Black Dog Pack

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The Black Dog Pack is an item pack of cosmetic items from the Black Dog Set. The pack could be obtained as a redeemable code provided to those who pre-ordered Sea of Thieves before the game's release.

List of included items

Black Dog Pack
Image Item Cost Description
Black Dog Belt.png
Black Dog Belt
"This ominous black belt might put the fear in foes, but it won't make you any better in a fight."
Black Dog Boots.png
Black Dog Boots
"Made for creeping around with shadowy footsteps, but easily lost if you take them off in the dark."
Black Dog Concertina.png
Black Dog Concertina
"When all you want is to brood over a sad shanty, this will ensure the mood is sombre."
Black Dog Cutlass.png
Black Dog Cutlass
"Like a shadowy tongue, flicking out and sucking life. Just don't accidentally cut yourself."
Black Dog Eyepatch.png
Black Dog Eyepatch
"As dark as the malevolent stare in your eye."
Black Dog Gloves.png
Black Dog Gloves
"Hands that do dark deeds need gloves to match."
Black Dog Hat.png
Black Dog Hat
"Almost as black as the nefarious thoughts in your head."
Black Dog Hurdy-Gurdy.png
Black Dog Hurdy-Gurdy
"Easily the most popular choice at pirate funerals. Hopefully not played at yours."
Black Dog Jacket.png
Black Dog Jacket
"Some say it's a shroud that wraps your body in mysterious darkness. Others say it's just a jacket."
Black Dog Pegleg.png
Black Dog Pegleg
"Hewn from ebony beyond the Wilds, it's sinister tap heralds your ominous arrival."
Black Dog Trousers.png
Black Dog Trousers
"Their plain black simplicity creates a subtle air of mystery. Also hides the dirt really well too."