Ravenwood Weapon Bundle

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The Ravenwood Weapon Bundle is a bundle containing all four weapons from the Ravenwood Set available for purchase from the Pirate Emporium for Ancient Coins.

All the items in the Bundle can be purchased individually. Their individual prices together amount to 996 Ancient Coins Ancient Coins. Therefore, the whole Bundle will save the player 497 Ancient Coins Ancient Coins.

List of bundled items

  • Total cost of items separately: 996 Ancient Coins
  • Savings from bundle purchase: 497 Ancient Coins
Ravenwood Weapon Bundle
Image Item Cost Description
Ravenwood Blunderbuss.png
Ravenwood Blunderbuss 249 Ancient Coins "A ghastly grim armament that'll leave your foes tap-tap-tapping on the Ferryman's door."
Ravenwood Cutlass.png
Ravenwood Cutlass 249 Ancient Coins "As black as the plume of a raven, this sleek blade cuts to your target's very soul."
Ravenwood Eye of Reach.png
Ravenwood Eye of Reach 249 Ancient Coins "Crafted on a midnight dreary, this gun's spyglass has you aiming with the unflinching gaze of the raven."
Ravenwood Pistol.png
Ravenwood Pistol 249 Ancient Coins "Make your opponent croak 'nevermore' at the sight of this jet-black pistol."

Patch history

  • 2.9.1 (November 16, 2023)
    • Introduced.