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Ships locked together in close ranged battles offer the perfect opportunity to sneak onboard with an aim of grabbing fortune and winning glory!
— DeMarco, Overheard in the tavern

DeMarco Singh is an NPC who had previously been a representative for the Sea Dogs Trading Company. He co-founded and co-led the company in partnership with his sister, Lesedi.

DeMarco's skeletal remains can be found on Sea Dog's Rest; His sudden and mysterious murder was the topic of the first Sea of Thieves Mystery, "Who Killed DeMarco?", then continued in Sea of Thieves: Sea Dog's Search comic series.


DeMarco was Lesedi’s twin brother, co-founder of the honourable but now disbanded Sea Dogs Trading Company, and son and heir apparent to the greatest pirate ever to sail the Sea of Thieves.

When it came to piracy, DeMarco loved the spoils and pageantry. He was always well-dressed, with a roguish smile on his lips; charming, handsome and skilled with people. But tragedy struck when he became entangled in the schemes of the Siren Queen, and his skeletal remains were found on Sea Dog's Rest. His only hope now lies with his sister Lesedi, scouring the Sea of Thieves to find his lost soul.[1]


2.5.0 to 2.5.2

Dialogue icon.png

Greetings, friend! If you're here to join the Sea Dogs, I'm afraid you're a little late...

What happened to the Sea Dogs?

Disbanded, that's what, and by my own hand! The contest concluded, the guns silenced and the final pieces of silver tallied for the books.
A weighty decision, certainly, and one that the son of the Pirate Lord must take upon his own shoulders. The deed was mine, and mine alone.
Although I must admit, I had hoped my sister would have been rather more supportive. Moving on, however necessary, is never easy...
One day, I'm sure she'll understand. I did what had to be done.

What will become of this place?

I have absolutely no idea. That's exciting, isn't it? To think of all the things this glorious tavern could one day become.
The attack on Golden Sands Outpost should remind pirates that nothing on these wild waters is a certainty. Gain and loss are just two sides of the coin.
From up here, I've watched the rise of The Reaper's Bones, witnessed Flameheart's return and so much more. It's time I got back on the waves.
A few of our numbers have already set sail for new adventures. Even Amaranta, it seems. Strange - I always thought she had a bit of a thing for me...

You seem a little pensive...

I must confess, I find myself drawn to the horizon of late. I have taken in this view every morning, but now I enjoy it with fresh eyes.
I thought I knew precisely where my life would lead. That all changed with a single visit from my father...
Ah, but don't concern yourself with me, my friend. Weathering change is like sailing through a great storm.
In that moment, you may not be able to spy your next destination, but you do not fear. You know that sooner or later, the clouds must part, and you will see...

Before 2.5.0

Dialogue icon.png

Please, stay a while and let us share tales of glory.

Who are you, well dressed pirate?

Why, I am no less than DeMarco Signh, heir to the greatest pirate ever and head of the Sea Dogs!
Like father, like son!
I'll say no more, for no more needs to be said.

You look like a man with plenty of coin, what's the plunder like in your Arena?

Ah, the Arena. A place where fortunes are forged!
Yes, there are spoils of victory, but for me the greatest prize is competing.
Think of the occasion, the toasts you will make and the stories you will tell!
Some of them may even rival mine.
Unlikely I know, but for the right price I'll create you a legacy that will last forever!

Why Sea Dogs? Sea Sharks has a more fearsome ring to it.

There's nothing grander in life than a well groomed dog!
Like my Leopoldo, a more splendid four-legged friend you'll never see.
But alas, he was chasing a chicken on Sailor's Bounty and disappeared down a hole, never to be seen again.
A handsome reward, equal to my looks, awaits the pirate who brings him back to me.

Voice lines

After 2.5.0

Player Interaction

• Greetings, glory hunter!

Player Leaving

• Fortune and glory awaits!
• Your future glitters like a polished jewel.

Before 2.5.0

Player Interaction

• Ready to make your name in my Arena?
• My Sea Dogs offer you a glorious welcome!
• Greetings, glory hunter!

Player Leaving

• Fortune and glory awaits!
• My Arena calls!
• Your future glitters like a polished jewel.


Journal icon.png To browse the journals written by DeMarco, please refer to DeMarco/Journals.


Patch history

  • 2.5.0 (March 10, 2022)
    • Can be seen sitting near the shops on the north west side of The Glorious Sea Dog exterior.
    • Has new dialogue.
  • 2.0 (April 30, 2019)
    • Introduced.


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