Obsidian Six Item Pack

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The Obsidian Six Item Pack is an item pack of cosmetic items from the Black Dog Set. The pack is obtained through a range of promotions offered by Rare, Partnered creators, and Affiliated communities.

List of included items

Obsidian Six Item Pack
Image Item Cost Description
Obsidian Drum.png
Obsidian Drum
"A dark drum beats a dark tune, in time with your dark heart."
Obsidian Eye of Reach.png
Obsidian Eye of Reach
"As black as the shadows from which you hunt your unsuspecting foes."
Obsidian Lantern.png
Obsidian Lantern
"Illuminate the night, without spoiling your sombre look."
Obsidian Pocket Watch.png
Obsidian Pocket Watch
"Looks sleek and impressive, but not great for telling the time at night."
Obsidian Speaking Trumpet.png
Obsidian Speaking Trumpet
"A sleek, black trumpet for when you want to be heard, but not seen."
Obsidian Spyglass.png
Obsidian Spyglass
"Perfect for seeking out opportunities for dark deeds."