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Bounty Voyages are Voyages offered by the Order of Souls Trading Company in Sea of Thieves. These Voyages see Crews completing one or more Bounty Parchments to earn various Bounty Skulls which can be sold back to the Order for Gold, Reputation, and Emissary Value.


Bounty Skulls are earned from each Skeleton Captain and can be sold for Gold and Reputation.

The Voyage needs to be put up on a Ship's Voyage Table and voted for before the Quest can be seen in the Quest Radial Menu.

Any Players can take part in a Bounty Voyage if one has been put for a vote on the Voyage Table by another Crewmate.

The Voyage

Bounty Voyages are sold by Order of Souls Representatives at any Outpost.. These Voyages are the basic Voyages of the Order of Souls, giving Player Crews one or more Bounty Parchment Quests. The number of total Quests received is mostly dependent on the level of the Voyage, which is dependent on the Promotion rank of the player who bought the Voyage. Sometimes, the Quests are presented in Chapters.

Upon starting a Bounty Voyage, each received Quest will indicate a single Island where up to four Skeleton Captains can be found. These Skeleton Captains will spawn at a random location on the given Island, denoted by an ominous tune that plays when Players are within their proximity. These Skeleton Captains are accompanied by a number of weaker Skeletons to support them. These Skeletons will attack in waves, with additional Skeletons appearing after the last wave of Skeletons is killed. The required Skeleton Captains will appear either spread out across these waves, or all at once at the final wave. Unlike the Skeletons that normally spawn on Islands, these Skeletons as well as the Skeleton Captains can be of the Gold, Plant, or Shadow Skeleton variants, requiring changes in player strategy to take down.

Purchasing an Ashen Bounty Voyage at Morrow's Peak Outpost provides the same experience as a normal Bounty Voyage, but all maps will be Islands in The Devil's Roar, and Skeleton Captains will drop Ashen Bounty Skulls instead of normal Bounty Skulls.


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Upon defeat, each Skeleton Captain will drop one of the following Bounty Skulls:

Bounty Skull Base Gold Reward Base Emissary Value Notes
Foul Bounty Skull 90 - 180 Gold 405 The lowliest of the skulls, plain in appearance.
Disgraced Bounty Skull 180 - 350 Gold 810 Covered in dark metal, and decorated with simple mystical markings that emit a mild glow.
Hateful Bounty Skull 350 - 750 Gold 1620 Covered in a silver polished metal, and decorated with mystical markings that emit a distinguishable glow.
Villainous Bounty Skull 750 - 1,450 Gold 3240 Covered in a golden polished metal, decorated with mystical markings that emit an intense glow. The top of the skull has been cracked open, with pieces of bone suspending in midair.

Ashen Bounty Voyages

Should a Player Crew embark on an Ashen Bounty Voyage instead of a regular Bounty Voyage, they will receive Ashen Bounty Skulls instead. Ashen Bounty Skulls are more valuable than their regular counterparts due to the added danger of completing Bounty Voyages in The Devil's Roar.

Upon defeat, each Skeleton Captain defeated during an Ashen Bounty Voyage will drop one of the following Ashen Bounty Skulls:

Bounty Skull Base Gold Reward Base Emissary Value Notes
Ashen Foul Bounty Skull 180 - 350 Gold 810 The Devil's Roar version of the Foul Bounty Skull.
Ashen Disgraced Bounty Skull 350 - 750 Gold 1620 The Devil's Roar version of the Disgraced Bounty Skull.
Ashen Hateful Bounty Skull 750 - 1,450 Gold 3240 The Devil's Roar version of the Hateful Bounty Skull.
Ashen Villainous Bounty Skull 1,450 - 2,800 Gold 6480 The Devil's Roar version of the Villainous Bounty Skull.

Tips, Notes & Trivia

  • You can determine the type of each Skeleton Captain by their portrait on their Bounty Parchment. All additional Skeletons that spawn during a Skeleton Captain's wave will be of the same variety as the Skeleton Captains spawning during that wave.
    • Gold Skeletons often appear to be wearing crowns and have various bits of treasure and jewelry attached to their bodies.
    • Plant Skeletons appear to have various leaves and flowers growing on their bodies.
    • Shadow Skeletons appear with much darker portraits with distinct glowing eyes.
  • Skeleton Captains of the same variant will appear together in the same wave. Otherwise, they will appear across different waves.
  • The music that plays can be useful when finding the location of the Skeletons on larger islands. Listen for an deep, ominous tune to help locate enemy Skeletons.
    • Additionally, the sounds of the Skeletons themselves may be useful, especially if the Skeletons are of a unique variant. For example, Gold Skeletons make a loud, distinctive clanking sound when walking around which can be used to easily locate them.
    • The music played grows more intense after each wave, and will stop completely after the final wave. This can be used to discern the progress of a Bounty Parchment, and is especially useful should you be trying to steal the reward from another Crew.
  • Your ship's Cannons, Geysers on islands in The Devil's Roar, Firebombs, and Gunpowder Barrels are all useful tools to easily defeat the waves of Skeletons.
    • Occasionally, a wave of Skeletons (including Skeleton Captains) may spawn carrying Gunpowder Barrels. Be sure to keep your distance during these waves, as your Crew and Ship can be decimated by the resulting blast. However, a well-placed shot with your Ranged Weapon of choice usually results in these waves being cleared instantly if you make sure to detonate the Gunpowder Barrels before they have the opportunity to spread out.

Patch history

  • 2.8.3 (June 15, 2023)
    • When approaching the location of an active Bounty Quest, the music will now consistently switch to the appropriate theme.
  • 1.1.0 (May 29, 2018)
    • Upon starting a Bounty Voyage, the UI message will correctly state "Quest Received" rather than "Maps Discovered".