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Disambig.png This article is about the content update. For other articles with this name, see Heart of Fire (Disambiguation).

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Hot on the heels of February’s Crews of Rage update, our content drop for March is now ready to set sail! Heart of Fire introduces a new Tall Tale to continue the mysteries and intrigue that began with The Seabound Soul, and a call to arms from the Pirate Lord himself, rallying Pirate Legends across the Sea of Thieves..

Heart of Fire is the name of the March 2020 Monthly Content Update, released on March 12th, 2020. It was preceded by the February Crews of Rage (Content Update) and followed up by the April Ships of Fortune Content Update.

New features

Heart of Fire Tall Tale

Main article: Heart of Fire

Stories of a returning enemy and a dark ritual have begun to spread across the Sea of Thieves, and this ritual threatens to consume the souls of a once proud and noble crew. Journey to Morrow’s Peak Outpost and speak with Tallulah in The Charred Parrot – a journal in her possession may be the key to learning more…

New Mercenary Voyages

Main article: Mercenary Voyages

Unnerved by the recent rise in Flameheart’s influence and an increase in dangers on the seas, the Pirate Lord senses more trouble ahead. Seeking out the worthiest of Pirate Legends, he arranges for some precious new treasures to be buried around Thieves’ Haven and has Duke organise a gauntlet that pits Pirate Legends against each other for the spoils!

New items

New Resources


A new Cannonball type is now available in both Adventure and Arena! The Chainshot will be available in ship Barrels when players spawn, and can also be found in barrels throughout the world. When chainshot strikes a Mast, Wheel or Capstan it does maximum damage, instantly destroying that Ship part. When hitting the Hull, however, it does very limited damage, so make sure to aim high. Chainshot has a shorter range than standard Cannonballs, so get in close before unleashing it!

  • Chainshot - Small cannonballs chained together, which wrap around masts, wheels and capstans to tear them apart!


A new type of Throwable weapon like the Firebomb, the Blunderbomb is a glass sphere that explodes on impact, sending pellets in all directions. These pellets deal damage based on the distance from the explosion and cause knockback to any Player on the receiving end of the blast, with a direct hit causing the most knockback damage. When fired from a Cannon, these provide a larger player knockback and explosion radius. Watch out though, Blunderbombs may knock Ships back but don’t damage them.

  • Blunderbomb - Pirates love chaos, confusion and explosions. It must be your lucky day.

New Tall Tale items

Athena’s Fortune Treasure

New Cosmetics

Tall Tale Cosmetics

  • Hull of the Ashen Dragon - The Hull design of an Ashen Lord - what could possibly go wrong. | Requires the 'Heart of Fire' Commendation
  • The Ashen Curse - The fiery rage of an Ashen Lord has taken hold in you, but it's better to burn out than fade away... | Requires 'The Blackwyche Reborn' commendation

General Cosmetics

Following a delay in the shipment, the remaining Ashen Cosmetic has now been delivered to Outpost stores. Players can use their gold to purchase the Ashen Lantern and complete the set.


Completing the Athena’s Run Voyage five times unlocks a special all-in-one costume: the Legendary Treasure Seeker. This marks the debut of a brand new cosmetic type to be expanded upon in future updates.

  • Legendary Treasure Seeker Costume - 68,300 Gold | This full outfit for a Pirate Legend is a jaunty combination of swagger, fabric and gold. | Requires 'Ruling with Legends at Thieves' Haven' Commendation

Ghost Cosmetics

Main article: Ghost Set

The Athena’s Fortune reputation pane also contains new Commendations for cashing in the new Athena’s Treasures, unlocking new cosmetics from the Ghost Set: the Ghost Cannon, Capstan and Wheel.

  • Ghost Cannon - 500,000 Gold | These cannons may look ghostly, but the huge balls of iron they fire are very, very corporeal | Requires 'Collector of Legendary Chalices' and 'Collector of Legendary Relics' Titles
  • Ghost Capstan - 500,000 Gold | This spooky capstan looks like it could raise the dead as well as the anchor! | Requires 'Collector of Legendary Skulls' and 'Collector of Legendary Villainous Skulls' Titles.
  • Ghost Wheel - 500,000 Gold | Rumour has it that this wheel was used to torture a pirate... by steering him to a grogless tavern. | Requires 'Collector of Legendary Voyages' and 'Collector of Legendary Black Powder' Titles.

New Black Market items

Main article: Black Market

Duke never fails to deliver, and he’s stocked the Black Market with new instruments to help bring your band back together!

Desirables for Doubloons

This month, players will have to put aside 90 Doubloons if they want to buy all the new items from the Black Market.

Aristocrat Instruments

This month, you can acquire the Aristocrat Banjo, Concertina, Drum and Hurdy-Gurdy instruments.

  • Aristocrat Banjo - 25 Doubloons The banjo is a rather drab instrument, but this one has been ornately upgraded to suit your tastes.
  • Aristocrat Drum - 25 Doubloons If there's one thing aristocrats do right, it's beat their own drum.
  • Aristocrat Concertina - 20 Doubloons If you really must consort with ruffians, take this instrument to distract them. Do not attempt conversation.
  • Aristocrat Hurdy-Gurdy - 20 Doubloons Play a charming ditty for your high society friends... Or for your pirate scum mates.

Total - 90 Doubloons

Goodies for Gold

This month, players will have to put aside 257,190 Gold to buy everything new from the Black Market.

Deep Ocean Crawler Instruments

How about something for your gold? Continue building the Deep Ocean Crawler Set with the Banjo, Concertina, Drum and Hurdy-Gurdy.

Total - 85,730‬ Gold

Inky Kraken Instruments

Still feel your pockets overflowing with gold? Pick up the Inky Kraken Banjo, Concertina, Drum and Hurdy-Gurdy.

  • Inky Kraken Banjo - 23,625 Gold For Kraken vanquishers who also enjoy some rustic tunes, obviously.
  • Inky Kraken Drum - 23,625 Gold This sea-monster inspired drum would surely appeal to a certain 'Merry' Merrick...
  • Inky Kraken Concertina - 19,240 Gold Somewhat creepy-looking, this concertina seems to sing to creatures of the deep.
  • Inky Kraken Hurdy-Gurdy - 19,240 Gold Play a tune on your Kraken hurdy, while being reminded not to get complacent on the Sea of Thieves...

Total - 85,730‬ Gold

Nightshine Parrot Instruments

Completing this tuneful set of Black Market additions, you can also acquire the Nightshine Parrot Banjo, Concertina, Drum and Hurdy-Gurdy with your gold.

Total - 85,730‬ Gold

New Emporium items

Counting Bundles, players will have to put aside a total of ‬‬7,836 Ancient Coins to purchase everything added to the Emporium (Note that Pet Outfits can only be purchased if the Player already owns the specific Pets).


Banana Pet Outfits

  • Capuchin Cronch Outfit - 249 Ancient Coins | Capuchins are almost ten times as adorable when dressed as little bananas. This is Pirate Science.
  • Barbary Cronch Outfit - 249 Ancient Coins | A fun costume, but be mindful that your Barbary doesn't try to eat itself.
  • Marmoset Cronch Outfit - 249 Ancient Coins | Marmosets love bananas. Pirates love bananas. Marmosets and pirates love each other! Everyone wins.
  • Macaw Cronch Outfit - 249 Ancient Coins | This is a banana-themed outfit for a Macaw. The Sea of Thieves is a truly strange place.
  • Parakeet Cronch Outfit - 249 Ancient Coins | Make your parrot even more adorable with this cronch-tastic costume.
  • Cockatoo Cronch Outfit - 249 Ancient Coins | Cockatoos are very smart birds and may plot revenge over many years if you dress them as bananas.

Capuchin Banana Bundle

Get yourself a noble Whitebeard Capuchin and then dress him like a banana. Why not?!

Macaw Banana Bundle

This bundle includes the Macaw Banana Outfit and an Azure Macaw to sport it, er 'proudly'.

New Pirate items

Cheers to a particularly grog-tastic time of year. Raise a frothy tankard with your crew and rivals alike!

  • Shamrock Tankard - 249 Ancient Coins | Time-limited | This tankard carries a lucky shamrock design to help pirates celebrate a time of coming together.

Cronch Weapons Bundle

Crafters from across the Sea of Thieves got together to honour the original cronch cuisine.

  • Total Bundle Cost - 499 Ancient Coins
  • Cronch Cutlass - 249 Ancient Coins | Peel back for a mighty swing and take a bite out of your enemies.
  • Cronch Pistol - 249 Ancient Coins | Could be useful in a standoff - people will think you're trying to bluff them.
  • Cronch Blunderbuss - 249 Ancient Coins | Blow the enemy away with this beautiful, booming banana-buss.
  • Cronch Eye of Reach - 249 Ancient Coins | Give your foes a serious case of potassium poisoning.

Merchant Alliance Emote Bundle

Remember, pirates, time is money! Show your crew you mean business by grabbing four emotes that sum up the prim and proper mannerisms of the Merchant Alliance.

  • Total Bundle Cost - 499 Ancient Coins
  • Time is Money! Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Either present an opportunity to make money, or stop obstructing my view!
  • Taking Stock Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Four chickens, two pigs, a crate of spices... check. Breakfast sorted!
  • Job Well Done Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | And... job done! That leaves time for a little drinking and looting...
  • I’m Waiting! Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Time is a precious commodity. If you make me wait, I might choose it over you!

Lost Pirates Emote Bundle

Cause a raucous bangarang with these four emotes that will hook people's attention!

  • Total Bundle Cost - 499 Ancient Coins
  • Bangarang Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Do this when you feel like starting a bangarang! If nothing else, it will really confuse your foes.
  • Thud Dance Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | This is a dance of pure happiness! If you're easily embarrassed, never, never do it.
  • Crow Call Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Aaaagh! If you can master this, maybe you can fight too, or even fly...
  • Use Your Imagination Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | When you just can't catch some food, imagine some! Remember to say 'grace'...


Celebrate Sea of Thieves’ anniversary in style with a Reaper’s Mark that would make even the Pirate Lord proud!

  • Reaper’s Mark Sails - 499 Ancient Coins | Time-limited | It's said this symbol has special significance to the Pirate Lord, but also to all bold pirates!

Royal Sea Squirrel Ship Collection

If you’re looking to get over a bad day, look no further than the Conker-inspired Royal Sea Squirrel Ship Collection. A Royal Sea Squirrel Ship Bundle is also on offer which includes all the regular ship cosmetics at a rather regal discount!

Royal Sea Squirrel Ship Bundle

Own the whole Royal Sea Squirrel livery, plus Collector's variants, inspired by the infamous Conker!

  • Total Bundle Cost - 2,499 Ancient Coins
  • Royal Sea Squirrel Figurehead - 599 Ancient Coins | This depicts a rather regal rascal, clearly fond of a grog but always coming out on top!
  • Royal Sea Squirrel Sails - 599 Ancient Coins | The crown and tankards encourage drinking with dignity. Or is it drinking with stolen jewellery?
  • Royal Sea Squirrel Hull - 349 Ancient Coins | A colourful, fine hull paint that looks regal from the yardarm to the mighty poop deck.
  • Royal Sea Squirrel Wheel - 349 Ancient Coins | No matter how sober you were before, this wheel always seems to steer you towards an open tavern.
  • Royal Sea Squirrel Cannon - 349 Ancient Coins | These make short work of weasels, goblins and bears. Oh my!
  • Royal Sea Squirrel Capstan - 349 Ancient Coins | Spins around as easily as a leaping squirrel's tail, according to dubious drunken sightings.
  • Royal Sea Squirrel Flag - 349 Ancient Coins | The heraldry here tells every pirate that you hoard your loot like a squirrel hoards acorns. See?
Collector’s Royal Sea Squirrel items

New Commendations, Titles & Achievements


Heart of Fire Commendations

Mercenary Voyages Commendations

New Athena's Fortune Commendations

  • Shiny Loot of Legends → Sell 50 Chalices of Ancient Fortune as a Pirate Legend.
    • Grade I - 10 Sold
    • Grade II - 20 Sold
    • Grade III - 30 Sold
    • Grade IV - 40 Sold
    • Grade V - 50 Sold
  • Gilded Loot of Legends → Sell 50 Gilded Relics of Ancient Fortune as a Pirate Legend.
    • Grade I - 10 Sold
    • Grade II - 20 Sold
    • Grade III - 30 Sold
    • Grade IV - 40 Sold
    • Grade V - 50 Sold
  • Spooky Loot of Legends → Sell 50 Skulls of Ancient Fortune as a Pirate Legend.
    • Grade I - 10 Sold
    • Grade II - 20 Sold
    • Grade III - 30 Sold
    • Grade IV - 40 Sold
    • Grade V - 50 Sold
  • Villainous Loot of Legends → Sell 50 Villainous Skulls of Ancient Fortune as a Pirate Legend.
    • Grade I - 10 Sold
    • Grade II - 20 Sold
    • Grade III - 30 Sold
    • Grade IV - 40 Sold
    • Grade V - 50 Sold
  • Mercantile Loot of Legends → Sell 50 Crates of Legendary Voyages as a Pirate Legend.
    • Grade I - 10 Sold
    • Grade II - 20 Sold
    • Grade III - 30 Sold
    • Grade IV - 40 Sold
    • Grade V - 50 Sold
  • Explosive Loot of Legends → Sell 50 Kegs of Ancient Black Powder as a Pirate Legend.
    • Grade I - 10 Sold
    • Grade II - 20 Sold
    • Grade III - 30 Sold
    • Grade IV - 40 Sold
    • Grade V - 50 Sold

New Titles

The following are all the Titles introduced with the Heart of Fire Content Update

Title Requirement Unlocks
Legends of Thieves' Haven Unlocked 'Ruling with Legends at Thieves' Haven' commendation. Legendary Treasure Seeker Costume

New Achievements

New Achievements can be unlocked by progressing through the new in-game Commendations. A total of 55 gamerscore is available to earn from this Content Update.

  • Heart of Fire [10G] - Complete the Heart of Fire
  • The Blackwyche Reborn [30G] - Complete all commendations for Heart of Fire
  • Collector of Legendary Treasures [15G] - Find and sell at least one of each Legendary Treasure




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