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale takes place.


Siren Shrines

Siren Shrines are underwater structures built by the Sirens around The Sea of Thieves where the player can explore, complete puzzles and collect Coral Treasure along the way. Shrines are marked both on the Map Table and by a purple shimmer above the water,

Siren Treasuries

Siren Treasuries are underwater locations marked both on the Map Table and by a purple shimmer above the water. Inside, pirates can take on waves of Ocean Crawlers and Sirens, as the water level raises and lowers between rounds, to unlock a vault full of a variety of Coral Treasures. If led here by a Secret of the Sea parchment from a Coral Message in a Bottle, a Breath of the Sea can be acquired from inside this vault too.

Tall Tale Locations

The huge coral-filled area surrounded by rocks under the waves at C-19 is the underwater stronghold of the Sirens. The location consists of the Siren Spire and the Siren Citadel. The centrepiece of the area is the sunken Black Pearl, the ship of freedom, chained to the sea floor by the Sirens. There are many wrecks of ships around the Sunken Kingdom, which the Sirens have dragged down to the ocean depths to make use of for their own purposes.

Siren Spire

The Siren Spire is a tall structure in the Sunken Kingdom entered via a cave near the Black Pearl. It is the first Siren structure in the Sunken Kingdom visited during the Tall Tale. Inside, the Spire is littered with coral and the skeletons of long-dead ocean-dwelling creatures. Siren puzzles are required to be completed to allow further access up the Spire. When a puzzle is solved, sorrowful stone heads will release water into the chamber allowing pirates to progress further up.

Siren Citadel

The Siren Citadel is the main fortress structure of the Sirens within the Sunken Kingdom. Entered via a large stone door, this too is decorated with coral. kelp, and stone carvings. Within the Citadel are chambers of air allowing pirates to breathe. Inside are more Siren puzzles, shipwrecks and encounters to be traversed. In a later chamber lies the wreck of Flameheart Jr's vessel, the Silver Blade. The ship has been dragged down and repurposed for the Siren's use. Eventually, the Siren Queen's chamber is reached, where, enraged by the past actions of mankind, she swears to destroy any intruders.


Patch history

  • 2.2.0 (June 22, 2021)
    • Introduced Siren Spire and Siren Citadel.