Obsidian Eye of Reach Pack

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The Obsidian Eye of Reach Pack is an item pack of cosmetic items from the Black Dog Set. The pack could be obtained through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks between May 23, 2023 and June 24, 2023.

List of included items

Obsidian Eye of Reach Pack
Image Item Cost Description
Obsidian Eye of Reach.png
Obsidian Eye of Reach
"As black as the shadows from which you hunt your unsuspecting foes."
Obsidian Fishing Rod.png
Obsidian Fishing Rod
"A dark fishing rod perfect for intimidating the Spashtails."
Obsidian Sails.png
Obsidian Sails
"Emerald sails filled with menace, for crews who are as dapper as they are dark."