Ruby Viper Weapon Set

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The Ruby Viper Weapon Set is an item pack of weapon cosmetics from the Ruby Viper Set. The pack is acquired from pre-ordering any PlayStation 5 edition of Sea of Thieves. Items may only be equipped and used while playing on the Playstation 5 platform.

List of included items

Ruby Viper Weapon Set
Image Item Cost Description
Ruby Viper Blunderbuss.png
Ruby Viper Blunderbuss
"Diplomacy is always an option - but then again, so is gunning down everything in front of you."
Ruby Viper Cutlass.png
Ruby Viper Cutlass
"A blade that strikes with all the ferocity of an enraged serpent - sharp, swift and deadly."
Ruby Viper Eye of Reach.png
Ruby Viper Eye of Reach
"Track your target silently at great distances, then teach them a lesson in expert marksmanship."
Ruby Viper Pistol.png
Ruby Viper Pistol
"Sleek, sturdy and dependable, this pistol will see you through even the deadliest misadventures."

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