Cronch Weapons Bundle

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The Cronch Weapons Bundle is a Bundle the Pirate Emporium, which allows players to purchase four Banana themed Weapons for a near 500 Ancient Coin discount. The Weapons were released for the Second Anniversary of the game aside the Cronch Pet Outfits.

List of bundled items

  • The bundle contains 4 items.
  • Total cost of items separately: 996 Ancient Coins
  • Savings from bundle purchase: 497 Ancient Coins
Cronch Weapons Bundle
Image Item Cost Description
Cronch Blunderbuss.png
Cronch Blunderbuss 249 Ancient Coins "Blow the enemy away with this beautiful, booming banana-buss."
Cronch Cutlass.png
Cronch Cutlass 249 Ancient Coins "Peel back for a mighty swing and take a bite out of your enemies."
Cronch Eye of Reach.png
Cronch Eye of Reach 249 Ancient Coins "Give your foes a serious case of potassium poisoning."
Cronch Pistol.png
Cronch Pistol 249 Ancient Coins "Could be useful in a standoff - people will think you're trying to bluff them."