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Cap'n, also known as The Captain or simply Captain, is an unseen Skeleton Lord and presumed leader of the Dark Brethren. He claims to be the original captain of the Burning Blade and is responsible for Flameheart Jr.'s transformation into a Skeleton Lord.

Cap'n owns a faithful grey Wildcat that the crew of the Silver Blade named Trouble. Trouble's left eye appears to be clouded and her fur is covered in bald spots, possibly scars. She shows high levels of intelligence, being used by Cap'n to lure Flameheart Jr. to his lair on an unknown island.


Betrayal by Captain Flameheart

The Cap'n was captain of the Burning Blade before it was known as such. At some point, Captain Flameheart joined its crew and eventually mutinied against the Cap'n, taking the ship and crew for himself. Cap'n would then be marooned on an island where he would construct his camp inside a cave several hundreds of feet deep.

Cursing Flameheart Junior

In the novel Tales from the Sea of Thieves, Cap'n is known to have manipulated the crew of the Silver Blade with aid from his cat and an unknown elderly accomplice into marooning themselves on the unknown island where Cap'n had constructed his camp. After the crew arrived on the island the crew found his cursed golden chalice full of unending, drinkable water; drinking from which turned Flameheart Jr. and his crew into skeletons. His motivation for doing this is unknown, though it is implied he wished to recruit Flameheart Jr. for some unknown task.

Member of the Dark Brethren

During the events of the Dark Brethren Tall Tale, Cap'n appears to have allied himself with Davy Jones, the Masked Stranger, The Gold Hoarder, and Duke under the Dark Brethren, although he is only mentioned in dialogue and a note addressed to Jones inside the Dead Man's Chest. Despite his absence, his presumed chair can be found within the Brethren Court with a Skeleton Rune which stands for Captain etched into its arm rest.