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Sea of Thieves Vol 1 (2018)

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Sea of Thieves Vol. 1 is a compilation of the first four comic books in Sea of Thieves: The Comic Series. It was written by Jeremy Whitley and illustrated by Rhoald Marcellius and is available for Kindle, ComiXology (both Amazon platforms) and in paperback. The series follows the adventures of Lesedi and her twin brother DeMarco Singh, entering the Sea of Thieves to seek the hidden treasure of their legendary pirate father.

Official summary

A gripping, uproarious, and humorous epic pirate adventure!

Follow a crew of adventuring pirates as they sail the Sea of Thieves! Voyaging to far islands in search of legendary buried treasure, our heroes (or villains, depending on how you look at things) will face rival thieves, the wrath of undead hordes guarding their riches, and the worst that the vast sea has to offer! Can they work together to survive long enough to cash in their reward? Or will they end up as ghosts on the Ferry of the Damned...?


Issue 1

The story begins in The Unfired Pistol tavern and readers are introduced to the cast of characters. Standing outside are DeMarco Singh, son of the legendary pirate, and Rin Arai, a loyal crew mate, one who is fully capable of defending herself and refuses to take crap of off anybody. Readers also meet DeMarco's twin sister Lesdedi and various others including Mele Silvertongue and Alessia St. Marina.

Both Lesdedi and DeMarco have been summoned to the tavern with instructions to bring proof of their heritage. They are then each given a treasure map to a special treasure. As they leave the tavern, they pick their crewmates and head for their own ships to begin the adventure.

Issue 2

The dense fog has begun to clear and Lesdedi and her crew, who currently have a bit of a lead to her brother's ship, is attacked by pirates. After multiple battles, they finally dock at Sanctuary Outpost where Lesdedi meets with a mysterious man claiming to know about the treasure and the twin's father. The man claims the treasure actually belongs to the Gold Hoarders Trading Company.

DeMarco and his crew has caught up and DeMarco's crewmate Mele Silvertongue ambushes a specific member of Lesdedi's crew, Alessia St. Marina, who happens to be a former comrade. Mele is still angry over Alessia ditching her and their future plans at The Unfired Pistol. Members of both crews step in and calm things down.

Issue 3

Lesdedi and her crew have been ambushed by a gang of skeletons with a taste for treasure. They somehow seem to know about the treasure map that was found by Lesdedi and her brother DeMarco, and the skeletons are determined to take it from them. Despite a warning from Lesdedi to not face the skeleton unarmed, legendary fighter Osgar Seamark pulls the arms off one of the skeletons to use instead. The map itself however is not currently in Lesdedi's possession. They fight off the skeletons and make it back to their ship and issue a warning to the would-be thieves.

After a night of rum, DeMarco and his crew wake from a hazy slumber, but DeMarco quickly sobers up when he notices his ship sailing off without them. Luckily, master marksman Rin has located a cannon just large enough to fit a human into. With the help of the cannon, DeMarco and his crew make it back onto their ship and take it back from the ship-nappers.

Both DeMarco and his rival sister run into each other on Discovery Ridge where they squabble over ownership of the map. Things turn ugly and Rin does something drastic that could have severe repercussions for both sides.

Issue 4

Rin has taken the map, and she and crew mate Phillip quickly disappear. Despite their rivalry, DeMarco and Lesdedi begrudgingly agree on a temporary truce in order to hunt down Rin and retrieve the map. Rin and Phillip travel to the island depicted on the map and attempt to decipher the map's riddle. Paying no attention to what was in front of them, they walk right into a skeleton king sitting on a throne. The skeleton grabs Phillip, and it's touch somehow reveals the map's next clue.

The twins and their currently combined crew also arrive at the island and find the same throne. They manage to catch up to Rin and Phillip just as the two are finally able to figure out the next clue. Soon, all is revealed.